I Never Ever Want To Move House Again

My head is spinning, folks. I just moved house from one state to another in a weekend. We'll be living with family for a while so that we can find a house we love in a neighborhood we like. This is important - because almost all of our furniture - and a LOT of our stuff - has gone into storage. We're living sparsely and it has made this move so much easier overall.

I also hired a TaskRabbit and the guy was really nice and chatted with my geeky husband about Lord of the Rings while he helped us load our truck. My family came in to visit, and helped watch the kids while we packed in a whirlwind. They also helped us clean so we could throw a birthday party for my son. Of course, that party was smack dab in the middle of moving weekend. Because I felt like being insane.

Shep didn't seem to mind that his birthday party was the day before we moved. Check out that happy grin! (With his Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jason)

I've lived in seven different places since I was 19 - this will be number eight. Each time I've moved, I've picked up new tricks. I've read that moving is the most stressful life change of all of them, so I try to make it easier on everyone by being on my moving game. Before we started packing, I ordered labels for our boxes and started inventorying what was packed inside. I invested in a pack of vacuum seal bags and packed anything that was a textile inside - our clothes, my sewing fabric - even dirty laundry. This was a huge space saver and made it easier to pack our truck.

Probably the biggest payoff was downsizing our belongings. Have you heard of the Konmari method? I stumbled upon it a year ago and haven 't looked back. When you want to declutter your life (and therefore destress it), you take everything you own and dump in into the middle of the room. Then, piece by piece, you hold each item. If you can't use it anymore, you thank the item for the joy it has given you, and you give it away. It's made it easier for me to get rid of one of every three items in my closet.

This is real closet goals with the Konmari method of tidying up. (Safari with Sarah)

A few things in my plan didn't exactly go perfectly. Our helper, while super efficient at getting our apartment clear of boxes, didn't keep storage boxes separate from immediate-unpacking boxes. It's not the end of the world, but it would have been great not to have to sort things on this end of the move.  This is the second time I've moved as a parent. Baby gear takes up so much space! Out of consideration for Shep, I wanted to have some consistency with his routine. His room was the first to be mostly unpacked (he's napping in it at the moment). I'm going to send pictures of all of the toys this child has, so my family stop buying them (can you say "spoiled"?).  I built in a day of cushion with our move because I know you can't rely on kids to be cooperative. My son had his moments, but we talked him through the changes he was seeing and he seemed to understand. Still, he had a few minor meltdowns while we emptied out his room. Change is hard for everyone. I told Shep that change is also inevitable, and when we embrace it, it can transform us in beautiful ways.

I doubt this was even Socrates. Thanks, Internet.

I'm still doing laundry and unpacking boxes. I need to pick up some storage units and child safety gear - but all of our things are inside the house. This is an achievement in and of itself, with two kids under two and a birthday party the day before the move. I've picked up a few pointers for next time - what worked for us and what to expect when moving with kids. I've learned that less really is more! I have more - more happiness, more appreciation for my life, more time to spend with my kids - when I have fewer things. I don't want my possessions to start to possess me. Sad to say it took 30 years for me to realize I can be happy without owning 40 nail polishes. And I think I'm going to like this new capsule wardrobe thing I mentioned - I'll keep you posted! Until tomorrow, when I'll still be buried knee-deep in cardboard boxes. - Amanda


When was the last time you moved? Did you get rid of a lot of things? Which moving tricks worked for you? Share with me on Twitter - @pi3sugarpi3 - because I'm going to be moving again in a few months' time!

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