How Your Second Pregnancy Makes You Feel

After my husband and I had our first baby I mentioned to someone that we were talking about having a second. Utter shock crossed her face as she remarked “Oh, we all kind of figured you’d be done after the first.” I have also been told that "no one expects you to go through that again," so believe me when I say my first pregnancy was a nightmare.

Even though we really wanted another child, my husband and I were rather apprehensive about growing our family. In the end, we decided to go ahead with it, and I'm not sorry. I feel like I have been redeemed with this pregnancy, and assure that I am actually capable of carrying a child and functioning at the same time. In no particular order, here are some of the ways my second pregnancy has made me feel and that your second pregnancy will make you feel.

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12 Proud

You may be proud of yourself for managing to find the energy to play with your current child while you are in the throes of morning sickness or wobbling your way through the third trimester. Or, you may be proud that you are doing this pregnancy your way, and are not listening to all of the unhelpful advice people feel the need to lob your way. Or, maybe you're proud of your current child and the way he's handling your pregnancy. For example, my two-year-old has decided he can play on his own while mommy naps. He'll even tuck me in and tell me to sleep.

11 Worried

If your first pregnancy was anything like mine, or if your labor did not go as planned the last time, or if you experienced some complications with your first, you will probably feel worried at some point in time during your second pregnancy that it will happen again. Perhaps last time, you had the perfect pregnancy and labor, and you're worried that it won't happen the same way twice. That's perfectly normal.

10 Confident

You’ve got this. You’ve done it before and you know you can do it again. Yes, you are aware that this time you will have another child running around. And if your kids are going to be close in age, clinging to your legs while you drag them around the floor, you know you can handle it.

9 Relieved

Maybe you and your partner really struggled to get pregnant the first time and you were worried that the second time would be equally difficult, or perhaps you were one of the couples who experienced secondary infertility. In either of those cases, seeing that positive pregnancy test would probably be a huge relief for you.

8 Excited

While having a baby can be exhausting and nerve-wracking at times there will also be times when you are absolutely thrilled to be expecting again. Baby Centre has a list of 20 reasons to be excited about your second child. For instance, you get to use the baby clothes a second time. (I have no idea what my child's gender is, but I guarantee you he or she will be rocking the frog suit.) You're also already aware of the different resources out there.

7 Anxious

Once the excitement of learning that you’re expecting your second has sunk in, you might begin to feel anxious or worried about how your first will react to his or her new sibling. My older sister tried to rip me from my mother's arms, so this is definitely something that has crossed my mind. However, you can help prepare them for the baby's arrival and some children are extremely excited to have a baby brother or sister.

6 Hopeful

Perhaps you already have a daughter and you really want your second child to be the same gender or the opposite gender. Now that you’re pregnant again, there's a chance you will get your wish. If it happens, you'll be ecstatic but if it doesn't, you'll have to cope with the feelings of disappointment.

5 Nervous

Since your first pregnancy, you may also have moved into a higher risk category because of your age, and that might make you nervous. You may find yourself worrying about miscarrying your child, or whether or not your child will have Down Syndrome, or if you will experience high blood pressure or hypertension. However, you might be relieved to hear that according to an article in Parentingstatistics show that once a woman becomes pregnant, granted that she takes care of her body and prenatal screenings show no reason for concern, she is likely to have a healthy baby--despite her age.

4 Relaxed

You went through pregnancy and labor before so you know what to expect, which means this time, you can more enjoy the ups and even the downs that come with it. Also, your oldest child is a testament that you and your baby can survive the infant stage, so you can go ahead and relax.

3 Tired

Obviously. First of all, you’ll be tired because you’re pregnant, and as you learned the first time around, trying to find the energy to make it through the day is tough. Unfortunately, you'll probably be even more tired this time around because there is already a tiny human in your life who depends on you to feed them and play with them.

2 Determined

Last time you didn’t know what to expect, so you may have listened to some of the advice you were given. Maybe some of it helped you, but maybe it didn't. However, since you were new to being pregnant you listened to it anyway. This time around, since you've been there before, you will feel more confident, and you will be more determined to do it the right way which is the way you wanted to do it all along.

There you have it, 11 different emotions you will experience during your second pregnancy. Like your first one, there will be ups and downs, and your hormones will be making you crazy (according to people brave or foolish enough to tell you so), but you can get through it. After all, you've been here before. This time, it's not completely foreign to you and you know that you will soon get to hold your small second child in your arms.


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