Increased Pollution Is Leading To Shorter Babies

Increased global warming is making our babies shorter!

Global warming and increased pollution around the world is a real thing. It is happening. Our planet is struggling and we do need to take steps to make sure that we can protect our home. Many people like to believe that it is not happening but we have all seen the negative effects of our warming planet. Many studies have even shown that increased air pollution is affecting our unborn children.

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Research has shown that when pregnant women are exposed to high levels of pollution their child can suffer from the exposure. Recent research has shown that women who are exposed to pollution might have children who are shorter. A study was conducted at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. The study followed 200,000 children who were born between February 2010 and December 2015. The study revealed that children who were born during peak pollution times had the highest decline in height. The peak pollution times are between November and January.

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Many studies have been conducted about air pollution and the fetus. One study even showed that pregnant women who were exposed to more pollution had a higher chance of delivering a baby who was premature. One of the authors on the study, Sagnik Dey, said that this study adds to the already existing evidence that increased air pollution is even impacting children who are not even born yet. Having a shorter child mind not seem like much but it isn't just about the physical height. Children who are shorter have an increased chance of developing diabetes and it can cause issues with their cognitive development.

The new studies that have surfaced about the negative effects of pollution on unborn fetuses are important but hard to avoid. Scientists have said that the world is getting warmer and there is an increasing amount of pollution that is surrounding all of us. Pregnant women just can't avoid air pollution because it is everywhere. Studies like this might encourage people to start taking steps to help our planet. Studies have shown that air pollution is actually taking years off our lives and we won't live as long.

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