Is There A Perfect Number Of Holiday Gifts?

When the holiday season comes around, Santa and presents come to the front of your mind. You could be worried about spoiling your child, not giving them enough or you could be struggling to give them anything at all. There are different trains of thought on the perfect number or type (the "one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear and one thing they read" post that goes around Facebook this time of year might be your go-to guide).

Parents of two or more sometimes worry about matching gifts or the number of presents versus overall price. Different ages mean different things as well. With babies, they don't have many wants but do have needs. Toddlers are still learning and don't always give detailed lists and when your kids are in that age group, they don't care about quantity. The baby will likely be happy with something to chew on and hold (and is probably going to spend half the time eating and sleeping while everyone else is opening gifts) and toddlers are more excited about tearing open the paper and playing with the box.

As kids get older, it gets easier to spoil them with too many. There is the concept of the "perfect number," meaning that they get overwhelmed when they have too many to open. You also have to factor in how many other relatives will be giving them gifts.

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They also say it's how you give the gifts that prevent spoiling, teach children to respect and take care of what they have and even explain how long you worked to afford the gift.

Some people use the "four gift rule," others use three, some say ten and as of 2009, it seemed that the UK averaged 16 gifts per child.

There are mothers who are stressed out over whether 10 gifts each aren't enough, with a lot of people agreeing and others who think less is better.

Many look at the quality of the presents and spend more per gift and fewer gifts, others who get 1-2 bigger gifts with several smaller ones, plus stocking stuffers.

No matter what site or what person you ask, you will always have people saying to make it elaborate, large numbers and spending over $500 per kid and others saying to keep it much smaller so they will appreciate the gifts more.

It is known that too many gifts and the child will tire of opening but others won't be phased by the same number and will be disappointed that there isn't more. Still, others may end up overwhelmed with just one or two.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on- you have to go by your financial situation for the year, your finances and your child's wish list. If you want to make a budget of $150 on each kid while giving one two or three more expensive gifts while your other child wanted cheaper stuff, so there is more, that's your choice. There are a lot of theories, but there doesn't seem to be a universal number that is perfect for all kids.

What do you think? Do you go all out or stick with the four gift rule? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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