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(The woman in this story remained anonymous)She wasn’t planning to have any kids at all. She worked 50 to 60 hour per week shifts, had a project that was so huge it was about to go global, and was a social butterfly who had recently broken up with her ex.

And suddenly, all of that changed.

At 26 weeks and 3 days gestation, she found out she was pregnant. It was life changing. When you find out you’re pregnant early on, you have time to let it sink in. But she didn’t have a lot of time, she had about 2 months. (She found out in month 7 of her pregnancy)

She didn’t recognize the symptoms she was having, because, since she had stage 5 endometriosis, she had the same symptoms often, and she rarely had periods so the lack of one was also not an eye opener for her. She also didn’t gain a lot of weight, quite the opposite. She lost over 20 pounds during the time she was pregnant, starting out at 136 pounds and ending up at 112 pounds!

Unfortunately, her doctor’s initial reaction wasn’t supportive. He quoted her situation with her ex and her medical job as reasons for her to have an abortion...at 7 months pregnant. She complained, and got a new, more supportive doctor, though, and gave birth to a healthy baby!

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