Woman Delivers A Healthy Baby Boy On The Side Of The Highway With Help From Her Husband

Recently, one woman quickly delivered her baby on the side of the highway with help from a 9-1-1 dispatcher and her husband.

Carlos and Juliana Macedo were trying to make it to the hospital while Juliana was having contractions. They were cutting it very close. Juliana had downloaded an app on her phone to help her time her contractions and to help her learn when she should be heading to the hospital. This was their second baby, but the app was extremely unreliable. They said they shouldn't have even relied on the app, because it made it so they didn't leave to the hospital on time. They were driving towards the hospital and her contractions were getting stronger and she felt like she couldn't wait any longer.

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While they were going over 60 mph on the highway Juliana realized that she just couldn't make it and so she started unbuckling her seatbelt. Carlos began yelling at his wife to put her seatbelt back on because he was going so fast. However, that didn't stop her. Carlos quickly pulled over and frantically called 9-1-1. The baby was born while the dispatcher was on the other line.

The dispatcher could hear the little baby crying and asked what the gender of the baby was and Carlos proudly told her it was a boy, to which the dispatcher congratulated them for their new baby. She then coached him through the process of taking off his shoelace and explaining that he needed to tie it around the umbilical cord to clamp it. They sat there for a while as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. When the paramedics arrived they were able to cut the umbilical cord and transport Juliana and the baby to the hospital. Carlos and Juliana named their beautiful son, Daniel.

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Thankfully both Juliana and Daniel were doing fine when the paramedics arrived. It is a blessing that mom and baby didn't need any immediate attention that would be required for the baby to need a doctor to help. This is an important lesson that sometimes apps aren't the best things to rely on when it comes the health of you and your baby. Your intuition should always take precedence over technology. We are so glad that everybody is doing happy and healthy. Congratulations to the new family of four.

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