How to Decide Who You Want In the Delivery Room with You?

For some women, they only need one person with her during childbirth: her partner. However, there are some others that prefer to have several family members and friends in the delivery room. Regardless of what the mother-to-be wants, hospital policies and other factors will have an impact on what actually happens and who is there during childbirth. The big question is how to decide who will be in the delivery room with you during childbirth. Here are some points you need to consider before making your final decision.

10  Check the rules

Hospitals and birth centers usually have rules or policies regarding how many people are allowed in the room when a mother delivers. Many delivery rooms only allow one person with the mother and this person is usually her partner or the father-to-be. However, some hospitals allow three or more people in the room. Aside from the rules, you have to consider the importance of having enough room for the delivery team. Otherwise, they can get in the way of your obstetrician, midwife and nurse.

9  Discuss it with your partner

After you learn the exact number of how many people can be in your delivery room at one time, you need to talk to your partner about who you both want to share the experience with. Consider hiring a labor doula that can help ease the pain and make the delivery run smoother. Would you like your mother to be there to hold your hand and provide support? Some people would be adding tension to the room which can make the experience more painful and difficult. 

8  Talk About the Possibility of a C-section

When you are talking about labor and delivery, do not forget that a C-section birth is possible. If you know that the baby is breech or an emergency surgery is required, most hospitals only allow one person during the surgery. Thus, you need to discuss ahead of time who will be the person supporting the mother-to-be in case a surgery is needed.

7  Consider the Possibility of Children in the Delivery Room

Kids can be in the delivery room during childbirth especially in birth centers. There are mothers who want their children to be there during the birth of a sibling. However, they will need a more thorough orientation and adult supervision during the actual delivery. If you are considering this option, talk to your health care team who may be open to the request.

6  Choose a Birth Photographer Carefully

If you are hiring a birth photographer, find someone who has worked with the facility where you will be delivering. This will ensure that he/she is familiar with the rules. Most facilities are now open to birth photographers although there are still some that do not allow any type of recorders or filming during the exact moment of birth. If it is their first time, they need to learn the policies of the facility and always be aware of where the delivery team is in order to avoid getting in the way. 

5  Remember that You Can Always Change Your Mind

If you suddenly realize that you don’t want someone to be in the delivery room, it is your right to change your mind and kick them out. Whether it is your mother who is driving you crazy or your husband who is making you more stressed, talk to any of your health care team members and ask them to do it for you.

4  Childbirth: An Intimate Experience

Childbirth is a wonderful experience for couples. Life-changing experiences are shared which strengthens the relationship as they transition to becoming parents. However, the delivery process requires a lot of support not just from the partner but from family and friends as well. Most couples prefer a more intimate delivery wherein it is just the medical staff and father who will be in the delivery room. It is a special moment that bonds the couple but some prefer to have other family members or friends during the delivery for additional support.

3  The Comfort of a Doula

Hiring a professional labor supporter or doula is a good idea especially if the partner decides not to be in the delivery room for whatever reason. A doula can provide gentle and reassuring assistance for the couple before, during and after childbirth. Doulas are especially useful for emotional support during homebirths. They can also give advice on how to relieve labor pain while providing encouragement. Of course, you need to make sure that the doula is experienced and is familiar with all aspects of labor and delivery. 

2  Make a List and Re-check It Every Now and Then

There is no doubt that giving birth is a highly physical and emotional experience. Thus, it is very important for the couple to give thoughtful consideration on who they want to share it with. Remember that the experience will be with you for the rest of your life especially if you are the one giving birth. It is uncertain how a woman will feel or act during labor especially if it is her first time. 

Perhaps she will feel better surrounded by her loved ones but it is also possible that she will feel uncomfortable moaning in pain, vomiting or baring herself to the people in the room. This is the reason the couple needs to take a lot of time in making their list and checking it again and again. Remember that the expectant mother and her partner can change their minds anytime and choose not to have someone in the room.

1  The Goal: A Positive Support Network

Choosing people who will be in the delivery room is a lengthy and complicated process. However, it all comes down to creating a positive support network which will make the process easier for the mother-to-be and her partner. The goal would also be for the baby to enter the world surrounded by as much love as possible. Whether it is deciding to have only the medical staff and partner or add several family members and friends, it is completely up to the couple and their preferences. 

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