If Mom Was Raised In The '90s, She'll Be Nostalgic About These 20 Things

The ‘90s, what a time to be alive! A decade that is known for Gameboys, boy bands, sugary soda drinks, crazy confections, high waisted jeans, and colorful oversized sweaters. “The 1990s were a simpler time when frosted hair tips were all the rage and boy bands ruled the music charts. It was a time when kids constantly quoted Nickelodeon cartoons and adults copied Rachel Green’s hairstyle and Carrie Bradshaw’s drink order. The era yielded some truly iconic musicians, movies, TV shows, games, toys, snacks, and fashion trends,” states Geeks.Media.

Many women who grew up during the ‘90s might find themselves as a mother today, and the recent comeback of all things ‘90s may leave them a bit nostalgic. A quick perusal of Instagram will leave any Mom wondering where in the heck she stashed those old high-waisted jeans. A quick glance at Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark will reveal that one can get an iconic '90s Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt for upwards of fifty bucks. And with the nostalgia of these items, comes a slew of other things any mom who was raised in the ‘90s will be nostalgic over.

Gone are the childhood days of Lisa Frank, Polly Pockets and passing notes in class with milky gel pens. Moms who grow up with items like these are now raising kids of their own. Moms who grew up in the ’90s have traded easy bake ovens for actual ovens, lipstick candy for real lipstick. Keep reading for other things that will bring nostalgia for Mom’s who were raised in the ‘90s.

20 Cooking Will Never Be As Easy As It Was With The Easy Bake Oven


If you grew up in the nineties, you will more than likely remember the awkward crumbly yet still a little moist cupcake fresh from the easy bake oven. Now that you’re a mom yourself, you might find yourself pining for the simpler days of the easy bake oven. “The Easy-Bake Oven is a working toy oven which Kenner introduced in 1963, and which Hasbro still manufactured as of late April 2016. The original toy used an ordinary incandescent light bulb as a heat source; current versions use a true heating element,” shares Wikipedia.com on how this fun little oven works.

19 Dream Phone; Steve Was So Dreamy


No Saturday was complete without popping some popcorn over the stove, grabbing a can of Surge soda and gathering with your closest gal pals for a night of board games, including the classic Dream Phone. The Dream Phone packaging boasts that players get to, “Call 24 boys and hear what they have to say!” and “Features touch-tone dialing, speakerphone and automatic redialing!” The classic game has been re-made over the years, but if you really want to get your hands on the original version, there are many vintage sellers who sell them, though you will have to pay a pretty penny.

18 You Secretly Wish Your Daughter Had Polly Pockets 


Polly Pockets were one of my favorite toys growing up! There are modern versions available, but they do not hold a candle to the ‘90s versions. But don’t worry, these Polly Pockets are another item you can find available at vintage retailers and Etsy. “The originals debuted in 1989 and they came in a variety of shapes and sizes. There were beaches, parks, amusement parks, castles, pet shops -- you name it. Each one featured a whole tiny world for Polly and her friends, along with itty bitty plastic dolls that were so small they were basically impossible to keep up with, but we loved them anyway,” shares TheStir.CafeMom.com on the original Polly Pockets.

17 Before Your Favorite Nars Lip Shade, You Had To Have Every  Candy Lipstick


I can literally taste this picture. Before you had your favorite Nars lip shade, I’m partial to the Afterglow shade, you probably had to have every color of sweet-tart lipstick. “Glam-up your taste buds with these fruit flavored candy lipsticks. They're the perfect size to toss in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Lipstick assortment includes 4 fabulous fruity flavors and bright colors!” writes CandyWarehouse.com on this throwback candy. And do not fear, you can buy a 48 piece box of these bad boys for under ten bucks on CandyWareHouse.com. Did you have a favorite flavor or just collect them all?

16 And You Probably Haven’t Stopped Missing Your Milky Gel Pens


I’m adding these to my Amazon shopping cart immediately. Milky Gel Pens were the epitome of my elementary school years. Who else loved writing letters with these? And of course, you had to switch up the colors as you wrote the note! “Smooth-flowing gel pens with creamy pastel ink that brightly pops on both light and dark papers,” boasts the Milky Gel Pens description. Luckily, these are another item that has made a comeback, so you can actually buy them on Amazon right this second. What are you waiting for? You know they’d be the perfect addition to your 2019 planner!

15 Your AOL Handle Is Forever Embedded In Your Memory


“AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was an instant messaging and presence computer program created by AOL, which used the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to allow registered users to communicate in real time.AIM was popular from the late 1990s to the late 2000s in North America, and was the leading instant messaging application in that region. AIM's popularity declined steeply in the early 2010s as Internet social networks like Facebook and Twitter gained popularity, and its fall has often been compared with other once-popular Internet services such as Myspace,” writes Wikpedia.com on the unforgettable AOL.

14 Your Daughter Will Never Know The Joy Of A Lisa Frank Backpack


I mean, if you want to spend $40 to $100 you can definitely snag your daughter one of these throwback backpacks off of Etsy, but you might have a hard time convincing your daughter how cool it really is. What other Lisa Frank gear did you have? I always got to pick out one ‘fancy’ folder per school year, and I always went for a Lisa Frank one. I also remember having one of the compact mirrors and of course, the erasers. Can I go buy some of these now too? Last year Sephora came out with a limited edition set of Lisa Frank make-up brushes, and they were obviously a hit.

13 You Could Probably Beat Your Son In A Warhead Challenge Anyday


“Classic for a reason, our punch-packing, WARHEADS Extreme Sour Hard Candies come in a variety of craveable flavors to take your taste buds to the edge. Ready for a #WARHEADSChallenge?” challenges Warheads.com. So what is the warheads challenge? Basically, you eat as many warheads as possible consecutively or keep a decided amount of warheads in your mouth for as long as you can. Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t worry, if you’re a 90s kid, you should have this challenge in the bag. Warhead flavors include; blue raspberry, lemon, green apple, black cherry, and watermelon. Which flavor made your mouth water the most?

12 You Might Have Moments When You Wonder If It’s Socially Acceptable To Crimp Your Hair


If Lizzie McGuire did it, you bet I did it too. I’ll never forget my blue Conair hair crimper. It was one that had interchangeable plates so I could use it as a straightener or as a waver, but obviously, the crimping was the best part of it. Bustle.com suggests these little devices might actually still come in handy, “... Whether you want to add texture to a sleek high ponytail or you want to go wild with carefree zig-zag waves, a crimper can create a variety of styles. Or hey, if you're not ready to go full-on Lizzie McGuire quite yet, you can simply use a crimper to give your roots extra volume.”

11 Your Kids Will Never Know What It’s Like To Not Be Able To Use The Phone And Computer At The Same Time


Who remembers fighting with their siblings over the phone and the internet on the weekends? It was almost as intense as the fight over the remote control for who got to choose what to watch on TV. Moms today have to laugh imagining their own children in similar scenarios, meltdown city, am I right? So what was dial-up Internet? “Dial-up Internet access is a form of Internet access that uses the facilities of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to establish a connection to an Internet service provider (ISP) by dialing a telephone number on a conventional telephone line...,” explains Wikipedia.com.

10 You Have Probably Taught Your Kids The Macarena


Macarena is a Spanish dance song that no 90’s gym class was complete without. “One of the most iconic examples of 1990s dance music, it was ranked the "#1 Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time" by VH1 in 2002. The song uses a type of clave rhythm. In 2012, it was ranked as the No. 7 on Billboard's All Time Top 100,” writes Wikipedia.com on this iconic song. It’s still known to be brought forth on sporting events, weddings and the like. So do you still remember all the moves? And did you ever know any of the words? I know I didn’t, just mumble along until they say, "Heyyy, Macarena!” right?

9 You Might Have Some Of Your Favorite Mixed Cassette Tapes Lying Around


With Spotify at easy access of our phones, it’s hard to remember a time when we used to sit by the radio and wait for our favorite songs to come on so we could record them onto cassette tapes. You can still buy them, too! “...Cassette sales in the U.S. have more than quadrupled since 2011, with 174,000 tapes sold in the last year alone. ...Cassette pressings for high-profile releases like Taylor Swift's Reputation, Jay-Z's 4:44, Lana Del Rey's Lust For Life, and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtracks are selling well at retailers like Urban Outfitters, which also offers cassette players and recorders with USB adaptability,” writes Grammy.com.

8 You Can Rejoice Because Choker Necklaces Are Back In Style


Who else had a collection of different colored tattoo choker necklaces? “It started with Kendall, Kylie and Gigi sporting these chokers on Instagram; you refresh the feed, and the trend is back. That’s how quick the turnaround time was. And, of Course, I’m excited, aren’t you? You can practically pair them with anything. Velvet, lace, pearl, embellished, etc., your options are unlimited,” states StyleCraze.com. Have you found yourself an updated choker or two? I know I have! And speaking of 90’s accessories that are back in fashion, um, scrunchies?! And they come in velvet?! Another 90’s style comeback that I am here for.

7 And High-Waisted Jeans Came Back In Style Just In Time 


Thanks to Britney and other pop stars, the mom jeans slowly disappeared from the nineties fashion wardrobe, malls, and brands. The style guides suddenly stopped mentioning these, and they became extinct. And, that’s why we have to explain what this is about now. Fine – they were just a pair of airy, comfortable, cotton denim pants that sat beautifully at the waist and were out near the thighs (unlike the painfully tight ones). There are a lot of variations, but this breathable pair of trousers is something we all need, and it’s time they were revived, at least as an option to some of us,” shares StyleCraze.com on the return of the Mom Jean.

6 Your Kids Will Never Know The Struggle Of Forgetting A Very Important Floppy Disk


We’ve all been there, you had a big assignment due. You stayed up half the night listening to the Backstreet Boys on the radio, AOL chatting with your friends while trying to etc your homework done. But when the bus dropped you off at school the next day, no floppy disk. “The prevalence of floppy disks in late-twentieth-century culture was such that many electronic and software programs still use the floppy disks as save icons. While floppy disk drives still have some limited uses, especially with legacy industrial computer equipment, they have been superseded by data storage methods...” states Wikipedia on the floppy disk.

5 And They’ll Never Know The Luxury Offered By Blow-Up Furniture


I had the giant purple recliner in my childhood bedroom and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. This is another nostalgic item you can still purchase today, just check Amazon. Foter.com even insists they are a great idea. “Buying blow up chairs can be considered as sensible expenditures as they can give years of service. Of course, this is the case if you purchase the right ones. It's critical for you to remember that you can't just get up and purchase the first inflatable chair you find in your local store,” reads Foter.com. They even offer a guide to buying your own blow-up chair!

4 You Miss The Anticipation Of Not Knowing How Pictures Turned Out Until After They Were Developed


Now that we have phones at our fingertips every second, we have easily forgotten how it used to be. Remember when you had to rely on disposable cameras or cameras with film to take pictures? I have thousands of photos of my daughter saved on my phone, and it’s hilarious to think what I would have done before I had the ability to snap them on my phone. And can you imagine having to take a selfie without being able to see it immediately! In all honesty, technology has grown leaps and bounds in a relatively short time frame. It’s kind of crazy to consider.

3 Before Bath And Body Works Candle Sales, You Used To Get Excited Over The New Bath And Body Art Stuff Releases


Okay, the bubble gum pink body glitter roller was my jam. My pink make-up container that looked more like a tackle box was always fresh with new Bath and Body Art Works gear. “ like to call Bath & Body Works Art Stuff collection the no-fail birthday present of the ‘90s. Someplace, somewhere a tween girl was ripping open a multicolored paper gift bag and exclaiming over the bright purple shower gel and neon roll-on body glitter stick that was gloriously now in her possession. I can vouch for this experience first hand,” shares InStyle.com, and they couldn’t be more accurate.

2 No Note Passed To A Friend Was Complete Without Stamps From Crayola Mini Stamp Markers


It’s 6th grade and you’re sitting in class. You’ve just finished your assignment and you have a few minutes to spare before your next class; it’s time to construct the perfect letter to your friends. You pull out your notebook paper from your aforementioned Lisa Frank spiral notebook, and your milky gel pens and mini stamp markers and you are ready to write your BFF the best note. Once you finish, you fold it into a perfect little envelope, write your BFF’s name on the front and adorn it with a few more stamps. It might not be the 90’s anymore, but don’t worry, Amazon.com still has your back with the mini stamp markers.

1 Your Kids Will Never Know The Joy Of Opening Their Lunchbox To Find Dunkaroos


Dunk-a-Roos are a snack food from Betty Crocker, first launched in 1990. It consists of a snack-sized package containing cookies and icing; the cookies are meant to be dunked into the icing before eating. Individual snack packages contain about ten small cookies and one cubic inch of icing. The cookies are made in a variety of shapes, the most common being a hot air balloon. Other shapes included a circle with an uppercase "D" in the center, feet, and the mascot in different pose,” shares Wikipedia.com on this 90’s snack. Best day ever when you had these in your lunch box, am I right?

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