Pin Perfect Parenting: How To Be A Pinterest Mom

Pinterest has been a popular reference for crafts, projects, foods, workouts and anything else since 2010. With the rise in popularity came the term "Pinterest mom" or any mom who goes all out with the arts and crafts- elaborate, themed parties, homemade, healthy meals "worthy" of being photographed and shared and cutesy decorations for all occasions. The term "Pinterest stress" has also been coined, since nearly 50 percent of moms find the unnecessary competition of the "Pinterest perfect" moms to be one of the most stressful parts of parenting. The thing is, how can you become one without the stress? You can and you can't. Most true Pinterest moms are born. Most were doing arts and crafts before they became moms and before they grew up. For those who were not raised in art and craftsy homes, how can you become one? Here are tips to make it less stressful and ease into the "lifestyle."

Know if you truly want to be one, that's the first "rule." Focus on why you want to. Do you want to one-up your friends or other moms at school? If you do, this isn't for you. It's not about one-upping and competition. If you're interested in your project making your friend's project look bad that you will jump on your kid when you think they are going to accidentally drop something, you're missing the point. The point of this craze is to have fun with your kids.

Don't stress over buying things from the store. Sure, homemade made is always more fun but if you have to buy some decorations instead of making everything, you definitely can. Pick a few easy decorations that will fit your schedule and buy the rest. If you're not the crafty type, have never been the crafty type and the idea of making things for parties or fancy snacks turns you off, you may not be cut out to be one. That's okay. Not every mom will find crafting fun nor will every mom find doing the pins off the sites as relaxing or stress relief.

If you don't like the site, don't like putting in the time, energy or effort, don't let yourself be pressured to do it. Store bought can be just as good as home made and you should lead this lifestyle (along with any lifestyle) by having fun being creative.

Don't stress over perfection- for every one perfect picture, you can almost guarantee there were close to ten failed pictures. For every Pinterest-worthy item, there were likely 3 or 4 failed projects. No one is perfect 100% of the time, even professionals.

Search the topics that interest you, if you're interested, you will more likely stick to it. Pinterest isn't about collecting pins- it's about doing stuff.

Even if you suck at crafting but your kid loves doing it- do it. Even if you end up making a bird house that should be condemned, make it. No one is naturally able to just make stuff- it takes time, practice and patience. The entire point is to have fun with your kids.


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