If You Love The Name Juliet, Then You'll Love These 20 Baby Girl Names

If parents are searching for the perfect name for a baby girl, they'll love the choices on this list...especially if they're fond of the first name, Juliet. I've found twenty other pretty girl's names that have three syllables, just like"Juliet" does!

These longer first names are so feminine and beautiful. In general (rules are made to be broken!), longer names, such as three syllable first names, sound perfect with one syllable or two-syllable last names. A longer first name and a shorter last name definitely create perfect balance.

If your last name is very long, you may want to go for a shorter first name for your baby girl (Ann, Kate, Jill, etc.). It's about the way that the first and last names sound together.

What's most important, no matter what name you choose, is just that you love it. You should feel an emotional connection to the name. It should make you happy to say it and see it in print. You should also like its meaning.

To help you figure out if one of these names will be right for your baby girl, I'll also talk about what the names mean and where some of them have surfaced in pop culture. These names are fairly traditional. However, a few are somewhat unusual.


20 Amélie

Via Pinterest

If you dream of Paris and love all things French, from Chanel lip gloss to croissants to the Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, this gorgeous baby name for a girl may be just what you're looking for. It has a soft sound which is so pleasing to the ear and it's the French version of the traditional English name, Amelia.

I thought of Amélie because there is a wonderful French film with the same name, which was released in 2001. The movie is a romantic comedy and it quickly became a modern-day classic. In the film, an actress named Audrey Tatou plays the main character, Amelie, who has a very rich fantasy life!

The name, Amélie, means hard-working, striving and industrious. Sounds like a powerful and successful #girlboss in the making!

19 Daniella

Via MomJunction

Daniella is the feminine form of the boy's name, Daniel. It's a popular three syllable name for girls. The name is Hebrew in origin and it means, "God has judged". In the Old Testament, Daniel lived in the sixth century and he was a prophet who managed to survive an encounter with a den of lions. His survival was miraculous.

If you want your girl to have a strong name with plenty of spiritual meaning, calling her Daniella may be a great decision!

When you call your newborn girl Daniella, you'll be able to call her "Dani" or even "Dan", just for the sake of less syllables.

You may want to add a short middle name to go along with the first name, Daniella. Lynn, Lee, Joy or Ann would be good choices.

18 Paulina

Via Pinterest

Back in the late 1980s, a supermodel named Paulina Porizkova was the Estée Lauder girl, long before Kendall Jenner started hawking the brand's Double Wear Foundation and Modern Muse perfume. Off topic, my Dad gives me an Estée Lauder makeup kit every single Christmas and I love him for that.

The name Paulina sounds so nice and it means, "little". It's a feminine version of the name, Paul, and it has Latin origins. As you can see, this name is perfect for your little one. In particular, if your baby daddy is named Paul, you'll find that choosing this name for your infant girl is a great way to honor your partner.

Paulette is another variation on "Paul", but it has one less syllable. Tons of female names are based on guys' names and Paulina is one of the most popular. It's an elegant name which is very strong and traditional.

17 Eloise

Via Pinterest

Old-fashioned names are "in" again. It's like "granny chic" for babies! Eloise is definitely an old-fashioned name, so giving your baby girl this vintage-inspired name will be a great way to ensure that her name always sounds timeless! There's something elegant about the really old-fashioned names. They stand out because they aren't in common usage and this is a good thing.

The name, Eloise, means "famous warrior". Some people add an accent to the first letter (Éloise) and some people don't. It's probably easier to leave the accent out, as most people will get it wrong when they write down your child's name, anyway!

This is an Old German name. If your family has German ancestry, it may be right up your alley. In the age of DNA tests, a lot of families are finding out where they come from and then choosing baby names that reflect their roots.

16 Natalia

Via Healthline

This name is popular nowadays because it's the first name of Russian supermodel, Natalia Vodianova. Natalia is stunning and also sweet. She has a charity (the Naked Heart Foundation) which builds playgrounds for underprivileged children in Russia and supports children with special needs. Natalia Vodianova is beautiful inside and out. She grew up very poor and knows how important it is to give back to others.

The name, Natalia, means "Christmas Day". However, most baby girls who get this pretty name aren't born on December 25th. You'll find that this first name for a baby girl is popular in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Italy and a few other nations.

This is a name with depth and character. It's special. If you want to give your baby girl a name with a bit of drama and glamour, you should definitely consider, Natalia. Some girls named Natalia get called, "Nata" for short.

15 Katherine

Via Parents

This is the name of queens...and duchesses, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, who is still referred to as Kate Middleton now and then! Katherine is a versatile name because it shortens to so many different names, from Kate to Kathy to Kat and beyond. King Henry VIII's first wife was named Katherine and she was a Spanish princess who became the wife of an English King (but not for long!).

This name has Latin origins and it means, "clear" and "pure". Katherine is a name that continues to be popular throughout the centuries. Its appeal never, ever fades. If you prefer traditional names, you'll be very safe going with "Katherine". You may also spell it with a C if you want to (Catherine, Cathy, Cate).

Just be sure that you like the shortened versions of this name, as people may call your baby girl Kate or Kathy, whether you want them to or not! The press calls The Duchess of Cambridge, "Kate", but the rumor is that she prefers to be called Katherine by her nearest and dearest, including her hubby, Prince William.

14 Philippa

Via Etsy

If you call your baby girl, Philippa, you may nickname her, Pippa. Pippa is the nickname of of Kate Middleton's sister! Pippa just married a billionaire. Those Middleton ladies definitely have wealthy partners.

Philippa means, "lover of horses" or "friend of horses". If you like all things equestrian, from show jumping competitions to riding boots to admiring horses in fields on long country drives, this name may have special meaning for you. It's also a great choice for any baby girl born under the sign of Sagittarius, which is represented by a centaur (half-horse, half-man). Sagittarius girls often love animals, including horses!

Like so many girl's names, this one is the feminine version of a masculine name (Phillip).

The name is hot right now because of Pippa Middleton, whose full name is Philippa Charlotte Middleton.


13 Hermione

Via Huffington Post

Many people in America probably weren't familiar with the name, Hermione, before the Harry Potter craze began. However, the British probably were familiar with the name beforehand! Emma Watson played Hermione in the Harry Potter films. Emma was so great in her part that it's actually hard to imagine anyone else in the role!

Hermione means, "well born". The name has Greek origins. If you know anything about Greek mythology, you may already know that Hermione was the daughter of legendary beauty, Helen of Troy (Diane Kruger played Helen of Troy in the film, Troy) and the King of Sparta, Menelaus.

If you like names that are linked with royalty, history and myth, you can't do better than Hermione, and the Harry Potter connection is fun, too, especially if you loved the books and movies.

12 Jacinta

Via Fashion Central

I've been binge-watching Suits on Netflix, and I love the character, Harvey Spector, who is played by Gabriel Macht. Macht is married to a beautiful actress named Jacinta Barrett, who appeared in the movie, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. When I came across Jacinta's name online, I knew I had to add it here, because it's so unique and interesting.

Jacinta means, "beautiful". Isn't that perfect for your newborn baby girl? The name has Greek origins and it comes from the name of a sparkling gemstone. It's also linked with the Greek word for the flower, Hyacinth.

Some baby girl names have more than one meaning and this is one of them...and all of the meanings for this name are very feminine and inspiring. Beauty, gemstone, flower...these are girly things and this name has so much girly charm!

11 Cordelia

Via Pixabay

This name is very pretty and I think it has a lot of character. Cordelia was a character in a Shakespeare play, King Lear. It's also the name of a popular character (Cordelia Chase) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While it's hard to shorten this name (Cora might be a good nickname?), it sounds amazing at full length.

The name, Cordelia, may be of Latin origin and it's also linked with Celtic history and culture. Some people think that this name means, "heart of a lion", while others think that it means, "jewel of the sea". Both meanings are pretty romantic! The origins of this name are a bit mysterious. However, the impact of the name is undeniable. I think it's a striking choice for a baby girl.

The Canadian rock band, the Tragically Hip, wrote a great tune called, Cordelia, which referenced Shakespeare.

10 Irina

Via DHgate

Here is another Russian supermodel name to consider! I recently saw model, Irina Shayk, in a Maybelline ad in Glamour Magazine. Her full lips were painted scarlet and she looked fabulous. Irina had a baby with The Hangover star, Bradley Cooper, and she called her baby girl, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. Now she and Bradley have their own "princess Lea", even if the spelling of Lea is a bit different than the Star Wars spelling.

The name, Irina, is the Russian version of "Irene". Pronounce it i-REE-na! Simple to say, yet so refined (thanks to its high syllable count), Irina is definitely unique and interesting. This name means, "peace". I think that your little girl will grow up to love having a name that means, "peace".

This name is more common in Russia and other European countries than it is in the USA and Canada. This makes it a different and exciting option for American and Canadian baby girls.

9 Julianne

Via Pink and Blue Bonnets Boutique

Julianne Moore (did you see her as President Alma Coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part One?) is a great actress and I've always admired her. I like her name and everything else about her, including her natural red hair. Another famous woman named Julianne is blond beauty, Julianne Hough, who was so amazing on Dancing with the Stars! Julianne Hough isn't coming back for season 25 of DWTS, which is too bad!

If you love the name, Julianne, you should know that it means, "youthful and soft-haired". It comes from a Latin word, "juvenalis" (youthful). If you want your baby girl to have a youthful spirit for all of her days, no matter how old she gets, then this name will be blessing and a good omen.

It's a pretty name that isn't too unusual. Plus, it's easy to shorten to Julie or Anne.

8 Leilani

Via Pinterest

This name sounds so pretty. It makes me dream of Hawaii and fruit and flower-scented trade winds! It's got a gorgeous tropical vibe that is just so fresh. It is a name with Hawaiian origins and it means, "royal child" or "heavenly flowers".

I found this name because I read a lot of fashion and beauty stuff online and offline. One fashion model, Leilani Bishop, was born in Hawaii and she appeared on the cover of Hole's famous "riot girlll" album, Live Through This, wearing a tiara and a crazy grin! Leilani was a big deal in the modelling world during the 1990s and for a while afterwards.

Now, she's transitioned out of modelling and she makes fragrances (under her own name) which evoke the beauty of Hawaii and other places that she loves. She lives up to her name by creating the scents of "heavenly flowers"! Sometimes, our names seem to point us towards our destinies!

If you want a name which is so soft, feminine and dreamy, why not call your baby girl Leilani?

7 Dakota


This is a three-syllable name that Milennial Moms reminds them of Millennial actresses, such as Dakota Fanning (Jane from Twilight - New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - Part 2) and Dakota Johnson, from Fifty Shades of Grey (she's rumored to be dating Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin).

This name is Native American and it means, "friend". It's a tribal name which really stands out. If you want something unique, which is still very well-known, thanks to the actresses that I just talked about, then calling your beautiful baby girl, Dakota, will be a smart strategy. It's a name that is likely to be popular for some time. It's a very old name with a very fresh appeal.

This isn't a name that is easy to shorten. If you want a name which is always full-length, rather than being watered down with a shortened version, then you'll probably love this "scene-stealing" name.

6 Gisela

Via Kiddytrend

Gisela has a soft sound, thanks to its soft "G". It's an unusual name which is pretty and feminine. If you like the name, Gisele, then this three syllable variation may appeal to you. The name, Gisela, means, "pledge". It's an Old German name and the German word for pledge is "gisil". This makes sense, as German model, Gisele Bundchen, was raised in Brazil, but has German ancestry.

If you have German ancestry, too, then the Gisele variation, Gisela, may just be the perfect baby name for your baby girl!

This pretty baby name is so easy to say and it's ideal to pair with a shorter last name. A lot of people think that the name is Spanish, even though it actually has German origin. It's fun to learn about the origins of baby names and this one is no exception!

5 Alexa

Via HDwallpapers

Christie Brinkley named her baby girl, Alexa. Alexa's Dad is famous singer/songwriter (and Piano Man), Billy Joel. They followed the three syllable first name, two syllable last name rule. They also gave their daughter a short middle name (Ray). I think Alexa Ray Joel is a pretty name overall and that's why I decided to add the name, Alexa, to the list.

This name has Greek origins and it means "defender" or "helper".

Another option is "Alexis". Alexis is the name of the character that Nicolette Sheridan will be playing very soon, on the Dynasty reboot. You may already know about Alexis Carrington from the original Dynasty TV show - she's the uber-bitchy ex-wife of Blake Carrington and she loves to get in cat fights and push other women into swimming pools (while wearing great big shoulder pads, "racing stripe" 80's blush, blue eye shadow and big hair).

Alexis Carrington was initially played by TV icon, Joan Collins.

4 Annabel

Via SewTrendy

I love the name, Annabel. It's so classic and refined and it has a very British vibe. It's a popular name for girls in England. I found this name because I love the BBC TV show, Peaky Blinders, and one important character from the show, Grace, was played by a beautiful actress named Annabel Wallis. I also know about Annabel Wallis because she dated Chris Martin from Coldplay for quite a while and I do listen to Coldplay.

The name, Annabel, is English in origin and it became popular because it was referenced in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, called "Annabel Lee".  A lot of the names on this list have Old German, Greek or Latin origins. This one is different. It's British and relatively modern. It's definitely one of the really popular names for girls in England and I think it sounds fresh, elegant and pretty.

3 Diana

Via The Peas In Our Pod

Diana is the name of a Roman goddess (Diana the Huntress) and it's also the name of the late and still-beloved Diana, Princess of Wales. If you want to give you baby girl the name of a goddess and a modern-day "People's Princess" (this was Diana's unofficial title), then you should definitely call your baby girl, Diana!

This is a strong name. In Greek mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, the moon and the hunt! The name, Diana, means "divine" or "heavenly". It's linked with the woodland and wildlife. Diana the Huntress had the power to speak to animals and make them do her bidding!

Princess Diana's middle name was Frances. The name, Diana, is very classic and it's simple to pair it with a lot of middle names. Choosing a middle name with two syllables will allow you to get the Princess Diana effect, as her middle name has a couple of syllables.

While Princess Diana's end was tragic, the impact that she made while was here will never be forgotten.

2 Harriet


Harriet is a cute baby name with a bit of attitude. If you enjoyed watching Harriet the Spy (which starred Michelle Trachtenberg) or reading the book, you may want to name your baby girl after this self-taught "spy", who learns some hard lessons about life during her adventures. She's an amazing fictional heroine.

Another famous "Harriets" is Harriet Tubman, who was the conductor of the Underground Railroad. Tubman escaped from slavery and helped others to do the same!

The name, Harriet, means, "estate ruler" and it's a name with English origins. It's the feminine version of the name, Harry.

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a baby girl and call it Harriet, in Harry's honor? Who knows? It would be cute if they did.  I was at the grocery store earlier today and one of the tabloid magazines on display said that Meghan Markle is pregnant! I'm skeptical, but you never know, I guess...

1 Ariel

Via Celebrity Babies

Ariel is a name that calls to mind Disney's undersea adventure, The Little Mermaid. It's a pretty name with a dreamy quality and it's easy to say. Ariel is a popular name and I think that it's one of my favorite on the list, although it's not so unique anymore, thanks to Disney!

If your baby girl has red hair, naming her Ariel, after the Little Mermaid herself, will be adorable. However, if you're not a Disney fan, you may want to steer clear of this charming baby name, as everyone is going to associate it with the Little Mermaid...forever!

This name has Hebrew origins and it means, "lion of God". If you want a name which is all about spiritual strength, this one will deliver. It sounds soft and feminine. However, its religious meaning is really powerful.


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