Indian Woman Gives Birth To Twins At 73, Becoming The Oldest Person Ever To Give Birth

A 73-year-old woman just gave birth to twins and she is reportedly the oldest woman to even deliver children.

Have you ever heard somebody tell you that you need to get pregnant right now because your "biological clock is ticking?" Have you felt like now that you are in your 30's, 40's, or even 50's that it is much too late to be able to have a child? Well, we came across a story that has proven that it is obviously never too late to have a baby and there is always time! We are completely shocked by this story that we just had to share!

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Seventy-three-year old, Erramatti Mangayamma, lives in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh with her 80-year-old husband E. Raja Rao. Magayamma and Rao got married in 1962. When they got married they wanted to have children. They were always trying to conceive but were never able to have children on their own. They refused to believe that it was never going to happen for them so they started talking to Dr. Sanakayyala Umashankar, the director of Ahalya IVF. They went through all of the tests and Umashankar decided that they could go through one round of IVF.

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The couple went through the IVF treatment and it was successful. The couple got pregnant with twins! Due to her age, Umashankar decided to perform a c-section so she would not have to go through vaginal birth. She was able to deliver two beautiful healthy babies and she is doing well! She has to also stay in the hospital for 21 days to make sure that she heals properly and that there are no complications with her body. The doctor also said that it won't be healthy for the mother to breastfeed either and the kids will be fed using a breastmilk bank.

The couple is very excited to be able to have these children. Mangayamma is very excited to be able to raise the kids. She said that she feels very confident right now and that she is excited about the next chapter of her life with her children. She said that her husband is already so excited and already has big plans for the kids. Everybody is so excited for them to have children because it is something that they have been wanting for so long and it is something that they have dreamed about!

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