UPDATE: Indian Baby Found Buried Alive In Critical Condition But Has Family Ready To Adopt Her

A newborn baby girl that was found buried alive in India already has a family lined up to adopt her, despite remaining in critical condition.

The infant was discovered buried in a cemetery in October 10th by a couple that was grieving the loss of their own child. The baby was rushed to hospital, where she remains in critical condition. People reports the child is suffering from sepsis, which occurs when bacteria enters the bloodstream and causes blood poisoning. The child also has a “dangerously” low platelet count.

Speaking to the media, pediatrician Ravi Khanna explained, “There are chances of her survival, but we would know for sure only after five to seven days.”

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Another pediatrician working with the baby, Dr. Saurabh Anjan, explained the child arrived at the hospital with a temperature of only 95 degrees. “She was tiny and very weak,” the doctor said. “We immediately put her on oxygen and began treating her for hypothermia.”

As of now, it remains unclear how long the baby spent buried before being rescued. Dr. Khanna, for instance, estimates it could have been as long as three or four days. “She survived on her brown fat. Babies are born with fat on their abdomen, thigh and cheek and they can survive on it in an emergency for some time,” the doctor explained. “Once she exhausted that, she shriveled up — as you can see in her photograph.”

A local politician, Rajesh Kumar Mishra, has publicly stated he and his family would like to adopt the little girl when she recovers. They are currently paying for her medical bills. They also plan to name the little girl Sita, after the Hindu goddess.

via indian express

“It’s a miracle that she survived, I believe that god has saved her life and sent her to me. Now it’s our duty to do everything for her,” Mishra said. “She is oscillating between life and death. Once she recovers, I will take her home and raise her as my daughter.”

The parents of the infant have been identified, though their names have not been released to the public. The couple who discovered the infant said they had seen the baby’s parents at the cemetery earlier. Pradeep Singh, a lead investigator on the case, has said authorities have “filed an attempt-to-murder case” against one of the parents. The other is being charged “for endangering the life of the child.” Authorities are treating it as a case of “female infanticide.”

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