I Love My Kids So Much That My Heart Physically Hurts When I Think About Them

I don't know how to explain the love that I have my children. It is such a unique and beautiful love. I look at them or I think about them and my heart hurts because I love them so much! You can never fathom the love you will have for your children until you are holding your own baby in your arms. I look at my babies and my heart sometimes can't take the love that I feel for them. They are everything that is right in this world. They are perfect and wonderful.

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Whenever I hear about something bad happening to a little kid my heart hurts so bad. I think about that happening to my child and it physically hurts. I hear about kids dying, drowning, getting abducted or get abused and I then can't fall asleep because my mind can't get off my children. Whenever something bad happens to other kids I pray so hard over and over that nothing like that will happen to my kids. My biggest fear is losing one of my sweet little babies. That scares me more than anything in this world.

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I love my kids so much that I just want to hold onto them and never let them go. It is so hard watching my kids grow up because they are starting to do their own things. It was hard watching my son go to kindergarten and it broke my heart watching him run into those doors for the first time. He was so excited and I was so excited for him but it was so difficult. I am a stay-at-home mother, so for the last five years I have been within a few feet of my baby boy and now he is away from me for six hours and it kills. I am not a helicopter mom in the slightest. I let them grow and learn on their own but it is very hard because I am obsessed with my kids. Right when I leave them I want to have them back. Even when I am writing this I am thinking about how much I love my children. They are perfect. I am not a perfect person but I look at them and I know I did four perfect things. They are angels and I will always love them no matter what. My kids will never know how much I love them until they become parents themselves.

When I was about to have my second child I felt so sorry for him because I thought I was never going to love him as much as my first. I thought there was no way I could love anybody like I did my firstborn. I was so very wrong. The second I held my new baby in my arms my heart grew bigger. I love all four of my children perfectly the same. I would do anything for them and I will do everything to protect them. They are my everything! I am so lucky that I get to be their mother.

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