How To Slay Your Entire Pregnancy

Pregnant women are beautiful. From the lustrous hair to the natural glow—us life-bearers have got it going on! But honestly, it can be a challenge to match that knowledge with our emotions and perception of our ever changing bodies. That’s why, during pregnancy, when we feel the least like it—we should put in that extra effort to be fabulous. It’s just like back in college, when your friends would drag you out of your room when you were feeling blah. You were annoyed when you heard the knock at the door, but by the end of the night, you said, “I’m glad I came”. This is no different. Invest time and a couple of coins into your look. Pregnant women need to feel confident, powerful, and beautiful. And for that cause, we present to you-- a list of ways to absolutely slay your entire pregnancy!

17 Take Advantage of the Hair

There are probably a number of hairstyles you have always wanted to try. Perhaps your hair wasn’t long enough or thick enough-- or maybe it just wasn’t high on the priority list. Well, now would be a great time to head to the salon with a pic in hand! Or simply go to Pinterest and YouTube to DIY if you’re good with hair-- or have a friend who is. Bob haircuts are a phenomenal choice, as well as creative and classic buns. And the list goes on. Get Pantene Pro-V commercial hair while you still have the time. There are even online tools to choose the hairstyle or haircut best suited for your head shape and facial structure. Have at it!

16 Show the Girls a Bit

Let’s not be coy, one of the biggest literal benefits of pregnancy is an evolved upper half. Embrace it! Buy more “date night’’ tops. Shirts that show off a comfortable amount of your new figure are a great buy. The options are wide! You can choose a baby doll top, a deep v neck blouse, or even just leave the top few buttons undone. Another advantage is keeping sweat to a minimum by allowing more air to reach the area. If you haven’t experienced it yet—please be advised that pregnant women still do turn heads. And though, you may not need any extra attention, it certainly doesn't hurt. Get ready to feel hotter than ever—or close to it!

15 Accentuate the Skin

Find out what your color or colors are. We all have the shade, hue, or color that looks amazing on us, which looks even more stunning against that luminous pregnancy complexion. There is a wealth of information online on how to select the perfect colors for you based not only on your skin tone, but also your undertone.  Undertones generally fall into three categories-- undertone warm (also called yellow or olive), cool (red or pink), and neutral. You can even pick items that compliment your eye or hair color—minimal research, high reward!

14 Accessorize

Now would be a great time to increase your accessory collection. Accessories are essential for slaying pregnancy because they upgrade every ensemble! Also, because they’re quick and easy to apply and often in low cost. Clearance items at K-mart, Marshall's, and Burlington Coat Factory are great! Also, beauty supply stores have tons of accessories, including earrings, scarves, and stylish hair clips  for as little as one dollar. And then there are thrift shops, also known as second hand stores, where the real treasure hunt begins! If you are wearing a fairly simply outfit, the right earrings, bedazzled hair tie, necklace, bracelet, and/or handbag will update your look to 2.0, without any fuss.

13 Make Your Lips Pop

Pregnancy may not be the best time for foundation, Smokey eyes, or contouring. After all, putting on a full face is a lot work, plus it may be too hot. Who wants to apply makeup that will melt off? BUT, lipstick and lip-gloss can be applied quickly without weighing down your skin. There are so many styles and shades out there, from matte on back. There are options for every budget. Experiment with it! My tried and true system is to buy 10 colors at a time from a dollar store, and establish which ones look best on me, and for what occasions-- purely based on the colors. Then, I go to an establishment with an actual makeup counter, and purchase two, reasonably priced, finalist.  You’d be surprised at how sexy you feel when wearing the right shade of lip color.

12 Work Out

Not only is exercise safe and highly recommended for pregnant women, it has aesthetic benefits. Exercise lessens swelling, helps you bounce back after delivery, and helps you sleep better-- which is a big one, being that pregnancy is a time when we miss much of our beauty sleep. Plus, keeping those arms and buns toned, during your pregnancy, will make you look even better in your stylish clothing and triple your confidence. You will feel phenomenal!! There are a variety of safe exercises from walking to pregnant Pilates. You won’t regret the daily sweat!

11 Find Fabulous Flats

High heels may be a bit risky during a pregnancy, but there is a grand variety of flats out there that are getting more fabulous daily! Flats have been getting a bad rap for years, but the tide is turning, making the options optimal now - during your pregnancy. Look at that. I have discovered entire Pinterest boards dedicated to the pursuit of the sexy and fashionable flat. In the summer, there are so many gorgeous sandals to choose from, thong sandals, slide ins, and sling backs. In winter, there are a ton of boots - with fur!  Soft powder pinks and neutral taupe shades are my favorite! And in the fall and spring, there a plethora of options from canvas active wear to cool loafers! You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for cuteness!

10 Break Out the Shades

Nothing says slay like the right pair of shades! Especially if you're putting them on in slow motion. And the cool part is, there are so many frame and tint options. And of course, if you already wear prescription lenses, you can take a trip to your optometrist to be upgraded.  The Cat Eye, Over Sized, and Chunky frame styles are popular this season. I love the dark mirroring lenses with retro frames! Shades can also be used as your pop of color, or to tie together the other colors in your ensemble. And sun glasses aren’t just for the summer, just like sun visors aren’t only pulled down in the summer. Protect your eyes all year around, provided its daylight of course. And look fierce while doing so!

9 Don’t Forget the Clothes

Take off those crocks and jogging pants! There are too many other options-- that do and don’t include maternity clothes. In the summer, maxi dresses and sun dresses are your best friend. And maternity shorts are adorable! In the fall or winter, go leggings crazy, get them large enough to be comfortable. They can be matched with so many light material sweaters it’s insane. And maternity jeans are A1 for the spring. Buy them second hand if you don’t want to spend too much, on a few months of clothing. Maternity clothes are usually lightly used and in excellent condition, because of how briefly they are worn.  You can even perform a little DIY and turn them into ripped jeans! That would be smoking hot!

8 Have Fun

Happy girls are the prettiest girls! When you are actively pursuing your hobbies, favorite outings, food and friends-- you look breathtaking! Don’t become so consumed with what is to come that you don’t celebrate what is. Have routine or weekly breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a friend or friends. Go to a painting, sculpting, or cooking class. Take a train ride, go window shopping, or head to the beach. Go to the movies, get some ice cream, get a Star Bucks hot chocolate if it's cold. What ever you choose, just be sure to get up every day and be intentional about making this pregnancy great! You are experiencing the miracle of life daily!

7 Have a Spa Day

Even though you already look just as stunning as a pregnant Eva Mendez, go to the spa at least once in your 40 weeks. Massage therapy during pregnancy is  a healthy way to reduce stress levels  as well as promote overall prenatal wellness. Massage relieves many of the  discomforts experienced during pregnancy, like  backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, swelling and headaches. So, get a massage! Make sure it’s a prenatal massage and go to a licensed establishment. Indulge in a manicure, pedicure, eye brow wax, and a facial. You’ll float out of there feeling like a new woman, because you are! Every now and then, it’s good to leave certain things to the professionals.

6 Don’t Brush off Compliments

When someone tells you how pretty you are pregnant, don’t start up with how big your nose, fingers, or ankles are. Receive the compliment. Allow the words to fall on you like rain. Smile and say thank you. Compliments are like gifts, if they are given-- but you don’t open your hands and take them—you don’t get the benefit of them. According to a study published by Forbes, to the brain, receiving a compliment is as much of a social reward as a cash reward! In other words, affirmation rocks! Especially during pregnancy. Enjoy it!

5 Drink Water

Sometimes pregnancy causes so much moisture/oil in the skin, pimples surface. Keep them at bay by drinking your recommended dosages of water. Plus, you need the hydration to keep your energy up. You cannot slay if you can barely walk—especially during warmer months. Water consumption energies muscles, keeps skin looking great, controls calories, promotes kidney health, and keeps you regular. So,  keep your water bottle full, while inside and outside your home. If you get accustomed to it now, you'll carry the habit into your post baby life and reap lifelong benefits of being a water drinker.

4 Eat Right

Make the best choices that you can with your nutrition intake. It will energize you, and keep unnecessary weight gain away. You will feel beautiful inside and out knowing you are feeding baby well. And reframe from over eating, if you begin your pregnancy at a good weight, you won't need extra calories in the first trimester. In the second trimester, you'll need approximately  340 more calories per day and about 450 additional calories a day in the third trimester. And remember, every cell in  your body is made up of what you put in your body.

3 Keep Your Car Clean

How can you be diva with “wash me” written on your trunk? Car washes are inexpensive and totally worth it. Better yet, get your mate to take care of it for you when he runs out to get your snacks. Keeping a clean car, internally and externally are great for your piece of mind. Keeping a clean car improves your safety, health, and self-esteem. Picture yourself cruising down the street in your shiny car—on the way to meet your friends-- with your favorite radio jam playing, your shades on fleek, cute clothes and shoes, a manicured hand on the steering wheel, lip color popping, and your hair in the wind. SLAY—SLAY—SLAY!

2 Pregnancy Photoshoot

The act of having hair and makeup done, going through wardrobe, and standing front and centre amongst bright lights and cameras-- will make you feel like the super star you are! Select styles and poses that say "Queen", not mommy-- the latter is obvious. Also, having those fab pictures on hand will keep you smiling on the days you don't feel like putting for the effort. Also they'll be great to show to the kid some day. The five secrets to beautiful pregnancy pictures is taking them around 30 weeks, avoiding background clutter, turning off the flash, wearing something tight and stretchy, and obviously, finding a gifted photographer.

1 Show Him You're Still Hot

You didn't get yourself pregnant. There is someone extremely turned on by you! And that doesn't need to be put on pause during pregnancy. Surprise your beau with new lingerie, new positions, and anything else you can think of!  See these tips on how to keep the romance alive during pregnancy , such as, being intentional about keeping the lines of communication open, exploring other intimate activities, and finding new ways to get in the mood--just to name a few.  The way he responds to you, will make you soar!

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