10 Important Things To Remind Yourself When You Go Into Labour

While there are a lot of things that go through a woman’s head before she becomes a mom for the first time, there are some things that she tends to forget. Like if she brought all her essentials in her hospital bag. Or if she left her hair straightener on back at home in the bathroom.

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Or if she’s got what it takes to plow through several hours of labor before she meets her new bundle of joy. There’s just so much! With that said, here are ten things that you should remind yourself when you go into labor. Now, while it might be hard to think of anything let alone positive thoughts when you are about to give birth, don’t let the heat of the moment get the best of you. Plus, with the support of your friends and family close by, you’ve got this.

10 It Won’t Last Forever

From the moment those first few contractions kick in until you are almost completely dilated, it might feel as though an entire lifetime has passed. And while it might feel like the pain and the pushing might last forever, don’t worry, it won’t.

As a matter of fact, your doctor won’t let you push until eternity and beyond. If he or she sees that something isn’t going as smoothly as it should be, they will recommend a different route, which in many cases would be a C-section. Follow your doctor’s directions and remember that the more you cooperate, the faster it will all go.

9 Your Partner Is Feeling It, Too

Believe it or not, your partner is sweating by your bed side as well. More often than not a lot of partners say that they feel just as nervous, anxious and are even dripping in a pool of sweat after it’s all been said and done.

While technically they can’t feel the same pain that you are in during your labor, they sure as heck aren’t just sitting there playing on their phones or watching the latest game on the overhead television. At least, that’s not what they should be doing. He’s in this with you and he’s going to need some ice chips to crunch on, too.

8 You’ll Forget The Pain

For months and all throughout your pregnancy, you’ve probably heard many other women tell you about their own delivery experiences and how excruciating and painful it was. And while a lot of it might be technically true, they will also tell you that once it’s all said and done, they forget the pain.

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There’s just something about motherhood that makes you forget about your labor and delivery as by the moment your baby makes his or her debut in this world, you forget about everything. All that matters anymore is the bundle of joy that you now have in your arms.

7 You Are In Good Hands

Going through labor might be a very frightening experience for many women. Because let’s be honest here. No matter how many times you’ve done it in the past, you just don’t know what to expect. That’s because each pregnancy and each labor and delivery is different.

And while not knowing what will happen might scare you the most, know that you are in good hands. Your team of doctors and nurses are ready and prepared for anything and everything that will come your way. Just breathe, mama. And of course, push. Those are the only things that you need to do at this point.

6 Your Nurse Will Coach You Through It

A lot of women are scared to give birth because they feel as though they don’t know what they are doing. And that’s a completely normal feeling. But even when the going gets tough, remember that your nurse will coach you through everything. No one is going to leave that room until your baby is with you and in your arms.

Tuck your chin into your chest and push as if you are having a bowel movement. Also, a lot of women forget that they need to relax! Trust your instincts and if possible, change positions with the help of your doctor and nurse.

5 No One Is Going To Let You Down

Remember that no one is going to let you down. Your doctor is in this position for a reason and you picked him or her for a good reason, too (assuming that you’ve done your research, right?). Give it all you’ve got and stay focused on the task at hand.

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Remember to rest in between your contractions and if instructed to do so, stop pushing. Let your doctor guide you. Also, there are many different ways that you can reduce stress and anxiety before going into labor. Mediation is one way to keep level headed! Also, keep in mind that it takes only three hours for first time moms to deliver their babies.

4 Use Different Techniques

What works for one woman might not necessarily work for another woman the same way. That’s why it’s important to come prepared and have several different and effective techniques that will help manage your pain throughout the whole ordeal. You can try something like self-hypnosis.

If that doesn’t work for you, then try different labor positions, use a heat pack or better yet, different breathing methods. Remember, this is your body and you are control of what direction you want to lead it in now and after your delivery, too. Talk to your doctor beforehand about any of the plans you might have in mind.

3 Your Body Was Meant To Do This

Even if you are still feeling pretty negative, worried, anxious or just confused, remember this one thing: your body was meant to do this. Many experts will agree that women are inherently capable of giving birth and that they have a deep, intuitive instinct about what they are supposed to do before, during and after birth.

Yes, birth is an intensely physically and emotional demanding experience, but Mother Nature chose you to do this for a reason. If all else fails, use your instincts and take a deep dive into your subconscious and give it all that you’ve got. You’d be surprised to find out just how much strength and power you have.

2 You’re Not The First Or The Last

Needless to say, you are not the first person to give birth and certainly not the last person, either. As a matter of fact, there are probably several other women that are going through exactly what you are at the hospital, too.

Walk, move, dance, or do anything that will help get you ready for the performance of a lifetime. And if you can, approach this as a spiritual journey as well. Remember that fear stops labor. Being educated and informed will also help stop some of your fears and worries. Think positive, have confidence in yourself, and be ready for one wild ride!

1 You Might Want To Do It Again

With all this talk about feeling scared and anxious, there’s a very good chance that after all is said and done, you might want to do this again. And trust us, we are not kidding either! Sure, no one really looks forward to giving labor, but they sure as heck do look forward to meeting their little bundle of joy.

And when they do, it’s one of the most rewarding, satisfying and euphoric moments that you will ever experience in your life. Plus, that baby of yours might start asking for a little brother or sister to play with in the future.

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