How To Baby: Baby Registry Must-Haves

Congrats! You're having a baby! The next several months are going to be filled with celebrations and parties and SO.MUCH.NESTING! Without a doubt, you'll hear your mom/mother-in-law/friend/coworker/stranger insist you need to have this or that for the baby. Lots of people told me to have formula on-hand, disposable diapers even though I was using cloth, or a very specific type of car seat. Real talk: most of that advice is well-intentioned but outdated or overstated. When I was stressing about not having the appropriate "gear" for our firstborn - a swing, a crib, a stroller - my mother-in-law reminded me: "Babies can sleep in dresser drawers. You don't need lots of gadgets to have a kid."

And you know what? She was right! Of course, it's fun to splurge on shiny new toys! But by no means is it necessary. While every mama will want something a little different on her own registry, these are my top-recommended registry must-haves. Take it from someone who has done this newborn thing twice, recently, and close together: less. is. more!


"Waiiiiiiit a minute! I thought this was about baby registries!"

It sure is! And bras are pretty darn important when it comes to raising babies. I should add: this one is probably only relevant for moms who plan to breastfeed their infants. It can be difficult to know what size will fit best after the baby comes, but adding a few good nursing bras to your registry is a great way to prepare for your bundle of joy! Remember the guidelines for finding a great nursing bra: no underwires for the first four months, properly sized, and padded. Trust me on that padding - your nipples are going to be like weird thumbtacks and if you leak in an unlined bra...you just leak everywhere. Padding at least soaks some of the milk up, gross as that may be.

Baby Sleeping Spaces

Get a swing with a plug, not batteries! via Perfectly Reviewed

This one encompasses a little bit of everything. My must-haves here include a swing and a Rock-N-Play. Cribs are awesome, and not a bad idea to add to your registry - but if you plan on co-sleeping, they might be a bit overkill for the first six months or so. I bedshare with my kids (safely, according to the 7 Safe Cosleeping Guidelines), and let me tell you: you *do not* need any sort of special pillows to keep baby safe in your bed. That $200 Dock-A-Tot sure looks cute in the ads but it is so not worth the money, IMHO. The Rock-N-Play, though? Get that puppy in the newest, fanciest, most high-tech version you can afford.

Stuff To Deal With Poop

Who can resist a cute fluff butt?

That's a broad category, I know. Diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, wet bags. It all counts as super helpful soft-goods for you kiddo. Wet bags are super common in the cloth diapering world - it's how you transport a soiled diaper so it doesn't get all over your diaper bag. But they're invaluable for ALL babies - regardless of what kind of diaper they poop in. Blowout? Toss the dirty clothes in the wet bag. Easy peasy!


It might seem overwhelming to build a baby registry when you've never had a baby before. Remember that less is more, and babies mostly eat, sleep, and poop. Cover them for those things, and all those adorable little baby clothes will come on their own. Trust me - no one can resist buying baby clothes!


What is your must-have suggestions for a baby registry? Share it with me on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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