Husband Takes Hilarious Maternity Pics To Cheer Up His Pregnant Wife

Kelsey Brewer was upset that she couldn’t make it to her maternity photoshoot, so her husband took her place and posed for some amazing photos to show her later. Some women wish to capture an important and amazing time in their lives, so many photographers offer shoots for pregnant women. While the photos are beautiful, there are some traditional themes, poses, and motifs that people like to joke around with.

Brewer was scheduled to do a photoshoot with her sister, Kiana Smither. The studio, K.M. Smither Photography, was excited to take some amazing photos of the pregnant woman at Elkhorn Creek Falls in Frankfort, Kentucky. Just before the shoot, however, Brewer was put on bed rest, so she couldn’t make it. She was thoroughly disappointed that she couldn’t pose for her photos.

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Thankfully, her husband, Jared, has a good sense of humour, and he decided to cheer her up by going to the shoot himself. He went to the location and confidently posed for the camera. He was doing the “traditional” poses like hugging his belly, the heart hands on the tummy, and cupping the bottom of his belly. The photos turned out amazing, and Brewer loved every single one; it even brought her to tears that her husband was willing to make the best of the situation just for her.

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No one expected, however, that the photos would go viral. Internet users across the world loved the idea, and as of last weekend, the post containing his photos was shared over 44,000 times. Clearly, everyone also loved the idea of a male maternity photoshoot. Why do the girls only get to have fun in front of the camera? Dads can rock their belly too!

In even better news, the couple welcomed their son, Kash Cooper, last Saturday at 11:05 a.m. He came in at four pounds and five ounces, and his aunt has called him a “super cutie.” One thing is for sure, Kash is lucky to have a dad with such a good sense of humour. Any situation he’s thrown in, his dad is sure to teach him how to see the brighter side of things and how to make the best of it! After all, he has photo evidence of this philosophy.

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