If You Love The Name Noah, Then You'll Love These 25 Baby Names

If you love the name Noah, you are not alone! Noah has topped the charts over the past few years in the baby naming world. In fact, according the the United States Social Security Administration, Noah has been the number one baby boy name since 2013. For years prior, Jacob, and before that, Michael, had a running number one spot, now Noah is the 'it' name to have.

That means there are lots of little Noahs running around! This beautiful little boy name is hugely popular, which means you are likely to meet quite a few sweet boys bearing this name, if you haven’t already. By being the number one name for baby boys for the past few years, it definitely means that the name Noah will be shared by lots of little boys.

So, if you like the name Noah, but do not want to choose this name due to its high popularity and ranking, don’t fret! We have a list of 25 baby boy names that while they are not Noah, they are in the same boat with this amazing name. Each one is special, and not as popular as Noah, whose name means wandering, and is of Hebrew origin. Who knows, one of these names could quickly push Noah out of the number one spot! Read on and tell us, which one would you pick??

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25 Jacob

The baby boy name Jacob used to be the number one name for several years until Noah knocked it from its prestigious spot! This name for a baby boy is still popular, and does not rank far from Noah. Chances are, if you like the name Noah, you probably have a sweet spot for the cute name of Jacob, as well!

The name Jacob means holder of the heel, and is of Hebrew origin. The name Jacob comes from biblical times, as Jacob held his twin brother’s heel. So, like Noah, the name comes from the Bible. The sweet name of Jacob is still hugely popular, and definitely stands side by side with the adorable name of Noah. Jacob is also cute, because you can call him Jake for short.

24 Ethan

There is a name climbing the baby name charts, and that is the name Ethan! Ethan is an adorable name, and one you are likely to love if you are a fan of the popular name of Noah. Ethan is a well known name, but not as many little boys have this name, as they do Noah, making it a perfect choice for your little boy.

The name Ethan means strong, and is of Hebrew origin, just like the name Noah is. Ethan has been hanging around the top ten or fifteen baby names in recent years, but has not seemed to make that final stretch into the top five. But give this cute baby boy name some time, it is bound to hit the top and maybe even knock Noah out of the number one spot!

23 Caleb

If you are a fan of the name Noah, Caleb may be other name on your list of cute baby boy names to consider giving to your little one! Caleb is a bit different, yet, it is similar in style and overall feeling with the name Noah.

Like the name Noah, Caleb is of Hebrew origin. This cute baby boy name means devotion to God. Believe it or not, Caleb barely breaks into the top 40 baby boy names, which we find surprising. This is likely a name that many parents-to-be do not even think of, yet it should definitely be one to think about! This name does have a spelling variation, in that some people choose to spell it with a K, as in Kaleb. Which way would you spell it?

22 Benjamin

The classic name of Benjamin is right up there with Noah, looking to knock Noah out of the number one spot! This cute name for a baby boy has been hanging around the top of the charts for years now. It is still quite popular, though not as popular as Noah, as people love the nicknames you can get from this name, such as Benny and Ben.

The name Benjamin is of Hebrew origin, just like Noah. Benjamin means son of the right hand. Like other names we have seen, including the ever popular Noah, the name comes from biblical times. Benjamin is an adorable name for a baby boy, and one that he can truly grow into, as it invokes a sense of strength that is also stylish.

21 Zachary

If you are a fan of the hit 90’s show Saved by the Bell, you know the name Zach! The full version of the name is Zachary, and one that everyone is bound to love if you are a fan of the number one name Noah. Yet, Zachary barely makes it into the top 100 baby names for boys, can you even believe that?

Zachary invokes a sense of fun and strength, and seems trendy, yet, it cannot really get up those charts. Another name with Hebrew origin, Zachary comes from the bible and means the Lord has remembered. You ought to remember this name, because we think it is cute and one of a kind. Get it before it is too hot, which we bet won’t be too long!

20 William

Portrait of happy beautiful baby on the bed in his room.

Noah is a nice, classic, gentle yet strong, name for a baby boy. There is another name that invokes a similar feeling, and that is the name of William. William has a fun side, while it can also be serious. It seems to be a very nice well rounded name, just like the name Noah.

The name William means resolute protection, and is of Irish origin. William is a solid name that any little boy can easily grow into, as Willie or Will are both appropriate nicknames. William has climbed the charts and sits in the top five currently, so people are definitely taking notice of this fantastic, quality name for their baby boys! Perhaps William will surpass Noah and hit number one soon.

19 Hunter

If you like the name Noah, but are looking for a name that is more on the trendy side, Hunter may be the name you have been looking for. Hunter is a strong name, just as Noah is, but it is also one that has a more trendy vibe to it, wouldn’t you say?

The name Hunter means what you probably think it means, one who hunts. It is of English origin. While Hunter does not have a real or even cool name meaning, this name is getting more popular, although it struggles to break past the top 50 baby boy names, despite being the top 30 baby boy name for awhile. This adorable name for a baby boy seems to fluctuate on the charts, so if you are looking for a unique name, that isn’t too popular, Hunter may just be it.

18 Owen

Many people like Noah because it is a classic name that is simple. Only four letters long, it is cute for a boy and strong for a man, and you do not have to worry about nicknames. A name that is similar, that is one you will likely love if you like the name Noah, is the cute baby boy name of Owen.

Owen is only four letters long, just like Noah, and gives us many of the same feelings that Noah does. The name Owen is of Welsh origin, and means young warrior. You have to admit, that is a pretty cool (and probably pretty appropriate!) name for the baby boy in your life. Owen currently has a spot in the top 25 baby boy names, but we bet this one of a kind name will move up those charts pretty quickly!

17 Matthew

We know you are looking for a quality name like the name Noah. There is a name out there that is just as perfect as Noah, and that is the name of Matthew. In fact, Matthew may even be a name that is a bit more fun than Noah, since you get the nicknames of Matt or Matty. Sounds pretty cute to us!

Matthew is of Hebrew origin, just like Noah. The name Matthew means gift of God. How appropriate is that? Your little bundle of joy can certainly be considered a true gift. Matthew is a name is all know and we bet is one you definitely love. This name hovers around number 15 in the baby name charts, but we'll see it creeping up those charts pretty soon!

16 Levi

The baby boy name of Levi may be a fresh take on Noah. While Noah is a classic biblical name, the name of Levi is a bit more fun and lighthearted. We can envision a Levi as someone who enjoys life and likes to laugh a lot. Are Levis ever serious? We are not sure, but we can bet that they aren’t!

Just like Noah, Levi is of Hebrew origin. The name Levi means joined and attached. If you have a little Levi, he will definitely be your little man! Levi is a name that many people really love, but it has stayed under the radar for years, maybe even decades! This name has suddenly reappeared, and has recently broken into the top 50 baby boy names. Could this be the name that unseats Noah for the number one spot?

15 Nicholas

The baby boy name of Nicholas is a very well rounded name that many people love, and if you are a fan of the name Noah, Nicholas is probably far up on your list as well! The only difference between Noah and Nicholas, at least the main difference, is that despite being once a hugely popular name, Nicholas is way down on the charts, unlike Noah, who holds the number one spot.

The name Nicholas means people of victory, and is of Greek origin. If you are looking for a name for your little guy that is well known and one that everyone knows, but is also not too popular, Nicholas is likely the perfect choice. And it comes with super cute nicknames like Nick, Nicky, and even Cole.

14 Aaron

The name Aaron is a classic one for little boys, and has been around for quite awhile. Fans of Noah generally are also huge fans of Aaron. It is one of those names that seems traditional, and can be serious and fun all at the same time. The thing is, Aaron is nowhere near as popular as Noah when it comes to people naming their baby boys.

Like Noah, Aaron is of Hebrew origin, and is one of the biblical names, like others on this list. The name Aaron means exalted and enlightened, which makes it one of a kind in regards to different name meanings! Aaron is a well rounded choice for any baby boy, and you will surely not run into many Aarons these days, as this nice name for a little boy struggles to break into the top 50 baby boy names.

13 Kyle

We have all heard of the name Kyle, yet, can you believe that Kyle is barely into the top 200 baby boy names?! That is true, Kyle hovers in the 190’s, yes you read that right. This seemingly popular name is not that popular at all, and definitely nowhere near as popular as Noah. And if you like the name Noah, Kyle should really be on your list!

This unique and not often used name took a huge nosedive after the 1990’s, when it was in the top 20, now it is basically unknown. This may make it the perfect choice for those who love the name Noah, but want a lesser used name for their little one. Kyle is of Scottish origin, and means narrow spit of land.

12 Isaac

If you like the name Noah for its biblical origin, you might also like the equally cute and also biblical baby boy name of Isaac. This adorable name has roots from the Old Testament, but is not as popular as the name Noah, although it has been moving up the baby charts in recent years, as parents-to-be seem to be drawn to many of these biblical names.

The name Isaac is of Hebrew origin, just like Noah. Isaac means laughter, which puts a fun spin on what seems like a traditional and serious name. This makes Isaac a nice, well rounded choice. It is super cute for a little boy and a name that he can easily grow into as he becomes a man.

11 Tyler

The baby boy name of Noah is soft and cute, but also has a serious side. So if you like that, the name Tyler may be another baby boy name to consider! Tyler is a well rounded name, it can be totally serious, but also completely fun and lighthearted. Tyler also comes with a cute nickname, that can be used for a little boy, or even when he becomes a name, and that is Ty.

The name Tyler means maker of tiles, and is an English occupational name. This means the name is really a job title! Do not let that change your view of this cute little boy name. The name Tyler has been around for years, but is not used as much as it once was.

10 Jordan

You might like the baby boy name of Noah because it seems unique (even though it is not, since it is the number one name!). The name Jordan may fit that criteria, even you like Noah. Jordan can be viewed as as unique, even though it is a name we all know and can pronounce. We do not see many Jordans walking around these days.

The name Jordan gained superstar fame in the era of basketball legend Michael Jordan. After his success, the name Jordan was popular not just with little boys, but with little girls, as well. The past decade or two, the name as all but diminished from the spotlight. This name is of Hebrew origin, just like Noah, and means flowing down.

9 Elijah

The name Elijah joins Noah in being a biblical name. So if you like the name Noah, Elijah may be one to consider, as well! This Old Testament name is a cute and fun name, with a serious side, just like Noah, at least we think so! Elijah is gearing up to be just as popular as Noah, too, and the name Noah better look out, because Elijah is gaining huge popularity, and may end up unseating Noah from the coveted number one spot very soon!

The name Elijah, like Noah, is of Hebrew origin, and its name meaning is religious, with it meaning Yahweh is God (Yahweh is the Hebrew name for God). Even if you are not religious, do not let the name meaning stop you from enjoying this adorable name which may be perfect for your bundle of joy!

8 Liam

We have seem the name William as being a name that those who love Noah would also like. The name Liam actually started off as a nickname of William! Now, it is a name in its own right, and one you are bound to love if you are a fan of the name Noah.

Liam is of Irish origin and means resolute protection, just like its origin name of William. This name that came from another is hugely popular. Liam has been ranking in the number two spot for baby boys! This cute name for a little boy is ready to surpass Noah and settle into the number one spot, we bet it won’t be long before that happens! Liam is an adorable name for any baby boy, and one that just about everyone loves.

7 Joseph

You might be a huge fan of Noah for its classic appeal, that also has a side of fun. So you never know, Joseph may be the name you have been looking for! Joseph is a name for a stand out kind of guy, as it easily encompasses both a serious nature, and an ultra fun side. Joseph also lends itself to a few nicknames, such as Joey and Joe, perfect for all personalities, we think!

Everyone knows the name Joseph, but it can’t really get into the very top of the charts for some reason. Joseph tends to hover around number 20 in the baby boy name charts. Like Noah, Joseph is of Hebrew origin, and has a biblical name meaning, may Jehovah increase. This classic name is definitely one to put on your list, everyone loves a Joseph!

6 Eli

The baby boy name of Eli is a fantastic choice if you like the name Noah. Although this name is adored by many, it hovers around the top 50 mark in the baby boy name charts, making it one that is known, but not too often used. Unlike the name Noah, which is number one, meaning lots of kids will have that name! Therefore, Eli may be the perfect choice for your bundle of joy.

The name Eli is of Hebrew origin, just like fan favorite Noah. Eli means lifted, high. It is a biblical name, like many others on this list. The name Eli invokes a lighthearted feel, one that is full of energy and love. It is a cute name for any sweet little baby boy.

5 Samuel

You would like a name for your baby boy that is traditional and classic, yet is also fun. That is likely why you are a fan of the name Noah. There is another name to consider, and that is the name Samuel. Samuel is a very classic name, that, like Noah, comes from biblical times. But Samuel is not as popular as Noah, making it a good choice if you are looking for a cute name that not everyone seems to have.

The name Samuel means told by God, and like so many others on this list, Noah included, it is of Hebrew origin. Samuel is a traditional kind of name, but can be fun too. Plus, this name comes with a few nicknames, including Sam and Sammy. Perfect for a cute little boy, and one he can grow into as he gets older!

4 Ryan

Your little prince deserves a great name, and if you adore the name Noah, Ryan is likely towards the top of your list as well. Ryan is cute, just like Noah, as they are both short and sweet, sharing just four letters each.

The name Ryan as a perfect name meaning, as well. Ryan means little king, and is of Irish origin. Ryan is a name we all know and love, but does not rank as high on the baby name charts as Noah does. Meaning, there are not as many Ryans roaming about as there are Noahs! Lots of celebrities bare the name Ryan, like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Seacrest, and more. Maybe your little prince Ryan will be the next superstar, it seems to be an award winning kind of name!

3 Evan

Another four letter name that should be on your list if you are a fan of the name Noah, is Evan. The baby boy name of Evan invokes that same adorable feeling as Noah does. We get the same cute sense, but also know that it is a name that works as your little guy gets to be a big guy!

The name Evan is of Welsh origin, and means the Lord is gracious. This name is hugely popular in Wales, but not so much elsewhere. In the United States it hovers around number 70, making it a known name, but not a popular name. And that may be just what you are looking for when it comes to giving your little boy the perfect name! Evan may be the right choice.

2 Seth

Another biblical name to add to the list, Seth, like Noah, has been around for a very long time. Seth is an adorable name, just like Noah. And just like Noah, the name Seth also only has four letters, if that is something you are looking for. The only big, perhaps even huge, difference between Noah and Seth is where they sit on the baby name charts. While we know that Noah currently holds that number one spot, Seth is in the 300’s, and no that is no typo!

Seth is a name we all know, but it is rare. It is hardly used, and this name make it more appealing to you. Seth is of Hebrew origin, and means appointed, placed. Seth is a name that is out there, but one that not everyone is going to have.

1 Aiden

There is an adorable baby boy name that is gaining fame and gearing up to take Noah’s top spot. That is the cute name of Aiden. The name Aiden for a baby boy is becoming quite popular, as it has been moving up those baby name charts at a rapid rate. While it has yet to break into the top ten baby names, we do not think it will be much longer before it is able to get close to that top spot.

The name Aiden is of Irish origin and means little and fiery. Definitely a cute, and likely appropriate, name meaning for your little one. This is one baby name that can live up to its meaning! Aiden is an adorable choice for your cutie pie, but you better grab it before it becomes hotter than Noah is right now!

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