If Mom Answers Yes To 1 Of These 15 Things, The Unborn Baby Is In Danger

Moms spend most of their pregnancy trying to prepare for the arrival of their little one and trying to stay healthy for him/her as well. No matter how hard the mom-to-be tries to prevent the bad things from happening, sometimes they are out of our grasp, and there is not a single thing we can do about it. We basically have to sit there and take whatever fate decides to throw our way.

There are plenty of signs that we can look at to decipher if a woman’s pregnancy is endangered beside the typical medical concerns like bleeding, period-like cramping and so on. There is other less thought of concerns regarding a mom’s pregnancy status such as things like caring for a cat, mistaking pregnancy symptoms for something else, giving into every little craving and so much more.

Sometimes it is not just the things mom does accidentally that can cause the risk of losing a baby, but the things that moms are overlooking that are a potential threat to her unborn child sometimes matter just as much. It can be hard to know if you are doing everything right, especially is this is your first pregnancy and mistakes happen to the best of us, in this article we will go over 15 things that could mean that your pregnancy is in serious danger.

14 The Baby Isn't Kicking?

If you are at the point in your pregnancy where you have already felt the baby flutter or even kick inside your tummy, it could turn into a serious issue if you don’t notice movement or think the lack of movement is just the baby sleeping an awful lot. Any time pregnant women feel a decrease in fetal movements, she should call her doctor right away and see what they want her to do. Doctors could tell mom to either come in for an emergency appointment or direct her to the emergency room. There is another method to monitoring the baby's movement, which is by counting how many times the baby kicks within a certain time period. Mom will have to count the kicks 1-3 times a day so she will be able to definitely notice any changes.

13 Puffy Hands, Legs, Or Face?

Some swelling is to be expected during the course of pregnancy, so how do you tell when it is no longer considered to be normal? Well, if the swelling is severe in the hands, face, feet or legs it could be undiagnosed preeclampsia. Especially if your blood pressure has been high or you develop a headache with blurry vision. These are also indicators that it really is preeclampsia, which is not good for mom or baby, and it could even be fatal to unborn babies if left untreated or undiagnosed.

As mom-to-be, if you start acquiring any or all of these symptoms, you should contact your OB/GYN immediately for further instructions on what do you. If it were to come back that you do not have this condition than it’s good that you did go to the doctor so they could put your mind at ease.

12 Can't Get Out Of Bed?

You most likely think that there is nothing wrong with too much bedrest. I am here to tell you that there is something wrong with it. Too much of this, even if it was initially meant to help mom from going into premature labor, can sometimes create more problems other than just the baby being born early.

One thing it could cause is the mom becoming too dependent on everyone else; it could also make mom much lazier than ever before. The lack of exercise and just laying in bed could cause circulatory issues, loss of muscle mass and even blood clots. None of those things are good for either mom or baby. So, it is very important for expecting women to maintain some form of physical movement, even if it’s just stretching some your muscles out while still in bed.

11 Underage?

When teenagers find out that they will be entering motherhood in nine months, they sometimes freak out, which is understandable because they are scared. They keep the pregnancy to themselves because they are worried how their parents would react. Some react badly when they find out their underage daughter is with child. There are also the parents who kick their kid out over things like this.

So, if the young girl is too petrified to tell their mom or dad, they may try to hide their pregnancy as long as physically possible, and they don’t receive medical treatment, which can often lead to the teen miscarrying and losing her baby. Teens are too young to be parents, but they are also too young to have to live with a miscarriage.

10 Can’t Control The Cravings?

Something as harmless as giving in to every little pregnancy caving shouldn’t be too bad, right? Believe it or but this could be more harmful to both mom and baby than some people realize. Overeating and a rapid gaining of the pounds could lead to gestational diabetes if mom’s sugars start to get out of control a little too often, which could be potentially harmful to the unborn baby. This condition happens to four percent of all pregnancies.

Gestational diabetes can cause a larger than average baby at birth which, in turn, makes for a more complicated delivery and increases the risk of a stillbirth or. What can happen to mom if she develops this is her risk of developing preeclampsia or further having it turn into DM2.

9 Are You Leaking?

This more so happens to women who are in their second and third trimester. If mom starts leaking amniotic fluid, she should go to the hospital or call their OB/GYN. It is not a good sign when this happens because the baby needs that fluid to stay alive, and without it, mom could miscarry or outright lose the baby is she is not seen as soon as possible.

The major issue occurs its amniotic fluid but she thinks she just wet herself by accident. If it is their first pregnancy, it is understandable that they are unable to tell the difference sometimes. If that is the case, that would mean that mom is not going to be receiving any medical attention then. Mom will run a major risk of losing their baby.

8 Eating Less And Less?

It's understandable that some moms-to-be cannot cope with the increase in pounds that is inevitable during pregnancy. Far too many moms-to-be become overwhelmed by the number on their scales that they will start eating less and less until it’s as if they are barely eating anything any longer. Mom may not realize that she is putting her life and her and her baby’s life in danger. Not eating enough can cause them both to become malnourished.

The fetus needs nourishment in order to properly grow and stay healthy, and since it is eating whatever mom is eating makes it that much worse than even overeating. It can also lead to a miscarriage or stillbirth depending on how far along mom is. As a mom-to-be, if you are that scared to eat, choosing healthier options can work out so much better.

7 Caring For A Cat?

There is a perfectly good reason as doctors tell soon-to-be moms to avoid cleaning out the cat litter box is that some cats are infected with toxoplasmosis. Which is caused by toxoplasmas and be found in undercooked and raw meats, and also in soil and cat feces? While pregnant women may not be able to tell that they have acquired this disease, but infection can spread to the unborn baby through the placenta which can lead to a miscarriage.

Only about 75 to 80 percent of all pregnancies make in the end. That sounds fairly high, but when thinking about it 15 to 20 percent that does not make it. Even the women who didn’t want to have a baby can still be traumatized by the loss of a pregnancy.

6 Still Lifting Heavy Things?

The moment a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she should stop certain bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and illegal drug use as well as be a bit more cautious in her daily routine. Mom’s shouldn’t push the limits of things like working out too much or heavy lifting. Everything stated above are things that definitely need to be altered to help keep mom’s unborn baby healthy and happy. Otherwise, all those things could contribute to having a loss of a pregnancy by either going through a dreaded miscarriage or even having a stillbirth. Those two things are something that a mom-to-be should never have to experience because it is truly a devastating and heartbreaking thing for any woman to have to endure. I wouldn’t that on even my worst enemy.

5 Not Reading The Labels?

It is imperative that soon-to-be-moms check out the information on any over the counter or prescription medicine to verify that it is okay to take during pregnancy. Women should not just take whatever they can get their hands on if they plan to try to keep their developing little one growing inside their tummies happy and healthy. Not only would moms who pop pills be putting their child’s life at risk, but their own as well. Mom really needs to read the labels on everything they plan on ingesting.

There are certain medications or even foods that could be fatal for a growing baby. What one mom takes could be okay for her body, but harmful to someone else. We are all created unique and different. If you cannot tell whether or not if something is safe, it’s better to either search the interest, ask your doctor, or ask a pharmacist.

4 Still Drinking Coffee?

There are plenty of soon-to-be moms out that they still drink coffee or consume caffeine as if there were no baby developing in utero. One cup of coffee a day is usually okay for pregnant women to drink, as long as they stay under 200 mg of caffeine a day. Any more than that and mom is putting her baby’s life in danger because too much caffeine could actually increase the risk of having a miscarriage.

Maybe if mom wants to terminate the pregnancy it’s fine, but definitely not if you want to have a healthy child that is so full of life. A baby who is happy and in good health is what almost all want what to have. The actual reason that coffee is not good is to be because it is a stimulant.

3 Stressing Over Every Little Thing?

Since the unborn baby is attached to mom by its placenta, it eats whatever mom eats, what mom takes the baby gets some of that too, but what some people fail to realize is that what hormones mom is producing in her body, her baby will start to receive also. It does not matter if they are happy hormones or bad ones because the baby gets both.

That is why soon-to-be moms should really try not to stress about too much during their pregnancy. They also should try to limit how often they get upset or mad. If mom doesn’t make an attempt to control her emotions, she could potentially cause some serious issues for her unborn little one. Sometimes this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t; if mom is constantly under stress, it increase the likelihood of mom losing her baby girl/boy.

2 No Seatbelt?

This one is important to any expecting mother because the worst case scenario is that mom loses her unborn baby as well as her own life. Any person should be following traffic laws and should always try to be a safe driver, but even then it could be other people on the road that care being careless and still cause mom or baby to get seriously injured or worse.

I am talking about mom not being a cautious driver. We all know that one person that got injured or passed away from a careless driving mistake that could have been 100 percent preventable whenever they were the one at fault. Every time mom doesn’t practice safe driving she put someone’s life in jeopardy. Always think before you get behind the well and try not to drive when you are angry or upset.

1 Not Paying Close Enough Attention?

It is always a good idea for pregnant women to pay attention to their symptoms so that they will be able to notice if they are changing or if they have even dissipated. Things like morning sickness, frequent bathroom trips, heartburn or indigestion, mood swings, the ‘girl’ feeling tender or whatever else you may be going through.

The reason paying attention is so important is because if your symptoms go away, there is a good chance that the pregnancy may not last. If you do not pay attention to what your body is telling you, you will never know when something isn’t quite right, and by the time you notice it may already be too late for doctors to try to intervene, and them to be able to talk to start taking it easy or assign you to bed rest.

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