Husband Upset After Wife Gets Annoyed At Insensitive Delivery Room Joke

One husband's delivery room joke has caused a bit of a rift between him and his wife.

In a post on Reddit, u/cantloseyoubabe, a 20-something-year-old who recently gave birth, detailed her time in the delivery room post- birth when her husband of a similar age made an inappropriate comment.

"After I gave birth, the resident OB had to stitch me up for mild perineal tearing," writes the new mom. "My husband was with him and joked to the doctor, 'Make sure to stitch it up tight.'"


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Yikes! It's safe to say that joke went about as well as a fart in church, yet when his wife responded with "don't be an a**," it didn't go well. According to her, she overreacted to a joke, to which she responded by saying he's causing too much drama. Now, a few days after the event, the husband hasn't budged on the situation, and the two still haven't had a full conversation. This whole argument could just be chalked up to a young couple squabbling over something that doesn't really matter, but there actually is quite a bit to unpack here.

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To do so, we need not look further than the comments of the post, which seem to take her side in the situation for a variety of reasons. To start most users pointed out how misogynistic the joke was, to begin with. The woman just gave birth and was being stitched up, so it's not really a place to make a comment about sex. Not only that, but the joke is pretty dangerous. In fact, one user pointed out that stitching too tight is a real issue, and some doctors can cause women a lot of pain for trying to accommodate the husband. It actually has a name — "husband stitch" is a pretty real problem for women. One just needs to do a quick Google search to read horror stories regarding the issue.

Hopefully, the young couple can turn things around in this stressful part of their lives. While it seems like the husband is digging his heels in the ground regarding this one, it would be a good idea to lay out realistic expectations for each other now that their family has a new member who will probably keep them up at night.


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