If Mom Answers Yes To These 20 Things, She May Be A High-Maintenance Mom

How does a woman know if she's a high maintenance mama? Well, it’s actually pretty easy to tell! Chances are, mom was high maintenance even before she had kids. She's probably always enjoyed the finer things in life, putting effort into how she looks and dresses, and has always gotten frustrated when things didn't work her way. Now that she's a mom, she's even more likely to speak up if something is frustrating her or she doesn’t agree with something. Likewise, just because she's a mom, it doesn’t mean she's sacrificed her detailed beauty regimen or her sense of style. She's only modified it to fit around her schedule as a mom.

We’ve compiled 20 signs that will tell mom if she, or someone she knows, is a high maintenance mom. From being picky about what her kids wear out of the house to always arriving late everywhere, it’s easy to spot this kind of mom in any friend circle, for anyone who is not her!

Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with being high maintenance so long as it’s not negatively impacting mom or her family. There’s nothing wrong with a mom knowing what she wants and liking putting effort into her looks. She shouldn't change herself for anyone. Everyone should only change themselves for them!

20 Do You Always Look Glam Wherever You Go?

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One of the biggest signs of a high maintenance person is how much time they spend on their appearance!

If you’re a mama who edges on the high maintenance side of things, then chances are you rarely leave the house without looking fully glam. You’re willing to get up extra early in the morning to do your entire beauty routine and plan a killer outfit. All the other parents wonder how you always manage to look so stylish, and sometimes you ask the same thing, too.

The answer? You sacrifice a lot of your sleep. Hey, beauty comes with sacrifices!

19 Do You Care A Bit Too Much If Your Kid’s Outfits Match?

Anyone with kids under the age of 10 knows how difficult it is getting them to wear what you want- but that doesn’t stop you!

While other moms don’t care if their kid has matched floral printed pants with a striped top, you won’t stand for such nonsense. You put effort into coordinating your children’s outfits, and make sure that you approve of their look before they go out. In return, you always get compliments about how well dressed your kids are, and questions about how you get them to comply.

And, if you match your kids’ outfits to yours, then you’re taking things to the next level!

18 Is Your Diaper Bag Just An Oversized Purse?

Most moms spend serious cash when it comes to buying a diaper bag that they can use for the first two years of their kid’s life. But, if you’re a high maintenance mom, then you probably took a different approach to the traditional diaper bag.

For the sake of style, you likely repurposed an oversized purse to act as a diaper bag. It has just the same amount of room as a traditional baby bag, but is all the more chic and fashion-forward. Now you won’t have to worry about your diaper bag clashing with your outfit, and you can use it even after your kiddo grows out of diapers.

Some might call you high maintenance, but you just consider yourself stylish!

17 Do You Do Morning Drop-Offs With A Full Face Of Makeup?

For most moms who have to get their kids to school or daycare early in the morning, they can’t be bothered to care about what they look like. So long as they put actual pants on and weren’t late, then it’s a successful morning.

But, if you run on the high maintenance side of things, then you likely never show up to morning drop-offs without being totally ready yourself. You’re probably known for arriving in a full-face of makeup with another stylish outfits.

All the other moms probably wonder how you do it, and the answer is a lot of coffee and a bit of will power!

16 Do You Have A Specific Coffee Order?

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You know you’re high maintenance if you have a specific order at your favourite coffee shop!

Coffee is a mom’s fuel, so no one is judging you for drinking copious amounts of coffee. But the people behind you in line might judge you a teeny bit if you have an extra long order. The Starbucks barista likely rolls her eyes when you give her your 5-instuctions long order, and your kids probably tease you for taking so long to grab a coffee.

But, at the end of the day, you don’t mind being a little high maintenance with your coffee order since coffee should be enjoyed just how you like it!

15 Do You Always Demand To Speak To The Manager?

You know that stereotype of the soccer mom who always demands to speak to the manager when something goes wrong? Yeah, that’s you!

If you’re high maintenance, then you know you’re not afraid to speak to someone higher up when you feel like there’s a problem that needs to be resolved. Likewise, you’re not afraid to cause a scene if you think something is unfair. You’ll fight to return a product even if you lost the receipt, and won’t stand if someone shows you sass.

Your kids might hate it when you demand to speak the manager, but you’re just making sure no one walks over you!

14 Do You Have Strong Opinions About What Your Kids Eat?

We all know that one mom who acts like Gwyneth Paltrow when it comes to feeding her kids… and if you identify yourself as high maintenance, then you’re probably that mom!

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing- it just means you really care about what your children are putting in their bodies. You likely have strong opinions about what they can and cannot eat, and likely try to make meals as healthy and organic as possible.

Your children may resent that they’re not allowed to eat junk food, but you know they’ll thank you in the future!

13 Do You Always Over-Pack When Travelling?

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If you’re high maintenance then you’ve always been an over-packer… even before you had kids! But, now that you’re a mom, your packing problem has gotten even more out of hand.

Whether you’re going on a week long vacation or just spending a day at the beach, you always manage to bring more things that you need. You like feeling prepared for every situation or weather phenomenon, even if it means you’ll be struggling to carry your baggage for the entire adventure.

Everyone else always teases you for packing so much… that is, until you’ve packed something that someone needs and no one else thought to bring!

12 Do You Have A Demanding Beauty Regimen?

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Along with your high maintenance personality comes with your high maintenance beauty regimen!

If you’re a bit of a Diva, then you know you spend way more time than the average person on your looks. You somehow still make time to get a manicure, lash refills, and a spray tan between picking the kids up from school and taking care of the home. It makes you feel good to look good, so you have no problem putting time and effort into your beauty routine.

For many moms, their beauty regimen is apart of their self-care, so do whatever makes you feel good!

11 Do You Have Veto Power In The Household?

If you’re high maintenance, then there’s no question about the fact that you get final say in the household!

Sure, you probably try to make decisions together with your partner, and also get your children’s opinions when it matters. But, when it comes down to it, you’re not afraid to put your foot down if things are working out your way. You’re confident that you always know what’s best for the family, and that it should be your way or the high way.

Some people might call you stubborn, but you like to think of it as strong-willed and assertive!

10 Do You Consider Yourself A Perfectionist?

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High-maintenance is just another word for perfectionist!

If you consider yourself a Diva, then you likely are a perfectionist, too. You have strong opinions about how things should be, and likely get frustrated when thing turn out the opposite of how you planned. You like to keep things clean and organized, and want the other members of your family to do the same.

Trying to keep everything perfect likely stresses you out on the daily, so try not to be so hard on yourself. No mother is perfect, but you’re doing the best job you can do!

9 Do You Get Stressed Out Very Easily?

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The phrase ‘stressed out’ is synonymous with most mothers, but you know you’re high maintenance if you get especially stressed by even the smallest things.

Even though you’ll never admit it, you know it bothers you when plans go awry or things don’t work out the way you wanted… which, when you have kids, is most of the times. You tend to feel overwhelmed quickly, and can sometimes even get a bit hot-headed when the stress gets to you.

But, at the end of the day, you know your stress comes from a good place, since all you want to do is do the best for your kiddos!

8 Do You And Your Kids Have A Busy Social Life?

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If you’re the social butterfly of your mom group, then chances are you’re also high maintenance!

Maintaining a healthy social life for you and your kids is important to you. You put in a lot of effort to organize outing and Playdates for your children with other families. Not only does it give your kids a chance to play with other kids, but it gives you a chance to socialize with some fellow moms and get adult conversations.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a social life as a mom, but you know it’s well worth it.

7 Do You Get Stressed Over Family Photos?

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Now that we’re living in the age of social media, it seems like every family is always posting cute, candid pics of themselves. So how come you can never get your family to sit still for more than 5 seconds?!

You know you’re high maintenance if you routinely stress over getting family photos. Whether you’re going to a studio to pose for a portrait or are trying to get pictures of the kids yourself, you have a tendency to stress out when the photos aren’t turning out how you want. All you want is some adorable candid shots!

Just remember, some of the best photos happen at the most random times, so try not to stress too much if you feel like your pics are Insta-worthy. All that matters is you’re making fun memories!

6 Do You Enjoy The Finer Things In Life?

You can’t be high maintenance if you don’t enjoy the finer things in life!

If you had your way, you’d be dressed in head-to-toe designer duds and travelling first class everywhere. Though your budget likely won’t allow for that, you still love treating yourself and your family when you can. You make sure your clothes are always on trend, your home is always decorated stylishly, and you probably stay up-to-date with all the new electronics and gadgets.

You definitely like living lavishly, and aren’t ever going to apologize for your expensive taste! You’re just being true to you.

5 Are Even Your Comfy Clothes Stylish?

There’s no reason you can’t be comfy and cute at the same time, according to you!

All high maintenance moms know that looking stylish in your comfy clothes is possible with a little bit of effort. It makes you feel good to feel fashion-forward even if you’re just wearing sweats. You likely enjoy wearing matching pyjama sets to bed and trendy leggings and workout shirts on your casual days. And you’re determined to instill the same fashion sense in your kiddos!

So long as wearing fashionable yet comfy clothes makes you feel good and not stressed out, then keep doing what you’re doing!

4 Does Your Home Have To Look Perfect At All Times?

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Another sign that you might be a high maintenance mama is how crazy you get over keeping your house perfect!

It’s important to you that your home always looks nice, both when you have guests over and not. You likely put in a huge effort to keep things tidy and clean at all times, even if it means sacrificing your sleep and sanity. You can get frustrated with your family if you feel like they’re not putting in their weight to keep the home nice.

You might have to yell at your kids a couple times to get them to clean their rooms, but you know that the result is well worth it.

3 Are Your Kids Are Enrolled In Too Many Things?

Just like you enjoy having a busy social life, you want the same for your kids. That’s why you’ve probably enrolled them in way too many activities for you to keep count.

Admittedly, you probably get stressed out on the regular trying to make all of your kids’ practices and lessons, especially if you’ve got more than one to chauffeur around. But you truly believe that it’s to their benefit to be introduced to so many activities.

And, with that being said, you’re also not afraid to get on your kid’s case if they’re not practicing enough or putting in enough effort. Excellence takes commitment!

2 Did You Have A Lot of Demands During Your Pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant, it’s okay to be a little high maintenance! After all, you’re busy growing life inside of you.

But, if you’re high maintenance in general, then you likely were extra demanding while pregnant. You probably weren’t afraid to send your partner out to fetch whatever you were craving at the moment, or to demand a foot rub instantaneously. Likewise, you probably didn’t hold back your complaints or from letting everyone know how you’re feeling.

You were likely loud spoken and assertive during your pregnancy. But it’s not like that’s much different from your normal personality if you’re a self-proclaimed Diva.

1 Are You Known For Always Being Late?

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High maintenance goes hand in hand with lateness! Since you have such an elaborate beauty routine and won’t leave the house without your kids looking flawless, you have a tendency to arrive places late.

You’ve acknowledged your habit, but admit that you’d rather be late and everyone looking their best than not. Of course you’d rather not be late in general, but it’s something you’ll sacrifice in order to make sure everything else is going smoothly. Or, if you’re having a bad hair day, of course.

Besides, a Queen is never late. Everyone is just early!


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