How Tiny Tots Will React To Newborns Based On Their Zodiac Signs

There are many changes that happen through a person's life and perhaps the biggest change is when a couple decides to start a family and bring their first child into the world, thereby becoming mother and father. Adjusting to being a first-time parent can take some time before feeling enough confidence, but of course, everyone gets there and it will eventually become the new normal. The decision is made to try for baby number two, which is a complete game-changer and comes with even more adventures.

Many people want their children to be close in age which would mean when the second baby arrives, the first child tends to be around toddler age.

There can be many different reactions the first child can have to their sibling being born. Some may be sad or mad and others may jump with joy, you never know what to expect when it comes to a toddler. But there is a way that can predict how baby number one will react to baby number 2 and that is via their star sign.

Whether you believe in astrology or not it is always interesting to see what they say and who knows maybe they will be correct for how your little one will take becoming a big brother or sister. Read on to find out how your little one will react to the new baby based on his or her zodiac sign. It's pretty spot on!

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15 Aries Will Love The New Adventure

Via: laura_campra Intagram

"Aries child (March 21- April 20) is always on an adventure. This child will always get bumps and bruises from climbing trees and other escapades. Good luck to parents who try to teach their Aries child patience and control", beautifulsouls.com defines an Aries child.

So as you can see if your child is Aries they will see their new sibling as an opportunity for a new adventure and lots of fun.

Whereas some children (and adults) have a strong dislike towards change, an Aries child will take it in their stride and see the new baby as someone to come along on their many adventures. The only problem is that your little Aries child might get a bit too excited and forget that their tiny sibling can't quite keep up with them and their energetic personality.

14 But They May Get Too Excited

Continuing on from the previous entry, as nice as it is that your Aries toddler wants to take their sibling on adventures and play with them, Aries can be rough when they play and may not understand that the new baby is not a toy and can be hurt. Bumps and bruises don't mix well with a newborn and as parents, you will now be faced with the task of teaching your Aries child to interact with their sibling in more gentle ways and leave the rough and tumble for friends their own age (or until baby number 2 is a bit older).

All in all, however, this is not the worst reaction a toddler could have to become a big brother/sister so if you do have an Aries child as your first born look forward to all the fun (just watch out for rough play).

13 Taurus Won't Be A Fan Of Change

From embracing the change to the total opposite reaction, Taurus, unlike Aries, does not like the adventure. "Taurus child (April 21- May 21) is reasonable and practical. They don't take action quickly and tend to plod slowly along but will never stop working towards something they desire. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little bull that change ca be a good thing", beautifulsouls.com describes a Taurus child.

If your child is Taurus they will find the change from being an only child upsetting and want things to stay the way they were.

It can be difficult to deal with a Taurus child who does not like their sibling at first and can take a long time till they get used to the change but the practical and reasonable side of a Taurus child will shine through eventually and they will find their new normal. Just be prepared for the same reaction if you decide to try for baby number 3.

12 Gemini Won't Hesitate To Embrace A New Friend

"Gemini child (May 22- June 21), consummate social butterflies these kids are the original social networkers. Good luck to the parents trying to teach their Gemini to stay the course and not change their mind 9 zillion times", beautifulsouls.com describes a Gemini child.

What a sight for sore eyes, could you get a cuter picture! As you can see from the above statement,

a Gemini child is very friendly and sociable so when it comes to bringing baby number 2 into the world your Gemini child will be happy to make a new friend that they can play with, a bond will seem to be made instantly.

This is a very sweet moment so make sure to get your camera out and capture it in a photograph. Unfortunately, however, the other personality traits of a Gemini child may cause conflict and the cute and loving first reaction may not last very long.

11 But They Might Also Change Their Mind

Following the cute and happy meeting of your Gemini child and their new sibling things may seem to go downhill. Gemini's often are indecisive so may change their minds as to whether they like something or not, whether they want to do something or not and so on. This then means they may change their minds as to whether they want a sibling or whether they enjoy being an only child.

Be prepared for tantrums and screaming but on the other hand, there will be some cute moments too and it will all balance out in the end. A Gemini personality can be tricky but ultimately they love making friends so you know they will love their sibling no matter what especially as they grow their bond and build a strong relationship.

10 Cancer Will Be Unsure & Scared

"Cancer child (June 22- Jul7 22) is fragile through and through, don't let their hard shell fool you. Sensitive and psychic, these children have incredible memories.Good luck to parents who try to teach their Cancer child that there is no such thing as the boogeyman", beautifulsouls.com defines a Cancer child.

If your child's star sign is Cancer they are very sensitive and fragile so may not deal very well with a big change in their daily routine such as a new baby brother or sister coming along.

There could potentially be many be some tears when they meet the new baby and may refuse to go near their sibling and shy away from the opportunity to bond. If you give your child lots of love and attention and slowly introduce their sibling to them, I am sure they will come around.

9 Leo Will Exhibit Jealousy At The New Arrival

Via: Life of a Mombie Blog

"Leo child (July 23- August 22) is very expressive. Every thought and action they have are BIG and are natural born leaders. Good luck to Leo child's parents when trying to teach their little lion that it is okay for someone else to be the center of attention", once again, beautifulsouls.com defines a Leo child.

It is hard for any first born child when their sibling comes along because everything is no longer only about them but when it comes to a child with a Leo zodiac sign,

it may be particularly hard for them because they love being the center of attention and will likely feel a lot of jealousy.

This jealousy may show itself through being resentful to the new baby or being clingy to parents but as time goes on Leo child will be happy to have a sibling on their team who they can teach and lead.

8 Virgo Will Fall In Love Right Away

From the information I found on beautifulsouls.com a Virgo child is described as so, "Virgo child (August 23- September 23) is meticulous. Delicate, shy and peaceful this child really does embody all that is good and pure in humankind. Good luck to the parents who try to teach their little Virgo that perfection is an illusion.

Leading from the statement above it is clear to see that if your child is Virgo

they will greet the new baby with lots of love and think they are just perfect.

As a parent, you will not need to be scared that they will be too rough with their sibling or too loud because like the newborn your Virgo child is delicate and peaceful. You may need to encourage interaction to begin with as Virgo children can be shy and introverted.

7 Libra Will Be Mommy's Little Helper

"(September 24- October 23) Even as a child, Libra seeks to help others. Keeping the peace between people in all situations is one of their biggest goals. Good luck to the parents who try to teach their little Libra child that running away from their problems is not always for the best", beautifulsouls.com explains the personality of a Libra child.

So as you can see if your child is Libra

they will want to help you with the parenting jobs such as nappy changing, feeding and more.

They will look forward to being a helpful big sister or brother and all the tasks you will give them to help with their sibling. The moment they meet there will be love and don't be surprised if your little Libra almost instantaneously asks what they can do to help out.

6 Scorpio Will Tell You Their True Feelings

Again referring to the information on beautifulsouls.com, "Scorpio child (October 24- November 22) is intense and incredibly psychic, these children are the warrior spirits of justice. Sensual even from an early age Scorpio children are not afraid of anyone or anything. Good luck to Scorpio child's parents- you have your work cut out for you".

With no fear of anyone or anything,

if your child is Scorpio then be prepared for a no filter reaction as they will say what they really feel.

Some children are worried they will get in trouble or are scared to hurt your feelings so will try and disguise their true emotions but a Scorpio child does not have this sense and will speak their mind. So whether they feel love or hate towards the new baby, you won't have any trouble figuring it out.

5 Sagittarius Will Bombard You With Questions

"Sagittarius (November 23- December 21), this is an ever-curious child who's observations about life can be rather profound. The Sagittarius child is confident and their restless nature makes for a life full of adventure. Good luck to the parents who try to teach their little archer to be more responsible", star sign information via beautifulsouls.com.

A very curious star sign, if your child is Scorpio be prepared for lots of questions and queries about the newborn.

Whether they are happy or sad about this new arrival in their life won't matter when it comes to what they want to know. "What's his/her name?", "Did it hurt Mummy?", "How did he/she get out of your tummy?", "How long will we keep them for?", "When will he/she open their eyes?" and so on.

4 Capricorn Will Be Easily Accepting

"Capricorn (December 22- January 20). Solid, stable and practical Capricorn children always seem far more mature than their age would imply. These kids never have to be told anything twice and will almost never get into trouble. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little sea-goat that even though people naturally follow their lead there is a fine line between manipulation and leadership", beautifulsouls.com says about the Capricorn child.

Capricorns are very understanding so if your child has this sign they will accept their sibling because you have encouraged them to.

Because they are stable and solid you most likely won't see any jealousy and there will be no tantrums over the attention the new baby is receiving. Your little Capricorn will see this as practical and will thrive in their new role as a big brother/sister.

3 Aquarius Won't Really Notice Anything

"Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) this is a child who seems spiritually inclined from the day they are born. Fiercely independent Aquarius children dance to a tune only he or she can hear. Good luck to the parents who try to teach their little water bearer that there is a difference in having your own ideas and starting an all-out rebellion" is how beautifulsouls.com describes Aquarius children.

So when it comes to bringing a second child into the world and introducing them to their older sibling,

if your first child is Aquarius they will carry on playing and probably not notice the change to begin with or ignore it.

Aquarius child lives in their own bubble and their independent nature will shine through.

2 ...But They May Become Annoyed With Change

Toddler tantrum on floor

However, continuing on from the previous entry, although Aquarius child will not be phased by this lifestyle change and new role as a big brother or sister, in the beginning, this may change in the first few weeks as things don't go their way. They like things being their way and are very set on their ideas so when they are told otherwise because of the new baby they will be mad and tantrums are likely to start.

This may be difficult to deal with for a while and as parents, you may feel overwhelmed but in the long run, this will teach your Aquarius child to share and that it is not only their ideas/what they want to do that matters. Don't be surprised however if they get bossier with the younger one as they get older and convince them to go along with their plans.

1 Pisces Will Instinctively Teach

The last zodiac sign that beautifulsouls.com describes is Pisces. "Pisces child (February 20th - March 20) are generous to a fault and love helping others learn, well, anything. Pisces children, though extremely sensitive, will stand firm even in the face of very frightening situations. Good luck to the parents who try to teach their little fish that they can't always live in a fantasy world that they have so artistically created in their heads"

Your newborn will have its own life tutor via your Pisces child who will want to teach their new sibling everything they know.

Your new baby will also always have someone to stick up for them and protect them in scary situations as Pisces child is strong even though they can often be the fragile one. Pisces child may be the perfect older sibling,

References: survey, buildingbeautifulsouls.com

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