Identical Twin Girls Delivered By Identical Twin Nurses At Athens, Georgia Hospital

A pair of identical twin girls were welcomed into the world by two people who could relate — Tara and Tori Drinkard, a set of identical twin nurses who were on duty in the delivery room when the sisters made their first appearance.

The twin nurses, who work at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center in Athens, Georgia, greeted Addison and Emma Williams when they arrived on September 25. Brannan Williams, the father of the newborns, couldn’t have been happier with the coincidence.

"I was really nervous about the walk into the C-section room," he told CNN. "And then learning that, I was like, oh, that's pretty cool! It kind of relaxed me a little bit."

His wife, Rebecca Williams, who delivered the babies three minutes apart, managed to get a sneak peek at what was in store for her. The Drinkard sisters, who have worked at Piedmont Athens Regional for several years, don’t normally work side by side. Tori is in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), while Tara recently moved from the emergency room to the labor and delivery unit.

Yet when the hospital delivers babies that are headed for the NICU, both teams often assist with the delivery. In this case, since there needed to be one nurse per baby, both sisters were assigned to the delivery. Coincidentally, this was also the first time they worked in the delivery room together. An hour before the delivery, Tara and Tori received their marching orders and were more than happy to assist.

Despite the concurrence of both sets of twins, Brannan and Rebecca didn’t really give it much thought until it was time for the babies to arrive. Knowing that the sisters had a bond that went beyond being just coworkers put the couple much more at ease during the delivery.

Since then, the two families have promised to keep in touch, which will be easy as  Rebecca, a recruiter, also works at the hospital where the babies were delivered. Meanwhile, her husband has taken the opportunity to ask Tara and Tori for advice on how to successfully raise twins since he wants to foster the special relationship Addison and Emma will inevitably have.

"(Tara and Tori) have become our friends," he says. "I look forward to letting the girls know about this one day, and hopefully they'll get to meet them and keep carrying this thing on."

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Statistically, 1 in every 32 children born is a twin with 1 in 65 pregnancies resulting in a twin birth. Twins, which account for 1.5% of all pregnancies or 3% of the population, have become increasingly common as the twinning rate has increased by 50% in the last 20 years as a result of an increase in maternal age, wider use of IVF and assisted conception and advancement of medical technology.

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