How to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving a Boy

We know, there’s a good reason you want a boy.

You already have two daughters. You want a boy and a girl, and your first-born was a girl. You husband won’t stop complaining about being the only male in the house, and well, it might be nice to have a little diversity. Perhaps you’re worried about sex-linked genetic diseases, and prefer to have a boy for that reason.

What does it matter? You just want to have a baby boy. Your chances are pretty good for having a boy – about 50%. They’re also pretty good for having a girl –about 50%.

You can keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best, but why not try to get things moving in the direction you’d like a bit faster. Sure, you know you’ll love your baby, no matter what its sex is, but there are a few things you can try that might tilt the odds in hopes of conceiving your dream baby.

Sure, most things won’t change, and your doctor might scoff at some of these ideas – but some swear by the methods. Nothing is guaranteed, but why not try it and see? Don’t rely on anything 100%, know that you’ll love your baby no matter what, and of course, talk to your doctor about any dietary changes or other changes that might impact your health.

Oh, and why not keep your fingers crossed. You never know what will help…

Here are a few tips that might increase your chances of having a little baby boy.

12 Stop Exercising Right Now!

Okay, maybe don’t stop exercising.

But lots of weight loss can lead to higher chances of having a baby girl. So if it’s a boy you’re after, slip into some sweatpants and relax on the couch. Okay, maybe not that, but don’t aim to take on a massive diet. Eat and exercise like you normally do (which is hopefully pretty healthy – and if it’s not, talk to your doctor about the best way to approach your conception attempts and pregnancy), and try to not lose massive amounts of weight.

You can save that for after you have your new baby boy, in another nine or so months!

11 The Whelan Method

Doctor Elizabeth Whelan discovered the link between temperature and ovulation. While it’s not foolproof (and most things on this list aren’t), many women might find this method useful for determining the best times to conceive a baby of a preferred sex, a girl or boy.

The way the Whelan Method works is you want a boy, you should have intercourse between four and six days before your ovulation temperature raises. The theory is based on that the sperm carrying the male and female sex chromosomes are better suited to different points in the cycle. However, the success method is only 57%, not much higher than having sex and hoping for what you want!

10 Cool It Down

Hot baths for him are a no-no if you’re trying to conceive a boy. Some believe that “male sperm” are less heat-tolerant than “female sperm,” so hot baths could lead to the opposite of the desired result.

Before love making, skip the pre-nookie hot tub nuzzling. Actually, suggest he steer clear of hot baths until you’ve conceived. This just might make a difference.

In the same vein, a switch from briefs to boxers could keep “the boys” a little cooler. If he’s not so sure, pick up a few pairs of boxers, slip them into his dresser, and hide the briefs until you’re happily pregnant.

9 In Vitro Fertilization

Got a bunch of money? Well, then, through in vitro, you can have a baby of whatever sex you’d like. It’s the only sure-fire method, but also, the most expensive. 

8 Caffeine for Daddy

Dads can play a role too, especially if they want to help creating their future sons!

Caffeine is thought of as making male sperm more active. So brew a cup of cappuccino before you two head to the bedroom.

If he’s not into cappuccino, try a good coffee, and maybe even lighten it up with cream and sugar if he likes that. You can also get some excellent teas; aim for black teas as those have higher caffeine contents than green or white teas. Herbal teas and rooibos teas do not have any caffeine, so those, while delicious, will not help with your quest for a baby boy.

7 The Ericsson Method

Boasting better success rates (73%+) than many others on this list, this method also requires medical assistance, and of course, a cost. Dr. Ronald Ericsson developed this method which separates the lighter, faster-swimming “male sperm” from the heavier and slower-swimming “female sperm.” In a lab, the male’s sperm is placed in a centrifuge and spun in order to separate the two kinds of sperm.

This method can be criticized because many say that this has not been clinically proven. Talk with your doctor about this option, the effectiveness, and accessibility to it.

6 Take Cough Medicine!

No, not your man, you take the cough medicine. Some believe that if a woman takes cough syrup a few hours before intercourse, she’ll increase her chances of having a boy. Why?

Guaifenesin (the key ingredient in cough medicine) thins out mucus – both respiratory and cervical mucus. This makes conditions more favorable for sperm, especially the fast “male” sperm.

This could improve your chances of conceiving a boy.

When buying cough medicine, check the ingredients. Make sure that guaifenesin is one of the ingredients in whatever product you end up buying.

Check in with your doctor before trying this one. You want to make sure your doctor agrees this is safe. And don’t create an unhealthy addiction to cough syrup! You definitely want to decrease all the meds you’re on during pregnancy, so don’t go crazy with this!

5 Chinese Lunar Calendar

Some swear that the Chinese Lunar Calendar can predict the sex of your child. Is it always accurate, of course not, but it does seem to have an uncanny ability to be right for some women some of the time. There's at least a 50% chance it will work for you too.

The way it works is that based upon the age of the mother-to-be, there are certain months you should try to procreate in if you want a child of a specific sex. For example, if you are 29 years old and want to conceive a boy, the best months to conceive are February, May, August, and October.

4 Get Wild in the Bedroom

Get wild in the bedroom if you want a boy.

Seriously? Seriously.

Positions with deeper penetration are better for increasing your changes of having a boy. They give an advantage to the faster “male” sperm because the sperm are deposited closer to the cervix (and that’s where the cervical fluid is friendlier to the “male sperm” – and where the male sperm are more likely to survive because they have less distance to travel).

So get a little wild. Try those deep positions. Aim for from behind. Don’t be shy. You just might get what you want – a little boy!

Even Shettles also recommends deep penetration, especially rear-entry (aka doggy style). Hey, if Shettles said so….

3 Watch Your Man's Diet

Because acidic conditions are not good for “male sperm,” avoid a highly acidic diet. Good news – acidic diets tend to be pretty unhealthy, so you probably don’t want to eat that way anyway!

What is good for “male sperm” is an alkaline diet. An alkaline diet includes most fruits and veggies, tofu, soy, certain nuts and seeds. Dairy, eggs, meat, many grains, and many processed food are acidic – and thus, should be avoided.

For a few weeks prior to conception, try to have an alkaline diet.

A power smoothie to start your day (with green powder) is a great addition to your diet that might help tilt the scales a little in the male direction.

Some also recommend a diet high in glucose for those trying to conceive a boy. You might want to check in about this with your doctor (especially if you are diabetic!).

2 Shettles Method to Improve Your Chances

The Shettles Method involves timing your intercourse to be as close as possible to ovulation. Because the “male sperm” are faster than the “female sperm,” you want to get as many of the “male sperm” in to fertilize the egg as close as you can to ovulation. The “female sperm” won’t reach the egg as quickly, so you want to get as many of the “male” sperm in there as close as you can to your ovulation date.

The Shettles Method also recommends abstaining from intercourse for 4-5 days just prior to ovulation. Intercourse is recommended only just at the time of ovulation, and right before ovulation.

1 Indulge in the Big O

Shettles believes that the female orgasm increases the alkaline state that is friendlier to “male sperm.” So go for it. Having an orgasm before or at the same time as your male partner is encouraged – if you want a baby boy!

You don’t have to tell most women twice!

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