If Mom Isn't Doing 10 Of These 20 Things By The Third Trimester, She's Not Ready

Soon-to-be-moms need to prepare so much before the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Newborn babies are demanding and can hardly be left alone, so soon-to-be moms need to stock up on things they think they will need during those first few months after delivery. A new mom will also barely have time to go shopping as she will be resting and recovering most of the time.

Therefore, it is important for a pregnant woman to prepare a checklist of items that she should have before her baby arrives. She can enlist the help of her partner or ask another mom to assist her while jotting the list so she forgets nothing. They should check off item by item until they buy everything they need. It is also advisable for moms-to-be to start working on the list as early as they can to avoid any last minute rush to get stuff ready. The pressure of the pregnancy bump might also make it hard to shop during the last few months.

Apart from stocking up on essential baby items, moms-to-be also need to stock up on food and other items they might need during their first months with their babies. They also need to organize themselves to avoid falling into stress, to the extent that they don't care properly for their newborns. Therefore, if mom isn’t doing 10 out of these 20 things by the third trimester, she may not be ready.

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20 Creating A Birth Plan

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Giving birth can be unpredictable and chances are moms may not get to use the birth plan they had in place. However, it is good for moms-to-be to research and create their desired birth plan before or during their third trimester. Even if they don't follow it to a tee, it will help doctors know beforehand whether to administer pain meds or not during labor, according to BabyCenter.

Moms-to-be can even come up with flexible birth plans to suit various unexpected outcomes. Some hospitals may require them to fill out their birth plans when they pre-register. It is always good for soon-to-be moms to be prepared beforehand and ensure the plan they come up with has the mom and the baby’s best interest.

19 Preparing The Baby’s Room

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Moms who are close to their due dates and have not prepared their baby’s room in advance are definitely not ready for their little one. Preparing and assembling the baby’s room is a project mom can take on in their third trimester. According to MommyEdition, it is important to start setting up the room where the baby will be sleeping early enough especially if it requires any renovations.

Moms should decide on their color themes and pick out their baby’s furniture before the baby arrives. However, they should let someone else do the heavy lifting. Their partners can help with arranging, folding and storing of clothes, and baby items. These advance preparations help moms get ready for parenthood.

18 Visiting And Touring Hospitals

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Moms should ensure they visit several hospitals and make a decision on which hospital they will have their baby. A hospital visit is something moms do in their third trimester and sometimes they can even pre-register and make advance bookings to speed up the process of checking in once they go into labor. This somehow makes moms feel a little prepared for the big day.

Moms familiarizing themselves with the place they will give birth at helps curb any anxiety they may experience before birth, according to BabyCenter. The tour also helps them enquire on visitation hours, the hospital layout, delivery offers, and various bedding options. Some hospitals also give scheduled tours for expectant mothers.

17 Packing A Hospital Bag


Moms in their third trimester should make sure that their hospital bags are ready to go. As they get close to the big day, they should ensure that they pack essential for themselves, the baby as well as their partners. After giving birth moms normally spend a minimum of two days in the hospital for observation, therefore, a well-packed bag can come in handy.

Some of the essentials for use while in hospital include; insurance cards, baby’s going home outfit, toiletries, pillows, and comfortable clothing for mom and dad. Moms can also keep a list of items that cannot be packed in advance until the D-day like her phone and charger according to SleepingShouldBeEasy.

16 Buying Baby Clothes And Assembling Baby Gear

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Babies do not always come on schedule and moms should not wait until the last minute to shop for most of their baby’s clothes and gear. Shopping last minute can even be exhausting for expectant moms, so the sooner they do it the better. When shopping for baby clothes, moms should always ensure they get a variety of sizes and take into consideration comfort.

According to BabyCenter, newborns sleep a lot and therefore require a lot of comfortable sleepwear for the first few months. Moms should refrain from buying designer clothes because the baby might not wear them too often and can outgrow them fast. When it comes to baby gear, moms should stick to the basic essentials.

15 Arranging For Postpartum Help

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After giving birth, moms require a few weeks to recover and recuperate. If mom has friends and family who are willing to help her after she gives birth, she can plan and schedule the times each person can come. Alternatively, if her finances can allow, she can hire someone to help with cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Therefore, as SleepingShouldBeEasy claims, moms should arrange for postpartum help well into their third trimester to avoid any last minute disappointments. They should also choose their helpers wisely to avoid people who just want to ideal around instead of assisting with chores and encouraging mom to rest.

14 Searching For Baby Names


Looking for a name can be a daunting task for moms especially if not given enough time. It is one of those things moms should start working on even before the third trimester. Naming a child is easy for moms who already have a name in mind, but those looking for a name from scratch can find it challenging especially if the baby is about to be born.

According to BabyCenter, moms can jump-start the process by creating a short list of valid options to choose from and then slowly start the elimination process. However, there are those moms who cannot pick out a name for their baby until he or she is born, such moms can retain a list of tentative names and can pick one once they put a face to their little one.

13 Washing Baby Clothes

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Clothes are some of the most important things a baby will need once they are born. Moms-to-be who are in their last trimester should ensure that all their baby’s clothes and beddings are washed and stored away in a clean place awaiting the arrival of the little one.

Some babies are born with sensitive skin that can react with brand new or hand-me-down clothes, so moms should mostly stock on clothes made of cotton. Pre-washing them will help remove substances or dust that may irritate the baby’s delicate skin. Moms should also be careful with the detergents they use. Baby clothes can be washed with baby-friendly detergents that are specially formulated for their skin, according to BabyCenter.

12 Stocking Up On Household And Personal Supplies

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Well into their third trimester, moms can begin to stock up on household items to avoid making trips to the stores with their newborn. On top of having to undergo the hassle of shopping with a newborn, moms are also recovering from childbirth. Therefore, they should stock up on even things like pantry staples, meds, toiletries, postpartum essentials, and any clothing item that they might require post birth.

According to SleepingShouldBeEasy, moms should also ensure they have enough supply of newborn necessities especially baby clothes, diapers, and wipes. Running out of essential baby items can be stressful. It is thus critical for expectant moms to have everything for baby and mom prepared well before going to the hospital.

11 Shopping For And Installing A Car Seat

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Car seats are probably one of the most important baby gear parents should invest in. It is very important for moms to install a car seat before the baby comes. This is usually done towards the end of the third trimester. By then, moms should have had plenty of time; to inquire on the best brands, shop, and properly install the seat.

There is no way to predict the exact date the baby will be born, therefore moms need to have the seat ready and installed. There are a variety of car seats to choose from but moms priority should be comfort and safety. According to Parents, some hospitals can refuse to discharge mom and the baby without a properly installed car seat.

10 Preparing For Breastfeeding

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An expectant woman needs to decide whether she wants to breastfeed or formula feed her baby by the third trimester. Making this decision is very important because moms need to prepare adequately for either. If she decides to feed her baby formula, she needs to decide on what formula to stock and feeding bottles.

According to Parents, breastfeeding ideally starts minutes after birth, so as moms await the big day, they can read and consult with doctors about any issues and concerns that they may have. They can also shop in advance for breastfeeding essentials like a nursing pillow, burping clothes, bibs, nipple creams, bottles, and pumps. Experts recommend pumping breastmilk as it helps increase mom’s milk supply.

9 Reviewing Her Maternity Leave Policy At Work

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When working moms get close to their due dates, they should start making definite plans about not working post-delivery. This should be done by the third trimester when they have their birth plans in place and their approximate due dates.

Some companies offer both paid and unpaid maternity leaves so this is the best time for moms to discuss with their employers the different options as stated by Parents. They should also ensure that they train and do a proper hand over of their responsibilities to whoever is meant to take over until they resume work. Some companies also allow moms to take up to one year of unpaid leave, in such cases, moms need to have some sort of guarantee that their jobs will still be secure, according to SleepingShouldBeEasy.

8 Reading Up On Baby Care



According to WebMD, if moms have not yet started to read on baby care, they need to do so not later than their third trimester. Waiting to read about baby care after giving birth will not be helpful and new moms definitely do not have the time to read and research during those first few weeks with a baby.

There is a lot of info out there about how to care for a baby especially during those first weeks with the baby. Being left alone to care for a baby can be nerve-wracking especially for first-time mothers who do not know what to expect. Preparing adequately is thus important to help ease any anxiety that they may have. Moms can even bookmark a few sections of baby material so that they can easily come back to it when they begin caring for their baby.

7 Attending Lamaze Classes

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To prepare even more adequately, expectant moms can sign up for antenatal classes. Most hospitals offer these classes for expectant parents free of charge. The classes are meant to prepare moms for motherhood and take the mystery out of the new life ahead of them. According to Momvelous, these classes can touch on things like how to hold the baby, swaddling, cord stamp care, birth processes, pain, and fever relief, diaper changing, and many other things.

These classes also present an opportunity for moms to ask any questions or concerns that they may have. Being informed is empowering and this makes moms feel more confident about being new mothers. The classes also offer an opportunity for women to meet up with other pregnant women who are able to offer further insight.

6 Working On Her Baby Registry

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Soon-to-be moms need quite a number of things for their new bundle of joy. There are friends and family who may want to buy gifts for the baby and it would be better if they gave the expectant mother something that they want or need. This is where having a baby registry comes in handy. It can be stressful, but at least moms get to have items that they prefer.

The best time for moms to work on their registry is during their third trimester, by then they have done their research and inquired about the best strollers, car seats, and brands, according to Mommyedition. A first-time mother’s registry tends to have more items than that of a mother who has already had a child. Gift vouchers are a great present for moms who would like to control what they want for their baby.

5 Making Freezer Meals

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Meal prepping can start as early as the third trimester. When cooking, moms can double up meals and start freezing them for consumption after delivery. Caring for a newborn will take up most of mom’s time. While also recovering, she will barely have enough time and energy to prepare decent meals, says LifeWithMyLittles.

There are many dishes that can be frozen and still be delicious when heated up. Prepping meals in advance can really save moms the energy of figuring out what to shop and cook when with a newborn. This will also ensure that moms are eating healthy as opposed to getting take out all the time. Aside from freezer meals, moms can also stock up on healthy snacks.

4 Make Sure All The Paperwork Is Ready

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This is one thing soon-to-be moms neglect until days close to their due dates. Moms should always make sure they have all their paperwork ready beforehand. Expectant moms can get annoyed when pestered about documentation while in labor, says Momvelous.

During the final trimester, moms can ensure that any documentation that they might be asked for is packed in their bags. Pre-registering also saves moms last minute hustles. More often than not, hospitals will ask moms for their medical history, when this happens, they should have the information ready or they should bring along any write-ups that reveal their history. Moms can ask their partners to assist in this section while they focus on preparing to give birth.

3 Getting Floors And Carpets Cleaned

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Without a doubt, the health and safety of a newborn are paramount and this is why moms-to-be should have their homes cleaned before the arrival of the little one. Carpets, especially the fluffy ones, can collect a lot of dust over time. According to Susanstamilio, vacuuming removes a great deal of grime, but there is still some that remain.

Cleaning carpets with soap and a disinfectant rid it of most if not all the bacteria. A newborn baby requires a bit of tummy time on the carpet or on a mat placed on the floor. Having a clean area for this will definitely give moms some piece of mind. Therefore, it is important to schedule a thorough cleaning day before the arrival of the baby.

2 Exercising

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Expectant moms should ensure they remain active especially in their final trimester. It may be tempting to stay in bed all day because of fatigue, but moms should not do this. Staying active ensures proper circulation and prevents a lot of health complications as noted by Mommyedition.

According to WebMD, as moms-to-be get closer to their due date, they should do Kegel exercises, these strengthen their pelvic muscles especially after lightening has occurred. Moms will also appreciate the benefits of these exercises during delivery. Strong pelvic muscles are able to easily pave way for the birth of a baby. Kegel exercises are also safe for moms even in their final trimester.

1 Celebrating Her Baby Bump

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After carrying a pregnancy bump for months, moms need to celebrate it before it goes away after giving birth, as suggested by romper. A perfect time to do this is during the third trimester. Moms can have professional take pictures of their bump; they can keep the photos and show them to their little ones once they grow up. Having baby bump pictures will also help them remember this memorable time in their life.

Another fun way to document pregnancy is to record the different cravings and emotions a mom has; with these, moms can even compare their pregnancies. It is easy for moms to forget what pregnancy was like immediately after having the baby, so having baby related functions, like gender reveals, photo shoots, and baby showers, will take mom back to the time when she was pregnant.

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