Here's How You Can Squeeze In More Quality Time With Your Children

The saying, "The days are long, but the years are short" has long been part of a mother's vocabulary. And as any mother knows, the saying is true. It seems like you've just given birth when they're suddenly old enough for preschool followed by kindergarten and the high school. The next thing you know, they've moved out and left you all alone!

Before we get all dramatic, it important to remember to live in the now. Kid don't stay little forever so the time is now to make memories. Life is busy and we're all constantly on the go but if we would slow down just a little, we can spend more quality time with the special little people in our lives.

Here are some simple ideas to allow you to make the memories with your kids. All of these are pediatrician approved and guaranteed to be fun for all.

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Don't Drive Everywhere

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The weather is getting nicer so take advantage of it. The next time you need to go somewhere where close, try walking there. A walk will slow down the manic pace of life and give you all a chance to just talk. Point out all of the neat nature items you see and go over colors, objects, and insects or animal you may see. Kids are little sponges. Let them soak up as much as they can.

Try A Pajama Walk

We know this sounds crazy but hear us out. Bedtime is always insane and often the most hectic part of the day. If it's nice outside, a walk before bed can be soothing and the perfect way to let out their last bit of energy before going to sleep. The most important part of this is pajamas.

Get your kids all ready for bed, brushed teeth and pajamas included, and head outside. Keep it calm, take some deep breath, and take a few laps around the block. Make sure to walk slowly and let the fresh air soothe your kiddos to sleep.

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Fix It Together

As life goes, things are always breaking. Get your kids involved in your next home project by fixing the problem together. It may take longer but it's priceless teaching your kids the important skills of problem solving and patience. The best part is that they'll see your resilience and this is the perfect opportunity to learn about tools and important life skills. Get them "adulting" early so they don't live in your basement as adults.

Give Them Sweets

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Life is too short to not indulge in some sweet treats and fun snacks. An occasional ice cream sundae in the middle of summer or making popcorn during movie night will make those memories even sweeter! As long as you aren't serving your children junk food nightly, an occasional indulgence is just fine and they will absolutely love it.

Listen, Like Really Listen

Moms are busy, tired, and stressed so it is easy to be distracted when your kids are talking to you for the millionth time. Instead of finding your fingers finding your phone or yourself wandering to another task, focus on your child.  This is called parent meditation.

If they come to you to talk, make a conscious effort to get on their level and take in what they're saying. Hear them and understand them. Just be sure to take in the fact that you created these incredible, curious, and funny human beings. Be amazed by how quickly they grow and how fast they learn.

Did we miss anything? What do you like to do with your kids? Let us know in the comments!


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