If Mom Or Dad Have These 20 Physical Features, The Baby Will Have Them Too

Get out the scrap books because mom is going to want to check out her family tree after this!

Determining what physical traits a new baby is going to have comes from mommy and daddy, and even farther up the tree. Now, mom is most likely concerned that their little girl will have her nose, daddy’s big feet, or Grandma’s bushy brows. Even worse, her son will have Grandpa’s bald head, Aunt Donna’s lack of height, and be color blind. Say it ain't so! On the other hand, often two parents end up with a child that doesn’t resemble either of them. Ah, the milkman, right? Only kidding, but there is a science beyond what physical traits a child will have thanks to daddy and mom!

Well, while the parents are busy picking out names for their new nugget, they are also picturing what their precious face will look like. No worries, we have simplified it! We will spare parents the headache of figuring out every small detail. Grab a pencil and markers, because after this article, mom may have a pretty good sketch of what her new gift will look like.

20 Adorable Dimples

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Who doesn’t love dimples? It makes a smile softer and so attractive. Just like freckles, if you don’t have them, you wish you did! A dimple is actually a minor fault in the cheek muscle. If you or your partner have dimples, there is a 50/50 chance of your baby having them too. Now, if you both have them, you best believe that big smile is going to be rockin' them! You will constantly be coming at that little peanut with tickles just to get him or her laughing! You can’t guarantee the dimples will be in the same spot as mommy or daddy’s but you surely will find them somewhere! Ever heard of back dimples?

19 If mom and dad both have blue eyes, the baby probably will too

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Okay, Van Morrison, hit it! Wondering if you’ll have yourself a brown-eyed girl? Based on mommy and daddy’s eye color, you can come pretty close to knowing what color eyes will be gazing back at you. With the help of dna.frieger.com, we threw together the possible combinations of what color eyes your baby might have!

If you both have blue eyes, there is a 95% chance your baby will too! If your combinations is blue and brown, there is a 68% chance your baby will have brown eyes with blue and green being the off chance. Now, if your combo is blue and green, most likely your child will have those baby blues! Brown and brown, and green and green will land you with just the color you thought, exactly what you both have! Finally, A mix of green and brown has your baby leaning more toward brown eyes, but again, blue and green can happen!

18 The Voice Of An Angel

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Don’t you find it odd that children of famous singers can also sing? For example, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus all have incredible vocals. Now, yes, you can learn to sing and it can be a product of the environment you are raised in, but part of it has to do with genetics. So either you have it, or you don’t. It just might be nice to know before you go belt out on the mic at karaoke night. According to Listverse.com, a study was conducted on a set of twins. One twin spent over 20,000 more hours practicing than the other yet they each exhibited the same level of musical talent. After many other studies, “The conclusion was that genetics influenced both the capacity for musical talent as well as the likelihood a person would nurture that talent through rehearsal and repetition.” Take the stage little one and rock on!

17 Do Mom or dad have Dark hair? The baby probably will too

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Dark and curly hair are both dominant. So, if you or your parent have dark and curly hair, your baby will lean more that way than follow in suit of the blondie in the house! Hair color is based on inheritance and pigment. To get a more accurate outcome, use your parents and grandparents hair color too. But once again, our lovely friends over at dna.frieger.com, thought it would be nice to not make you have to create punnett squares, so we did it for you based on mommy and daddy’s hair colors!

Typically, if you both have the same hair color, thats what your baby will have too! Black hair is more dominate, so if you mix it with blond or red, you'll get brown! Black and brown combined gives your a 50% chance of either color. Just like black, brown tends to be the winner when mixing it with red and blond. And of course, red and blond will give you that gorgeous strawberry blond! 

16 Pearly Whites

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You better cross your fingers now because braces are not cheap! Don’t worry, those yellow teeth from all the coffee you have drank will not be passed down to your baby. If mommy and daddy needed braces, chances are your little one needs them too. According to deltadentalins.com, “Genetics play a major role in determining the size of your jaw. This, in turn, can cause crowding, gaps, overbites and underbites.” Be sure to take a trip down memory lane to see if your hubby or you were a member of the braceface club. If gum diseases or braces run in your family, get your child to the dentist sooner than later before they end up looking like Darla from Finding Nemo!

15 Rising To Great Heights

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Were you hoping to create the next tall NBA star? Chances are if height doesn’t run in your family, your baby won’t be blessed with it either. According to Forbes.com, “Your height is determined between 60%-85% by your genetics. The remainder of that is environmental, primarily nutrition.” Now, don’t think eating only brussell sprouts and carrots will help you grow another six inches! Just be sure your child is getting proper nutrition so he or she can grow to their full potential. If they are malnourished, the chances of growing tall won’t happen. Genetics and healthy choices will have your baby growing like a weed.

14 Physically Like A Back Road

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Have you ever wondered how those Victoria Secrets manage to look the way they due? Yes, blessed with genetics. Very unfair! But, don’t let your genes be your excuse for not completing your fitness plan. Even though genes play a role in why you have a pear shaped figure, the environment also plays a factor. Eating healthy and exercising is obviously important. According to kinobody.com, if your parents have a Body Mass Index of greater than 30%, you run a risk of the same. Depending on where mommy and daddy tend to store their fat, your baby can also count of struggling to burn off those areas. Regardless of the genetic genes you bless your child with, self love is most important to preach.

13 The Brains

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While scientist have been trying to prove that people with bigger brains are smarter, we can forsure prove that some genes have caused brain disorders. Some disorders like Leukodystrophies, Wilson disease and Phenylketonuria are inherited by a group of genes or a mutated gene passed down. Medlineplus.com says, “Many people with genetic brain disorders fail to produce enough of certain proteins that influence brain development and function.” Many doctors can test your child for diseases and disorders before they are even born.

12 Webbed Toes

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Oh yes, if you thought you could hide those suckers in socks forever you are wrong. Chances are if you have webbed toes, you might want to tell your partner now, because your baby is going to have duck feet too! Webbed toes are often found more in males than females. It is also one of the most common birth abnormalities. Webbing of the feet and hands is related to genetic defects that cause abnormal growth of the bones. Does Crouzon syndrome or Apert Syndrome run in your family? If so, these disorders may cause those little toes to resemble those of a two legged quacking animal!

11 A Lefty or A Righty?

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As cool as being a left handed person is there are so many challenging things that come along with it. Lefties are always struggling to cut their steak at the dinner table, elbowing their neighbor when in a conference meeting, and having to search for left handed sports mitts. The majority of the population is right handed, but if you are one of the select few that are left handed, you posses a combination of genes that others don’t. The Genetics Home Reference website explained that “recent studies suggest that multiple genes, perhaps up to 40, contribute to this trait.” Now, handedness is a bit more complicated and does not have a simple equation to determine what your child will have. Usually, children with a left-handed parent have a better chance of being left-handed. Since the chance of being a lefty is small, the majority of babies, even when born from a left handed parent, are right-handed.

10 Anger Management

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Although the environment plays a bigger role in anger and emotions, research shows that genetics also play a role. Our behavior is often learned by who we surround ourselves with and how we are raised. This about what happens when you get angry. Chemicals are released to the brain and make our blood pressure increase, heart beat faster, and our temperature start to boil. These chemicals attach themselves to receptors which cause a reaction when something begins to stir our pot. The Technology Museum of Innovation explain as well that the chemicals and receptors are made from instructions found in our genes. This may be way to advanced for us, but it is important to know that your little one could have the same temper as you!

9 Skin Shade

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I think there is the common understanding that usually the baby’s skin is a combination of mom and dad’s skin mixed. Determining the EXACT skin shade is much more complicated than we think. There are at least eight different genes involved when determining skin tone, it is not just “black” and “white.” Quora.com gives a great analogy to help explain this complicated process. “Imagine a room with a number of light switches that control different sets and numbers of lights. When all the switches are turned off, the room is dark. When all the switches are turned on, the room is bright. When some switches are on and others off, the room is partially lit, and you can change how light or dark it is depending on which switches you choose to keep on and off. Different skin colors are expressed in a similar way, by the way multiple genes are expressed in different ways.” Although we can’t give you an exact color of your baby, you can get a pretty decent understanding of how to picture the skin shade!

8 Widow’s Peak

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Kourtney Kardashian has a widow’s peak, so therefore, widow’s peaks are totally in! No need to get the razor out and shave it off. Embrace that baby! Although somehow she rocks hers a bit better than the rest of, she still has the daily struggles. You know what I'm talking about! The constant cowlick, ever changing hair part, and of course the impossible good looking ponytail. If you have a widow’s peak, then you don’t wish it upon your first born child, but here is the truth.

If you both have a widow's peak, there is a 89% chance the baby will too! If one of you does, and the other doesn't there is a 67% chance the peak will be passed down. Finally, if you both don't have a widows peak, then your baby will hit the jack pot too!

7 Do Your Ears Hang Low?

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After I let you in on this little piece of knowledge you will be fixated on checking out peoples earlobes. Just don’t get caught doing this because you most definitely will get a few weird looks. There are two types of earlobes; attached and unattached. It is pretty simple, if your ears connect directly to the side of your head they are attached. If they hang free, they are unattached. Okay, you get the picture. Many researchers say that this trait is determined by a single gene with unattached earlobes being more dominant. Anyways, here is what your little Dumbo will have.

If you both have attached earlobes, then so will your child. If you both are unattached, there is a pretty good chance your baby will have unattached earlobes too. If theres a mix, then the outcome leans towards being unattached.

6 Hey Baldy!

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Luckily, bald heads will never go out of style. It just might be nice to know as a 15 year old that blading early is a family thing. That way you can make the most of those beautiful locks before it is too late! Now, in order to determine if your superhero will be bald, check out the mom’s father. If the maternal grandpa is bald, chances are baldness runs in the family. Ready for some nerd talk? “If Mom’s father is bald, he passed an X chromosome with the baldness gene to her. She then passes the baldness gene to her sons through the X chromosome she contributes at conception.” Hey, at least you may save money on haircuts!

5 Tongue Rolling

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You just either completely embarrassed yourself attempting to roll your tongue or you nailed it! Although this is a super unique talent, if you can in fact roll your tongue, it is pretty useless trick other than catching the eyes of a few people at a party. Now, this trait is a bit more complicated than the rest. Growing up you were told that tongue rolling was all about genetics, but recently studies have found there is more to it. So, Alfred Sturtevant, a scientist who did a study on this in 1940, explained that if your parents can roll their tongues, you too have a chance of inheriting this trick. After doing many studies, he came to the conclusion that yes, genetics to play a role in this talent but it is much more complicated than just genes too!

4 Colors Of The Wind

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Dressing your baby is cute clothes is every mom's dream. If your child is passed down the gene for color blindness, you may be dressing him or her for many years after. According to colourblindawareness.org, “The gene which is responsible for the condition is carried on the X chromosome and this is the reason why many more men are affected than women.” When it comes to the color blind gene it is important to find out if the mother was passed down the gene from her parents. Once you know what genes you both carry, you can determine your baby’s outcome. Just wait and see!

If dad is color blind and mom is not, then all sons will be color blind and all daughters will be and carriers of the gene. If dad is color blind and mom is not but is a carrier, then 50% of your sons and daughters will be color blind too! If mom is color blind but dad is not, then all sons will be color blind and daughters will be carriers.

3 Food Lovers

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Are you a cilantro lover or a hater? Do you find coffee to taste bitter? Are you on team milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Surprisingly, your genetics play a little role in how you taste some foods, especially bitter ones. Genetics.edu explained that, “to about 75% of us, the chemical PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) tastes very bitter. For the other 25%, it is tasteless. The ability to taste PTC is controlled mainly by a single gene that codes for a bitter-taste receptor on the tongue.” Being able to taste bitter foods is dominant, meaning if you have one copy of it, you can taste PTC. If you do not carry this gene then the PTC is tasteless.

2 Can I Get A Hand Clasp?

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Clasp your hands. Ready, set, go! Okay, was your left thumb or right thumb on top? This quirky action has to do with genetics. According to brighthub.com, “People who place their left thumb over their right thumb when they interlock their fingers, possess either one or two dominant versions of the gene (F). Whilst people who place their right thumb over the left possess two recessive genes (f).”

Basically it's pretty simple, if you mix a heterozygous parent  and a homozygous parent, you'll get a 50% chance that the child will place their left thumb over the right. If you mix a homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive, then all children will place their left over the right.

1 Hangovers

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You definitely don’t need to worry about this issue until they turn 21, but a heads up before they wake up with a bad headache may be nice. According to listverse.com, there is a gene that affects how our body processes all those drinks. The gene mutation causes people to metabolize all those late night shots either quickly or very slow. If you drew the short end of the stick then you feel the effects of alcohol more quickly. So, if you wake up after a night our feeling like you got hit by a bus, you can blame it on your genes!

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