How to Handle a Big Move During Pregnancy

Even during the best of times moving house is quite a stressful job. It doesn’t matter whether we are moving next door or making the move to a faraway country – the stress is always there. What with having to look for a house, dealing with a solicitor, handling the fees, it’s like every step throws a new challenge at us. And if you’re pregnant, then there’s a lot more stress attached to the move.

Many would-be-parents make the move to a larger home to ensure that their children grow up in a large, comfy space. But being pregnant and making a move is often a deadly combination – a combination that is full of stress and worry. Apart from handling all the paraphernalia that comes with moving, a pregnant woman on the move has to think of many other things as well, such as taking care of oneself during the move to finding a trustworthy doctor near the new house.

When coupled together, moving house and pregnancy - both life-altering events in their own right can be an overwhelming and a very emotional experience. But if you look at the lighter side of it, it can turn out to be a quite fun experience that can add to the new adventure in your life. Make that move if you need to, but just make sure that others do the heavy work while you treat yourself to a little relaxation every now and then.

These simple tips will act as a guide that will help you to handle the big move easily.

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9  Get Organized Before You Pack

Moving house is a very stressful experience that pregnant women certainly don’t need. Procrastination might have worked for you in your college days, but being pregnant and moving house is definitely not the right time to procrastinate. Your body is raging full of hormones, so don’t add to your anxiety levels by postponing things to the last minute.

The best way to handle the stress of moving is by planning things in advance, and that too, in a very organized fashion. Therefore, take out the anxiety and stress of moving by planning everything in advance right from labelling the boxes, to which route to take. Prepare to-do lists and create checklists so that you know what all needs to be packed and where.

Your organization will pay off

Set realistic deadlines – don’t expect to pack everything in 2-3 days – instead spread it out so that there’s no sense of rush or urgency. Planning everything ahead of time on a realistic schedule makes packing easier, quicker and far less stressful. The more predictable moving becomes, the less stress and anxiety you’ll deal with when moving day finally dawns.

Even when it comes to unpacking, try to plan it in advance so that unpacking too becomes an easy thing. Have a clear idea about the things you would like to be placed in which room and then pack your boxes accordingly. That way the packed boxes which have been marked can be placed in their respective rooms making unpacking and arranging stuff easier.

8 Find a Good Doctor in Your New Town

The trick to a healthy pregnancy is a consistency in one’s routine and health care. Since you’re pregnant, your health should be of utmost priority, and for that you need the services of a good doctor. If you’re planning to change your doctor on account of the move, then your first task should be to find about a new doctor in your area.

Get a list of GPs practicing in your area and register yourself with a GP near your new home so that your prenatal and antenatal care is taken care of. If you’re moving within the same city, you can ask your current doctor for recommendations who I am sure will guide you well. Find a hospital or a clinic that is nearby to your house so that you’re always assured of help, sometimes even in the dead of night.

If you’re moving somewhere nearby your friends or family’s home, you can take their recommendations about good doctors in the area. Your close circle will be more than happy to suggest a good doctor for you so that you and the baby stay safe and healthy during the remaining course of your pregnancy. 

7 Get Help Packing Up

Packing stuff and making the move is never easy, and pregnancy is certainly not the right time to do all these things by oneself. Being pregnant, you shouldn’t even attempt to carry or lift heavy stuff, therefore drop the idea and instead get in all the reinforcements you can. Ask your friends or relatives to come over and help with the packing and transfer of stuff.

Whether it’s packing of stuff, filling boxes or labeling packs, your family and friends will be more than eager to help. If you have few items in your house, then it can be managed by your circle of friends, but if there are large bulky pieces of furniture and electronic items to be packed, then the most hassle-free way to go about things is to get in touch with a transport agency.

Try getting in touch with a couple of good removal firms and based on their quotes and reputation, zero in on one particular firm. Their experienced staff will come and pack your stuff and transfer them to your new home without you having to bat an eyelid, leaving you absolutely worry-free. Not only will you find them surprisingly affordable, but the moving experience too will also become a lot easier. 

6 Pack a Pregnancy Essentials Bag

Usually the first day in a new home is stressful, therefore it’s necessary that you carry your essential stuff with you. And if you’re pregnant, then it becomes all the more essential that you pack a pregnancy essential bag so that you’re totally ready as you move into your new house. Pregnant women easily become attached to certain things — whether it’s a special blanket, a body pillow or a specific cream.

To avoid tearing into sealed boxes in search of your favorite hand cream, pack a three-day bag (or bags!) with all immediate necessities for your pregnant body. Packing an essentials bag that contains all your important stuff is a great way to make your night at your new home a lot more manageable. Just remember not to send your pregnancy essential bag with the truck that is transferring your furniture.

Bring it with you in the car, that way you’ll be totally prepared as soon as you arrive at your new home. Apart from containing your necessary items, your pregnancy essentials bag should also contain your medicines and your medical files so that you’re totally prepared in case of an emergency. 

5 Stay Happy and Healthy

When each and every aspect of your life revolves around preparing for moving day, then the day itself becomes more of an event – and a source of much stress. Regardless of which stage you’re in during pregnancy, there’s a lot of mental and physical stress associated with a move. Spend some quality time relaxing and de-stressing before you make the move and I guarantee you’ll enjoy a quick, simple and stress-free move.

No matter how well you plan your move, the moving day is going to be a stressful experience. Thus, as you near your moving day, it’s important that you take out some time for yourself and relax so that you stay calm and collected for the big day. Don’t forget to spend some time socializing and catching up with your friends and also try to keep your normal daily routine consistent.

Certain ways you can destress include taking a walk in the park, taking an afternoon nap or unwinding at a prenatal yoga class. Even on moving day, don’t rush into things and exert yourself, take rest if you need to. Your moving day is going to be long so listening to your body is very much essential. Ensure that you have a comfortable place to rest and rest in a quiet room if necessary.

It’s seen that additional stress during pregnancy can lead to postnatal depression, therefore try not to stress too much over your move.  

4 Eat and Stay Hydrated

Even if you’re not into heavy lifting of stuff, the very experience of shifting to a new home can be quite exhausting. You would definitely not want to create problems in your pregnancy by adding to your stress. You need your energy levels to stay charged throughout the day. Eating and drinking properly and resting often can help you remain revitalized and strong through this hectic day.

In the rush of getting things done don’t forget to have your regular meals. Have a hearty breakfast on the morning of moving day so that you have sufficient energy in you to go through the day. Also keep a case of nuts handy so you can dig into it throughout the day whenever you feel your energy levels falling. With the upheaval going on all around you, don’t bother to cook. Just pick up the phone and order something.

Even when you take the journey to your new home, don’t bother to take a home-cooked meal. Instead, take a pit stop at a restaurant of your choice and have a hearty meal, but please don’t skip your meals. Always remember to take frequent sips of water throughout the day so that you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will keep you mentally alert allowing you to make to make the move easier.

After all you’re carrying the most precious thing, so it makes sense that you remain well-fed and stay hydrated. 

3 Research Your New Neighborhood Well

The trick to a healthy pregnancy is maintaining a certain amount of consistency and pattern in one’s activities, be it in diet, daily routine or activity levels. Hence, research your new neighborhood before you make the move so that you’re well aware of nearby shops, restaurants and parks.

If you’re planning to move to a place which is near your present home, then spend a couple of hours exploring your new neighborhood before moving day. Take a walk or drive around your new block and you will surely be able to make a note of grocery stores, restaurants and cafes that will make your day-to-day life easier once you move into your new home.

You can even create a checklist of things that you require on a regular basis and based on these requirements you can ensure that all of it is available near your new home. Being prepared in advance will ensure that you will quickly and easily slide back into your daily routine. 

2 Expect Bumps in the Road When You Move

As you progress with your house-moving decision, do factor in that you will face certain bumps along the way. You must recognize the fact that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Just acknowledge to yourself that it’s not related to your move or to your pregnancy and is certainly not caused because of a combination of the two. Sometimes it’s just because it had to. For as much as we plan, at times things work against us.

Acknowledging that not everything is under our control is good enough to give us the desired peace of mind. Although this seems to be the best way to keep away stress, it’s the hardest thing to accept. After all, you’re moving house during pregnancy, and the packers just broke that favorite Chinese vase. Much as you would like to scream at them, the fact is that it’s broken and nothing can be done about it.

The next best thing you can do is to establish control over your anger and stress. For situations like these, keep a stress ball handy. So, squeeze away with all your might and let the stress go. Ultimately, the only thing that is going to keep the stress away is the thought of your new home. When you are unduly stressed just think what a good decision you have made to move before your baby was born than moving in with a newborn.

That would have been more stressful.

1 Focus on the End Goal

If stress is bogging you down, just think of the ultimate goal you have in mind. Focus on moving into a new and bigger home and how wonderful it’s going to be for you and your family. Wouldn’t it have been more stressful to have moved into a new house with a newborn in your hands? If you have taken the decision to move during your pregnancy, then feel confident in the knowledge you made a good choice.

So even on those days when you are dead-tired and are beginning to doubt your decision to move, just think of your lovely new house and how beautiful it’s going to be. Every time you feel sad about leaving your old house behind and feel like reaching for that tissue box, try to redirect your mind towards making plans when you reach your new house for if moving and unpacking an entire house isn’t nesting, then god only knows what is! 

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