A Quick And Easy Guide To Throwing A Simple And Cute Baby Shower

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the impending arrival of a newborn! It's also a great way for a first time mom to get together what she needs for her new arrival. Here are some quick tips for throwing a simple but adorable shower.


The new mom's maid of honor or another close friend should host. It's best that the hostess isn't related to the mom-to-be.

The hostess's job is to send invitations, manage RSVPs, let the guests who say they will attend know if there is a registry (if they ask), prepare refreshments, decorate, greet guests, plan games if there are any, keep to the timeline, record the gifts for the guest of honor's thank you notes, and clean up.

Together with the guest of honor, the hostess should come up with a date, time, and location.

The guest of honor should provide the guest list, and she may create a registry if she wishes. She also needs to send thank you notes.

Time & Place

A shower should be about six weeks before a baby is due. Sunday afternoons are the best time. Someone's home is the best location. A tea house works if a home is not an option. A picnic is okay you're certain it won't get chilly or windy.


Baby showers are typically a girls-only event, but of course, there is no harm in inviting some men as well. Guests should be close friends and family.


Serve finger food with both sweet and savory options. For example, tea sandwiches, fruit salad, and frosted animal crackers. Include tea and coffee, and if it's spring or summer, fruit juice, and iced tea. Serve a white cake.


Decorate with fresh, seasonal flowers. Decorate with pink or blue if you know the baby's gender. Otherwise, stick to yellow or white.

Shower Games

Shower games or activities keep the party fun and interesting, but they are entirely optional. Choose classy shower activities like Guess the Baby Animal Name, Baby Jeopardy, or a Onesie Decorating Station. Avoid games with a high level of competition and anything messy or unappetizing.

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Mail invitations one month before the event. Handwrite invitations and do not include registry information on them. Include the guest of honor's name, the location, the date, the time, and the RSVP information. Do not list the year or the zip code. Do not list AM or PM if it's obviously one or the other. List the state if not obvious or if inviting out of state guests.


Gift Giving

Baby shower gifts should be items needed to care for a baby. Spend $40-$50 as a general rule of thumb. Handmade gifts are great too. Gift giving is not necessary for a guest who does not attend.

Gift Receiving

Registries are optional. Only register for baby care related items! Register for inexpensive items.

The guest of honor normally opens the gifts at the shower. The hostess should record the gifts and who gave them. The guest of honor should send thank you notes within a week.

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