I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant! 15 of the Craziest Accidental Pregnancies

Since the beginning of time, there has been pregnancy and motherhood, even if it didn’t involve humans. And since that time, it was pretty hard to not notice if you had become pregnant. And yet, it happened, and still happens today, despite all of the ways we have now to find out if a woman is pregnant.

There are home pregnancy tests, blood tests, ultrasounds...plenty of ways to find out if a woman is pregnant indeed. And many women seem to just know...call it a woman’s intuition.

On the flip side of that coin, some women don’t actually have any signs or symptoms of pregnancy. They go for months and months, sometimes up until labor, not having any idea they were ever pregnant! Talk about an accidental pregnancy! You don’t get much more accidental than that!

No nausea, no period, no nothing, it’s like nothing is amiss in there. And yet, they end up delivering in bathrooms, on the way to the hospital, or even in the yard, all because of something they had no idea about.

It’s called a cryptic pregnancy, and it’s when a woman has no idea she’s pregnant until 20 weeks or more into pregnancy, and affects about 1 in 450 women. That doesn’t seem like a lot, and to these women it didn’t seem like it could happen to them, but when it does happen, well, it certainly changed these ladies’ perspectives on the whole thing.

15 Sydney Shocker

(The woman in this story remained anonymous)She wasn’t planning to have any kids at all. She worked 50 to 60 hour per week shifts, had a project that was so huge it was about to go global, and was a social butterfly who had recently broken up with her ex. And suddenly, all of that changed.

At 26 weeks and 3 days gestation, she found out she was pregnant. It was life changing. When you find out you’re pregnant early on, you have time to let it sink in. But she didn’t have a lot of time, she had about 2 months. (She found out in month 7 of her pregnancy)

She didn’t recognize the symptoms she was having, because, since she had stage 5 endometriosis, she had the same symptoms often, and she rarely had periods so the lack of one was also not an eye opener for her. She also didn’t gain a lot of weight, quite the opposite. She lost over 20 pounds during the time she was pregnant, starting out at 136 pounds and ending up at 112 pounds!

Unfortunately, her doctor’s initial reaction wasn’t supportive. He quoted her situation with her ex and her medical job as reasons for her to have an abortion...at 7 months pregnant. She complained, and got a new, more supportive doctor, though, and gave birth to a healthy baby!

14 Baby Blockage

At age 47, the last thing Judy Brown was expecting was to hear that the abdominal pains she was experiencing were actually labor pains, let alone that she was pregnant. But when she went to the hospital in extreme pain, she discovered how off she was in her original line of thinking. The doctors told her that it was good news, she had no blockage, but that she’s pregnant!

She had attributed her belly, which had gotten bigger and bigger, to weight gain from getting older. She then found out an even bigger shock. The baby was due right then and there!

She gave birth to an 8 pound baby girl, which she named Carolyn Rose. Judy and her husband Jason hadn’t put a lot of thought into family planning. They had to borrow a few things just to be able to take their daughter home.

They dote on baby Carolyn, who is a total daddy’s girl, but they don’t want anymore kids, so they’re taking preventative steps. Husband Jason is going to be having surgery to guarantee that no more kids happen by accident.

13 Vacation Surprise

Jennifer West woke up to something we all dread...a painful period. She had every issue: cramps, back pain, achy, and every other issue. She decided to lay around in bed and hope it started to feel better, but nothing was helping. In fact, laying down made it worse. She resigned herself into a vacation filled with blood, aching, and exasperation.

Staying with her husband Dan in a cabin in Wisconsin with their friends, and Dan’s parents in another cabin down the hill, they had planned a very low key weekend for the Fourth of July. But now, Jennifer couldn’t get comfortable no matter what she did. Five years prior, Jennifer had a fibroid tumor that had caused similar pain in her abdomen, and there had been a ruptured cyst which had felt the same as well. She was terrified of having to deal with either one again.

When her husband and friends got back from a game of mini golf that she had skipped due to the pain, they saw her in pain, whimpering, pale, and agonizing. He wanted her to go to the hospital, but she refused, because if she didn’t go, she thought nothing could actually be wrong.

Her husband insisted when he watched her in tears, and he took her to the hospital. When they got there, she told the nurses that she was having the worst period of her life and gave them her medical history, so they ran an ultrasound. They heard what could be a tumor or a baby, so they called in a doctor to do an internal exam. He told her then that she was 8 centimeters dilated. They’d been using condoms, so they were totally in shock! But she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they named Robert.

12 Potty Pains

When Gaynor Rzepka woke up, she went to use the bathroom, thinking her pains were bowel cramps. Instead of leaving a poo in the potty though, she delivered a baby. She said that she simply pushed and he came, and that she caught him before he went into the toilet! Shocking!

She kept saying “Oh my God” over and over, because really, what else can you say if you just delivered a baby that you thought was a bowel movement?

Her parents, who she was visiting, were equally surprised, her mother just said, “It’s a baby!” And her dad said “Don’t worry, keep calm.” Her baby, Olly-James, weighed 6 pounds and 5 ounces, and was absolutely healthy.

Gaynor insists she had no idea about the pregnancy, because she had periods and very little weight gain throughout the pregnancy. She went back to work at the local supermarket, and had even completed a 10 hour shift the day before she gave birth. She even ran the Cardiff Half-Marathon 5 months into the pregnancy.

Her only clue to being pregnant? A craving for Mars bars, which she normally hates.

11 McBaby

When you’re going in to work, you expect to come home with a paycheck, not a baby. But that’s just what this 16 year old got when she was working at a McDonald’s in Vancouver. Danielle Miller all of a sudden became very sick, and ran to the bathroom, nauseated. Her friend, who was also a co-worker, followed Danielle and asked her if she may be pregnant.

Danielle said she was not, and even if she thought she may have been, she likely didn’t think she was about to give birth, but with the help of a 911 dispatcher, her friend helped Danielle deliver her baby in the bathroom of the McDonald’s where they worked.

Danielle was absolutely shocked, which is understandable. She was shaking the entire time, and didn’t stop shaking until around 3am the next morning! EMS took her and her baby, Austin, to the hospital. Austin and his mom both recovered well and Austin was born happy and healthy!

10 Wake Up Sleepyhead!

Most of us have gotten up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps, needing to go poop, it happens on occasion. For Nadia Watson, what she thought was pain from her bowels was actually a baby, and her boyfriend slept right through it! She went into labor in the bathroom of her Weston-super-mare home, and delivered a 7 pound 11 ounce baby all on her own with her partner, Lewis, sleeping right through the one hour ordeal in the very next room!

Nadia was in so much pain she was screaming for Lewis to wake up, but nothing phased him. Concerned neighbors actually heard her cries and called 911, as police and ambulances arrived mere minutes after the birth. Nadia woke her boyfriend to show him what had just happened, and get this, he went BACK to sleep!

When he woke again he was shocked to see what he had missed! Apparently, he can literally sleep through anything.

She had no idea she was pregnant, and had been helping a pregnant neighbor carry in groceries and was working two jobs. She says she was a size 10 and never gained any substantial weight, remaining a size 10 through the whole pregnancy. She also had regular periods. Luckily her baby was  just fine, as is mom! She named her little surprise Poppy.

9 Back Pain or Not?

For 20 year old Amanda, she had exactly 14 minutes to get used to the fact that she was going to be a mother, before she delivered her baby girl. She had been working full time at Walmart, walking to work at 5am, and walking home sometime after 5pm, lifting 50 to 100 pounds every day. She was even losing weight, although her arthritis was acting up somewhat.

When she began to have awful back pains, almost like she had pinched a nerve. Her boyfriend got her a bath ready, and after a nice long soak and many doses of pain medications, nothing helped. Her boyfriend made her go to the hospital, and they gave her 2 doses of Dilaudid.

She was still in severe pain 2 hours later, and the confused doctors decided to do an x-ray on her hips. They had even pushed on her stomach and back, and had felt nothing. They took the x-ray, and at the shocked look on the technician’s face, an intern came in and asked how far along she was. Well, as far as she knew, she wasn’t pregnant.

Imagine her shock when moments later, an ER doctor came in and told her she was not only pregnant, but in active labor and almost ready to begin pushing. After 3 pushes, and 6 stitches, her baby girl was in her arms, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and 19 inches long. She had no morning sickness, no weight gain (she’d LOST weight), no mood swings, no cravings, no kicking, no anything.

Once she saw her baby’s beautiful smile, she fell head over heels in love with her.

8 Mile-High Club

You don’t generally get on an airplane and expect to be bringing home one extra passenger, but that’s what happened to Ada Guan. The 23 year old Canadian woman was on a flight from Calgary to Tokyo when she went into the very unexpected labor. Thing is, though, Ada had taken pregnancy tests, which came back negative, and saw a doctor, a few weeks before the flight, and nothing spotted the pregnancy.

The baby was delivered safely thanks to a kind doctor who volunteered to help. Ada and her boyfriend were lucky though, there were 3 doctors aboard the flight. But the baby girl came into the world very eventfully, and were taken to a hospital in Tokyo to rest for a night.

Generally, women are cautioned against taking flights after their 36th and sometimes 34th weeks of pregnancy, but since Ada didn’t know she was pregnant, she couldn’t follow that guideline. And since she had so many tests and even a doctor visit saying she was not pregnant, she just went with that.

7 Warzone Baby

Getting on a plane without knowing you’re pregnant is one thing, but fighting in the front lines? That’s what happened to Lynette Pearce, a bombardier in the Royal Artillery that was fighting the Taliban until she went into labor. She had no clue she was expecting until she gave birth to her son at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

The birth stunned military chiefs, and it came just four days after the Taliban’s deadly attack on Camp Bastion that was meant to assassinate Prince Harry, and left 5 British airmen wounded and 2 U.S. Marines dead. So she was incredibly lucky.

The baby was born 5 weeks premature in her 34th week of pregnancy. It was the first time a British soldier had given birth on the front lines, usually women are (understandably) sent home once they discover they are pregnant. Lynette and her son were checked by a doctor before they were flown home, and they both recovered nicely.

Her only symptom she had was that she was putting on some weight, but it was not significant and she had no other indications she may be pregnant.

6 Born on the Front Lawn

For one New Jersey woman, her surprise pregnnancy story started out completely terrifying and life threatening to all parties involved. The 21 year old New Jersey woman was going to the hospital for what she thought was a stomach bug, when she gave birth on the front lawn of her home. Two police officers arrived moments later and gave CPR to the baby, who was at least 3 months premature.

Thankfully, a few moments later, they heard the infant cry which sent relief through everyone, but mom and babe all needed to be rushed to the hospital anyhow. An ambulance crew cleared the newborn's airway and they headed to the hospital for urgent treatment. The neighbors were absolutely stunned. No one even knew she was pregnant, and they say she didn’t even put on weight!

The baby boy’s father said that the baby was born weighing 2 pounds and that he and the mother are both doing ok now. It’s amazing, though, how we can sense something is off with us, but be completely wrong about what it was.

5 Concert Surprises

Abby Wake and her boyfriend, Gorman, were at a concert when they felt the magical moment when their baby kicked! Unfortunately, this moment was more shocking than anything else, because Abby had no idea she was pregnant. Her boyfriend felt the kick and told her that he felt a baby kick, and that she needed to go see someone right away. Well, they did.

That’s when Abby found out she wasn’t just pregnant, but that she was 8 months pregnant! The couple swears there were minimal signs of pregnancy, and all of them were easily attributed to other things. Her weight gain could have been simple bloat, and her stomach noises could have been gas.

Abby told the news that her periods were irregular, and the movement she was feeling was more like gurgling than kicks. And she had no other symptoms other than this. And the thing is, she wouldn’t have had any idea if her boyfriend hadn’t felt the kicks at the concert.

4 Fight Club

Generally speaking, you try and avoid conflicts when you’re pregnant. But for Pamela Vugts, age 17, that wasn’t in the cards. After competing in a kickboxing competition and taking a blow to the stomach, she went into labor, all while never having known she was expecting. Neither her or her parents had any clue she was pregnant, though the scales did show she was 17 pounds overweight before the fight.

Pamela had been having her period, and no one thought anything of the extra weight.

When she was kicked, she was 7 months pregnant, and later that day she gave birth to a very healthy baby girl via Cesarean Section. According to the reports, her stomach did look large and her belly button was sticking out in the ring.

Pamela took her daughter back to her parent’s house to raise her. It goes to show you that even an athlete can miss the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, or have no signs at all!

3 Baby Shower

When Brittany Young, 24, decided to take a shower to ease her stomach ache, she was not expecting to give birth. Not yet, anyhow. See, Brittany had been told that she had about 3 months left to her unexpected pregnancy, but she misheard the doctor and thought he said she was 3 months along. Oops. So when it was time, she had no idea that it was time, and she thought a shower would soothe her stomach pains, which were actually labor pains.

She got in the shower, and not even 5 minutes after that, she was pushing. She was in shock, and understandably so. The calmness in which she was able to deliver under the stress of the unknown is astounding, because most of us, to be honest and fair here, would not have been that calm.

But Brittany was a rock! She calmly called her friend to come and take her to the hospital, where the baby got medical care. Now, mom and baby are doing fine. Brittany named her baby girl Miracle, because what else would fit for the surprise that her little miracle would be born in the shower!

2 10 lb Surprise!

You can imagine maybe not feeling a 7 or 6 pound baby, but a 10 pound little one? That’s something that most of us would have trouble believing--and yet, Katie Kropas had no idea she was pregnant. She woke up one morning with severe lower back pain, and thought she had pulled something, so she went to the hospital.

Once she got there, she was told she had a full term baby, and she was coming right now. So, Katie found out at 10:15 she was pregnant and had her baby at 11:06. The baby’s weight was a whopping 10 pounds and 2 ounces! She was shocked, because she hadn’t had any of the typical signs of pregnancy! Katie’s weight may have played a part in this, because doctors say that sometimes a cryptic pregnancy is more likely if you are overweight.

Katie’s mother had no idea what was going on, and was in shock. She says there were no signs at all, but despite the surprise, Katie is excited to spend time with her little bundle of joy. It’ll be tough because she had no time to prepare, but she’s ready for this and loves her daughter.

1 Fool me Once, Shame on You. Fool me Twice...

Tawanda was not a stranger to the unexpected pregnancy game, but she sure didn’t think it would happen to her twice in a lifetime! The first time, she was leaving a club, in pain, and hailed a cab to go home. On the way, she realized that something was coming out. Surprise! It was a baby!

Well, fast forward 13 years. She’s at a barbecue, when the same familiar pains from 13 years ago started up. She had to step away because of the pains, and sure enough, 15 minutes later, she had given birth! Her weight may very well have contributed to her cryptic pregnancies, but still, twice in one lifetime is amazing.

Tawanda is now a mom of 6, and raises the kids with their dad, Andrew. Two out of 6 babies were unexpected and she had no idea she was pregnant.

Amazingly, these babies all did well in the end, as did the moms. So before you say it could never happen to you, just remember, they probably thought the same thing until they were in the throws of giving birth. Anything can happen. It’s all about being prepared for the unexpected, remaining calm, and focusing on what’s going on.

Have you ever had a Cryptic Pregnancy? Tell us in the comments!

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