Husband Writes Book For Wife Who Suffered Memory Loss During Childbirth

Camre Curto suffered memory loss during childbirth, so her husband, Steve, wrote her a book to remind her of their relationship. We’ve all watched popular romantic comedies with this plot: 50 First Dates, The Notebook, etc. With this story being real, it pulls at the heartstrings just a bit more than when Adam Sandler makes Drew Barrymore fall in love with him again.

Camre had a normal pregnancy up until the third trimester. She began to vomit frequently, and the levels of nausea were not something she’s ever experienced before. At around 33 weeks of pregnancy, she was rushed to the hospital because the swelling in her throat made it difficult for her to breathe. In the emergency room, she suffered from a huge seizure, and her baby, Gavin, had to be born via emergency c-section. Doctors determined that she suffered from undiagnosed preeclampsia.

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Unfortunately, Camre’s preeclampsia developed into eclampsia, which is way more dangerous. She was placed in a medically induced coma, and doctors worked to mitigate her symptoms. When she woke up, she had no recollection of anything. Steve asked her questions, but she couldn’t even recognize him or her parents. She didn’t even know that she just gave birth.

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The first few months out of the hospital were hard, as Camre even forgot how to brush her teeth. She stayed with her parents while Steve took care of Gavin in their home. The one thing that gave Steve hope during this tough time was something she told him while they were just sitting on the couch: “I don’t know who you are, but I know I love you.”

From then on, he was determined to get her better. Steve wrote her a book called “But I Know I Love You,” and it contains all their memories in their 10 years together: how they met, first dates, how they fell in love, their wedding, the birth of their son, and many more. With the help of an occupational therapist and some memorization techniques, the book has helped a lot in her recovery. Now, Camre’s got her personality back. Even though the memories are no longer inside of her, she has a good reference with the book written out of love for her.

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