A Hug From A Twin's Brother Saves His Sibling’s Life

Deiniol’s health rapidly improved after a hug from his twin brother, Dylan. The twins were separated at birth, and it was clear that the two needed each other to survive. While doctors have yet to explain exactly how the hug healed Deiniol, their parents believe it was all through the power of love.

Twins are together literally from the very beginning. They’re each other’s support throughout life, both physically and mentally. Even if they grow up not as best friends, twins’ connection with each other are for life. Without knowing, they’re inextricably linked to each other, and this is a case showing how even their lives may be in each other’s hands.

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At 25 weeks into her pregnancy, Hannah Zimunya went into labour and was rushed to the hospital. Two days later, she gave birth to her tiny twins: Dylan was two pounds and Deiniol was just a pound. Both were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), but Dylan came out earlier than his brother because he was much healthier. Since they were separated, Deiniol’s health deteriorated.

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Deiniol was placed in the NICU, and he needed constant attention and 100% oxygen to stay alive. 14 weeks after his birth, the doctors believed his health was only worsening, to the point that it has become life-threatening. Dylan was called back to the hospital to say goodbye to his brother, but what happened next stunned doctors. After spending five minutes together, Deiniol’s condition suddenly improved; he only needed 50% oxygen after his brother’s visit.

After this discovery, doctors put the two boys together to keep each other safe. For two months, the two spend all their time together, and they were only separated when Deiniol’s condition stabilized more. Dylan went home in January, and his brother followed four months later. Recently, the two celebrated their first birthday together. While Deiniol still needs a small supply of oxygen for now, he’s better than ever thanks to the love and support of his twin. The two have taken a new meaning to the phrase “my ride or die,” and Dylan made sure that his partner in life didn’t go too early.

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