Women Are Choosing Hypnobirthing Now More Than Ever

So many women are opting to give hypnobirthing a try when giving birth that there is now an entire day dedicated to the practice.

There are so many options for women giving birth nowadays that it can all get a little overwhelming. Do you want to give birth at home? In a hospital? How about incorporating a birthing pool? Oh, and are you going to need an epidural? Hard choices for any mom to make, but especially for a woman who is preparing to give birth for the very first time.

Not that we want to make that choice even more convoluted, but the process of hypnobirthing continues to become an extremely popular option. So popular, in fact, that March 21 has officially become World Hypnobirthing Day, reports baby. Many people don't even know what it entails exactly and are put off by the name, so let us explain how it works.

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Contrary to what the term hypnobirthing might suggest, it is not as simple as a mom-to-be being hypnotized so that she doesn't feel pain during childbirth. It's actually a process of self-hypnosis during which women attempt to train themselves not to fear the birthing process. Science dictates that fear causes tension, and tension leads to pain. Thus, if you don't fear childbirth, it won't make you tense and, hopefully, reduce the amount of pain you feel while giving birth.

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This process is taught to women via hypnobirthing courses that can be taken while pregnant. During that course, women will be taught how to control their minds and bodies so that they can try to keep calm during childbirth. That is done by teaching them breathing and visualization techniques, ultimately trying to discover what will work best for them.

If you're still skeptical, look no further than some of the more famous faces that sing the praises of hypnobirthing. Rumor has it that it is even the chosen process for certain members of the British Royal Family. If you are pregnant right now and dreading the birthing process, your best bet is to talk to your doctor or another healthcare professional and hash out whether hypnobirthing might be a good option for you.


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