15Placing 100% Value In Herself

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Resets are crucial for sanity. Taking time for yourself will help you be a better mom. It is entirely okay to make yourself a priority too.

Once you become a mom, your entire world becomes about someone else. This perfect little human is your responsibility. Suddenly you become put on the back burner and often don't even feel human anymore. It's important to value yourself enough as a person and to take time for yourself every once

in a while.

If you have a little one, a full spa day out of the house or a weekend at a tropical paradise might be a stretch. If you can swing a day away, then the more power to you. Taking time for yourself might just mean a relaxing bath after the baby goes down, treating yourself to lunch by yourself, or even curling up to take a nap while the babe sleeps. Taking time might be few and far between, so do it when you can and enjoy every moment of it. If you get a day when you feel like you're about to reach your limit chances are you just need a mama break. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there.

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