How to Preoccupy Your Mind During the 2 Week Wait

The two week wait is a time of anxiety, worry and sometimes even depression. It can be a challenging task to not obsess over the outcome of the most-awaited decision of your life. You might find yourself building up every worst case scenario in your mind while trying to analyze and obsess over the tiniest hint of a pregnancy symptom. 

You might feel optimistic or you might feel heavily pessimistic. There are many what-ifs floating about. It, then, becomes essential to keep your mind and body occupied in order to maintain balance and sanity in your life. Here’s how you can start.

11 Make a journal

Trying not to ruminate is hard. And for people who struggle with not obsessing while trying to conceive, a little black book can be one of the most effective forms of escape. Putting down all your compulsive, obsessive thoughts on paper can be really helpful. 

You can write your feelings down in the journal as and when they pop up. You can also assign yourself a certain window of time - say 30 minutes a day - to jot down all your ruminative thoughts. Most mothers find it oddly soothing, as scribbling down their emotions often helps them lay off the stress from their mind.

10  "Manage" your emotions

This might feel strange, but another effective way to manage your feelings is by naming them. This is a technique common in meditation; Naming your feelings is basically about containing them, rather than letting them overwhelm you and cause severe emotional duress. 

When you feel yourself being weighed down by thoughts like, “What if that doesn’t happen” or “What if this goes wrong,” try categorizing your feelings - sometimes even re-molding them - into “I’m feeling anxious. I’d be glad if this happens.” You’ll find your thoughts become more organized, and that is a pre-requisite if you want to keep yourself distracted. 

9  Take care of yourself

Sometimes things that seem as simple as sleeping or strolling can help boost your mood and get you out of the vicious web of obsessive thoughts. It's important to pay attention to your overall well being while you wait for the inevitable outcome at the end of those two weeks.

Exercise, take frequent naps, go for a casual stroll in the park, get under the sun, get a change of scenery and so on - these are sure to help you get rid of the bouts of anxiety. You don’t have to become a health nut - all that you have to do is try to invest more time in regular self-care.

8  Find a method of relaxing

There is an array of relaxation techniques that you can choose from - visualizations, meditation, yoga, deep breathing. The purpose is to take a pause from a stressful moment. Too often, people like to think of it as that instant-coffee used to make a cup of coffee - but, it is like those coffee beans that need to be looked after and honed in order to make that perfect divine cup. 

It's a skill that you embellish over the entire period of two weeks that is sure to help foster a calm in your everyday life. Find a method that works the best for you and practice it even when you aren’t feeling particularly anxious.

7  A strong support system is important

It takes two to tango - and this is a pretty important journey you and your partner are embarking upon. Don’t shy away from leaning on your partner for the emotional roller-coaster this waiting period is for you. You two can even sign yourself up for couple recreational activities like therapy classes, spa appointments, golf sessions and so on. 

Anything that clicks for you can be a refreshing getaway from the emotional ordeal during this time - it even acts as a genial reminder that the two of you are in this together. Keep reminding yourself that you’re both invested in this. Or if you're somehow more comfortable sharing this news with your friends than your partner, then do so!

But be sure that you have a support system.

6 Listen to music

This might not seem very promising but you’ll be surprised by how much promise this holds. There is a famous saying that goes “If you don’t like music, then you just haven’t found the right kind for yourself.” 

Although it’s recommended to build a more soothing and melodious playlist (some people prefer instrumental, as the lack of lyrics can be oddly therapeutic), beats and funk can be just as relaxing. Try to avoid genres like rock and metal as these might invigorate the stress.

5  Always surround yourself with people

Having people around who can relate to what kind of an emotional ride you are going through can help you cope. Even people who can understand you or extend an empathetic shoulder when you are stressed out, can be a great departure from the bottled-up obsession. 

Plan a day out with your close friends or ring up the family members that you think can be supportive and just talk - not necessarily about this daunting wait. Visit the nearby museum for a creatively relaxing day or take a short trip to the town beach - doing it with your loved ones will be a nice break from the wearisome ruminative thoughts.

4  Read books

As with music, books are available in a spectrum of genres. You can choose to opt for romance, thriller, mystery, fiction, non-fiction, *breathes* science fiction, drama, fantasy, comedy and many more. If heavy reading is not your cup of tea, then opt for slimmer volumes. 

It is essential that you find books that keep you engrossed - sometimes even when you take a pause from reading - Don’t opt for publications that you find are too heavy for your current state of mind. Ask for recommendations from people close to you or pick up that sixth volume in the Harry Potter series that you have been neglecting since forever. 

3  Don’t break routine

As easy as it can be lose control of all sanity and curl up in a ball in the corner of your house, it's now more important than ever to not break routine. Following your daily habits will instill a sense of normalcy in your life and assure you that not all has to spiral down into chaos. 

If you have a regular job or a workplace that you frequent to, don’t stop going just because you feel too drained or weighed down because of the emotional turbulence. It is also essential to not give up on your hobbies, be it gardening, swimming or anything else, as these are what will keep you interested and preoccupied.

2  Seek professional help if needed

Although support groups and hanging out with people is a good way to cope, but sometimes you need more personal attention. Doubt, anxiety and panic are common during this two week period, and counseling can help you get through the tedious emotions that the wait brings. 

Some therapists are well-versed with counseling couples who are trying to conceive and even assign them daily tasks in order to help organize their life in the face of all the stress. This has an added bonus of bringing a little discipline to your routine, while ingraining a little peace and calm in your life.

1 Conclusion

As tempting as it can to be torture yourself by thinking you may have missed this month’s chance to get pregnant during these two weeks, it won’t do you any good. 

Yes, there can be a nervous feeling of anticipation bordering on depression, but an obsessive attitude will be the least helpful thing during this time. Continue to keep yourself preoccupied - it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it - and follow a healthy lifestyle; Whether or not you get pregnant this time, this isn’t the end of the world. There will be more and many opportunities.

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