There's A Huge Debate Over Husband's "Breastfeeding Tips For Men" Facebook Post

A husband shares seven breastfeeding tips targeted to men and obviously, the internet didn't approve.

Breastfeeding has long been a debate among mothers. The debate against breast is best has always been something that is finding itself into conversations. Also, to cover or not to cover is also something that many people have strong opinions about. The conversations usually involve women and mothers, which makes sense since breastfeeding is between women and their child. So, when a husband decided to give his breastfeeding tips you could imagine how the internet reacted.

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One husband shares some breastfeeding tips for men while the women in their lives begin breastfeeding. He begins his post and acknowledges that he is not a woman and does not have the anatomy to be able to breastfeed nor does he have any desire to ever have a baby attached to his nipples. Although he has never breastfed and he doesn't want to he has watched his beautiful wife breastfeed all three of their kids and he has supported her throughout the whole time. He then says a little bit of controversial stuff by saying that "women have extraordinary bodies and breasts are forever ruined" for him. He then gives seven tips for men about breastfeeding.

"My husband wrote this... thought y’all might like it! In honor of breastfeeding week I feel like it is important to...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The father starts by talking about how the men will no longer be excited by breasts because they are always around and they will soon become accustomed to seeing boobs all the time. He shares that they will no longer be interested in breasts and they will mean nothing to them anymore. The second tip he said was that breastmilk is gross. The third tip talks about his hatred of the breast pump. He talked about how gross it is to watch his wife's nipples be pulled and it also makes really terrible noises. The fourth tip explains that men should never touch their wives' breasts because they are sore and have taken a lot of abuse. The fifth tip suggests that men help their wife by cleaning bottles. The sixth tip is about how the women will use their breasts as weapons and spray them if they have to. And finally, the seventh tip then warns all of the men that their women will be left with sagging boobs that just look like deflated balloons.

Many people were very upset by his post and his insensitive tips. A lot of women stepped up and shared that their husbands still think that their breasts are amazing. One mother said that she thought it was going to be funny and beautiful but it left a really sour taste in her mouth. A couple of the commenters used the words "bitter" and "rude" to describe his tips. One commenter was straight up livid with his post and wrote "So incredibly unimpressed with this arrogant, selfish interpretation," she wrote. "He's lucky his wife let's him touch her anywhere with this attitude. Why on EARTH was this shared here?!" This man shared his post because he thought it was funny and people would be impressed, he was not greeted with a lot of support for his words.

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