How to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving a Girl

There’s always a reason why women wish to have a little girl of their own.

Maybe it’s because they have five boys already. Or there are specific sex-linked genetic diseases that run in their family, or possibly some women only want two children, and the first was a boy, and well, you want one of each. It could even be that some woman wants another girl to even out the gender dynamics in the family, whatever the reason, they just prefer to have a girl.

Your chances of conceiving either a girl or a boy are pretty much the same– about 50%.You can rely on the tossing of the coin and hope for the best, but things don’t always turn out how you dream. Sure, you know you’ll love your baby, no matter what its sex is, but there are a few things you can try that might tilt the odds in hopes of conceiving your dream baby.

Your doctor will probably tell you that nothing can change fate, but others disagree. No method or tip is going to work 100%, and if you’re lucky enough to conceive at all, you’ll love your baby just the same, and of course, talk to your doctor before you go about making any dietary changes or other changes that might impact your health. Make sure your doctor gives the green light to whatever methods you are considering using.

Here are a few tips that might increase your chances of having a little baby girl.

14 Have Lots of Sex a Few Days Before Ovulation

Start having lots of sex a few days prior to ovulation. Well, you don’t have to say that twice….

But seriously - when you have lots of sex, you’ll decrease the sperm count, which will end up decreasing the number of fast sperm (aka the sperm that lead to male babies). This helps increase your chances of being fertilized by sperm carrying the female chromosomes (which are also the “slower” sperm).

By the time ovulation comes around, your chances of having a girl have hopefully increased.

13 Don’t Have Orgasm Causing Sex

What? Seriously? Yes, seriously. Sigh.

Orgasms give a boost to the faster male sperm. Have slower, gentler sex, which won’t give an advantage to the male sperm with an orgasm.

Orgasms also make the vaginal environment more alkaline, which is not an advantage to the X-chromosome sperm (aka “female sperm”).

Just remember – you can have all the orgasms you want, after you conceive. And many mothers believe that pregnant sex is the best sex! So if you want a baby girl, relax a bit more than usual during intercourse.

12 Turn Your Diet into an Acidic Diet

Some believe that eating acidic food in the days leading up to your ovulation can increase your chances of conceiving a girl

Why? The “male sperm” struggle to survive in acidic environments. If you eat a lot of acidic foods, it actually can alter the pH in your vagina – thus, creating a less hospitable environment to the “male sperm.” You don’t want your body to permanently be in an acidic state, as it’s not particularly healthy, but some do try this short-term.

Want to try? The most acidic foods include soda, ice cream, and sugar. Some think this diet is very unhealthy and do not encourage it. Talk with your doctor if you plan on following this route – your doctor might have very strong feelings about the healthiness and safety of trying this.

11 Heat Up the Bath

Because “female sperm” can supposedly survive in higher temperatures, some recommend taking a hot bath beforehand, or indulging in regular visits to the Jacuzzi. This can be a great romantic prelude to conception.

Of course, lots of high temperatures are not recommended for “the boys,” but a few experiments might yield the desired results. Hey, why not try? A long hot soak bath is always relaxing, so encourage your male partner to hit the heat.

So if you’re longing for a baby girl, perhaps include a nice hot bath in your foreplay.

10 No Salt in Your Diet, Please

Some think that having a low-salt diet can increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Eating a diet low in salt is actually a good thing, so this could be a very healthy option for your eating habits, especially if you’re someone who typically has a high-salt diet.

Restrict your salt usage during cooking, and be sure to avoid salted meats, cheeses, olives, fast food, and other foods high in salt. When eating out in restaurants, specifically mention you are trying to limit your salt intake. There are great salt substitutes to try if you’re really craving something salty, so check these out if you’re dying for savory things.

9 Weight Loss

Some think that weight loss can lead towards improved changes for a baby girl – so keep going to the gym and hitting those classes. While too much weight loss is never a good thing, it might be worth it to slim down that waistline before it slowly grows.

Many people would love to lose five or ten extra pounds; here’s a little extra motivation. If you need to lose the weight anyway, it might be a great way to lose the weight and have extra incentive: increase your chances of having a girl.

8 Using the Chinese Lunar Calendar

The latest craze in being pregnant is using the Chinese Lunar Calendar to predict the sex of your future child. The question is, can you use the prediction to help you conceive the specific sex of your planned child.

The calendar works based upon the age of the mother-to-be and the certain months she tries to procreate in for a child of a specific sex. For example, a woman who is 25 years old, and is trying for a baby girl should try to conceive in January, April, May, or July. Although you may not be sure exactly how it works, some women swear by this method of conception.

Instead of trying randomly for the sweet girl of your dreams, why not focus on your baby-making in those months?

7 Pass the Veggies, Please

Some think that a vegetarian diet, or a high-in-veggies diet, leads to a higher chance of conceiving a girl. You know veggies are good for you – so why not up your servings of veggie goodness?

Add veggies to your morning smoothies and breakfast omelets and scrambles, opt for salad main courses or veggie stir-fries as your mains, and even find veggies in your desserts, like pumpkin pie and zucchini bread. Hey, make it delicious and healthy, and you’re doing both your body and your future baby good!

6 Conceive a Girl with the Shettles Method

The Shettles method is based on the fact that it is the man’s sperm that determines the sex of the baby. Because X and Y sperm function differently, adjustments can be made to get the girl you want – so sex should only be timed at certain points in the ovulation cycle.

Time your intercourse to have it 2-3 days before ovulation and 2 days after ovulation. This will give the greatest benefits to conceiving a girl in those dates.

5 Ovulation and the Whelan Method

The link between temperature and ovulation was discovered by Dr Elizabeth Whelan. While there is a link that you may find useful in timing your procreative act, it’s not foolproof. Basically this method is useful for determining the best times to conceive a baby of a preferred sex, but whether you can use this knowledge to have the baby you want can be tricky.

According to the Whelan Method, if you want a girl, you should wait 2-3 days prior to ovulation to have a baby. The method is based on the fact that sperm carrying the male and female sex chromosomes are better suited to different points in the ovulation cycle. However, the success rate is only 57%, not an impressive amount at all.

4 The Controversial Ericsson Method

The Ericsson Method has a success rate of 73%, which is high than any others on this list. To use the Ericsson Method, you first need medical assistance, and of course, some money. This method was developed by Dr. Ronald Ericsson, by spinning the sperm in a centrifuge, the sperm are separated. The lighter, faster-swimming “male sperm” float to the top, and the heavier and slower-swimming “female sperm” are on the bottom.

Doctors and critics are skeptical of this method because it hasn’t been clinically proven to increase the odds of conceiving either a boy or a girl. Talk with your doctor about this slightly debateable method before going full throttle on it.

3 Mighty Missionary to Get the Job Done

The missionary position is recommended if you’re trying to conceive a girl, or really, any position with shallow penetration. It leaves the sperm further away from the cervix, which gives an advantage to slower and longer-living “female sperm.”

So when you’re trying to have a baby girl, relax, lie flat on your back, and keep things a bit lighter.

2 Have a Diet High in Magnesium and Calcium

Though some dispute this, it is thought that a diet high in magnesium and calcium can lead to increased chances of conceiving a girl.

Foods high in calcium include dark leafy greens, cheeses, soy products, okra, green beans, almonds, and canned fish.

Foods high in magnesium include dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds (especially pumpkin and squash seeds), Mackerel, beans and lentils, low fat dairy, avocados, bananas, dried food, and dark chocolate. One study even recommended women have a pound of dairy a day!

Most of these things are foods you’ll be incorporating into your diet anyway, but if you want a girl, you might as well up the amounts.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns on how these additions might impact your overall health.

1 In Vitro, the Expensive Way to Conceive

By using in vitro fertilization you can conceive a baby of any desired sex. The biggest concern with in vitro fertilization is access to money, as this procedure is quite expensive. As long as you don’t mind paying to have the baby you want, then you can talk to your doctor about the ups and downs of IVF.

Assuming you don’t have bundles of cash stashed away, you might want to consider using one or a mixture of the tips above.

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