Huggies' New "Special Delivery" Diaper Claims To Be The Perfect Plant-Based Diaper

Huggies is pleased to announce the release of their new Special Delivery diapers. The diaper, which is said to the "softest plant-based diaper available" is semi eco-friendly, while providing all of the protection Huggies parents have come to know and love.

You know you're a parent when you get excited over the release of a new diaper design. After all, looking at the same diapers change after change does get a bit dull.

What's great about the Special Delivery diaper is that they come in a variety of different designs, including storks, potted plants, polka dots and feathers (and who doesn't love a stylish diaper design?).

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Huggies' Special Delivery diapers not only provide up to 12 hours of leak and moisture protection, but they also allow for airflow with their breathable outer layers to help combat and prevent diaper rashes.

Like many other Huggies diapers, the Special Delivery diapers also have a wetness indicator line to help you know when it's time for a change.

Most parents can attest that occasionally they get a chemical scent from their baby's diapers which can be suspicious, to say the least. The Special Delivery diapers are made with natural materials, including a plant-derived liner and chlorine-free absorbent fluff making them all around safer to have on your baby's skin.

In terms of ingredients, the diapers are entirely free of "parabens, fragrance, and elemental chlorine". They are also dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. What we love almost as much as the ingredients is that Huggies has taken a new spin on their advertising by including dads in their packaging images!

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With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5, Huggies' Special Delivery diapers seem to be doing well in terms of fit and absorbency.

A lot of parents also love that they can feel a bit better knowing they're putting less harsh chemicals on their baby's skin while still getting the protection and convenience of disposable diapers.

Huggies reports that their Special Delivery diaper does not have the double grip strips like some of their other types, but it does offer unbeatable protection. As for sizing goes, the Special Delivery diaper is similar to other Huggies diapers and there are signs you can watch for to know if the sizing of your baby's diaper is wrong.

Check out Huggies' Special Delivery diapers for yourself and see if they're right for your baby's bottom!

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