Tips On Working From Home With Your Baby (Without Losing Your Mind)

When you want to stay home with your baby, but finances are an issue, there is an option that is becoming more common: working from home. There are a growing number of jobs that allow some (if not all) of the work to be done remotely out of your home, plus there is always an option to start your own business online. When people hear "working from home" they typically do not get the mental image of someone actually working- but some in-home jobs require the same hours as a traditional job. When you have kids running all over, yelling and wanting you to play, how can you manage to finish your work or speak with clients over webchat? Treating your at-home job with the same commitment as you would treat a traditional office job would help. There are some who think work from home parents have it most stressful- the stress of the job plus being around their kids 24/7- doing all the housework and everything else, but we have some tips to get through it.

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Time your work around the baby's sleep schedule. If you don't have a job that requires you to work set hours online, you can schedule tasks for before baby wakes up in the morning, during nap time (especially if you have other kids in school) and after all your kids go to bed.

Keep a planner or use a planner-type app on your phone to list out your important deadlines. Keeping a large wall calendar to keep track of each deadline can help you prioritize each task. Make sure to put names/e-mails and phone numbers of all the people you need to contact and keep everything organized.

Make sure your home office is well stocked and well organized. Kids run around and get into everything- either invest in a desk with a file cabinet drawer or a traditional filing cabinet to keep all your paperwork in and make sure to save all financial records in order in their own special file.

If you have the extra money, consider sending your child to a daycare or with relatives 1-2 times a week. Just because you're staying at home doesn't mean you're not working. If you have an important deadline coming up, consider sending the baby to a babysitter or grandparent for the afternoon so you can work uninterrupted.

When your partner gets home, see if they can entertain the kids for an hour or two for you to get one or two tasks done. Give your partner a rundown of anything that needs to be done, then go into your office and work on one or two tasks.

Keep a home office. Make sure your office is off to the side to keep away from your kids getting into important papers and make sure your personal business computer isn't one that they will be playing with.

Running a business from home may sound like the better deal, but you do end up with more work- instead of working in the office and coming home, you have your office with you. Instead of just doing the household chores and taking care of the kids, you do both together. It gives you the freedom to be with your children but you have to make sure you're also able to focus on the tasks at hand. As long as you're organized, you'll be able to keep it less stressful.


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