How To Get Real With Your Child About Cannabis In Changing Culture

A lot of adults smoke marijuana- and given the fact that many in society have shifted their opinion on this controversial drug, there may be more on the rise. Whether it's smoked for medical purposes or for recreational purposes, its use continues to increase over time. When it comes to smoking marijuana for medical purposes, there are many of them- cancer, migraines and posttraumatic stress disorder are just some. Clearly, marijuana has garnered plenty of fans.

But if you're a parent who smokes medical marijuana, your child may become aware of it. After all, it's not something that can be hidden easily. Honest discussions are necessary so that both parent and child know everything, which helps keep an open and honest dialogue. With the opinion of marijuana slowly changing, how can you appropriately address the matter with your child?

This is especially important when you realize that children are more exposed to marijuana's existance more than you think. From advertising that promotes the drug to the many times it's referenced in music, your children are slowly forming an opinion on this heavily debated topic. Experts suggest that the best place to start a conversation is by addressing marijuana-related advertising. Ask your child what they think of such things, and then work off whatever their answer may be.

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The most important thing to do is to keep the conversation age-appropriate for your child. If your child has seen you consume edibles, or use a bong or vape pen, you need to explain to them that they are not to touch them whatsoever and why. Be prepared to answer all of their questions- even simpler ones such as "What is marijuana?", depending on how much your child knows about it and how old they are. Inform them that marijuana is strictly for adults, but that they're welcome to try it once they're of legal age. Also, call it by it's real name- don't refer to it as pot or weed if you can. It will help your child understand its serious purpose.

Another important thing to do when talking about marijuana with your child is to tell them why you're taking it. Explain to them the condition or disease you have that causes you to smoke marijuana in the first place. Depending on their age, you may have to explain it in simpler terms- but that's okay. The point is to have them understand the why behind your decision because it creates that open dialogue.

While all of the above is important, there's another conversation you'll need to prepare for- the one with the parents of your child's friends. If they find out or already know about you using marijuana, they'll most likely have questions or concerns about having their child inside your home. It's crucial to be respectful of their concerns, and to answer all of their questions. Be honest and transparent- but also respect the parent's decision in allowing or not allowing their child at your house. In the end, it's their right as a parent to make that call- just like it's your right to use marijuana for your medical needs.

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