Baby Born Weighing 15 Pounds, Breaks Previous New York Record

A baby just broke some records when he was born. He tipped the scales at nearly 15 pounds!


Arnot Odgen Medical Center in New York has never seen a baby this big! Harper Buckley set the hospital record by weighing 15 pounds. Joi Buckley, Harper's mother, was so surprised to have given birth to such a large baby. Joi and her husband never thought that they would be able to have a child of their own. They were so excited to be able to get pregnant and bring life into this world. Throughout her pregnancy Joi knew that her daughter was going to be big, but she never thought her daughter would be 15 pounds!

Harper was born and they knew immediately saw that she was over 10 pounds. She was born via c-section and she was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. When babies are born above 9 pounds they are usually monitored for their blood sugars and oxygen. Harper is still in the NICU being monitored, but they hope to be able to take her home soon.

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Joi and her husband were told a few years ago that they had a very low chance of conceiving naturally. The doctors gave them a 15% chance of having their own child due to some health issues. They tried for seven years to be able to get pregnant and it was just not working. However, right when they started looking into adoption, they became pregnant and gave birth to their first daughter. Their first daughter weighed 11 pounds. They thought that they would never be able to give their daughter a sister, but then only two years later they gave birth to their second daughter. It is such a miracles. They were only given a 15% chance of ever getting pregnant and then they had two beautiful baby girls.


Joi had always wanted to be a mother and she always knew that she wanted to be a mom. She said that she was heartbroken when she was told that she was not going to be able to be a mom. Thankfully, they never gave up. They never lost hope. Joi pleaded with other mothers who have infertility issues that it can happen and that her two daughters are proof that miracles can always happen.

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