Indiana Photographer Angela Forker Shoots Amazing Baby Scenes


In an attempt to get away from traditional baby photos, Indiana photographer Angela Forker gives a creative twist to her images. Calling her photos "Baby ImaginArt", the photographer uses fabric and other materials to create a unique scene designed specifically for the little model in mind. With the baby flying through the air, being amongst dinosaurs, or even acting out famous characters such as Little Miss Muffet, Forker creates magnetizing images that capture a moment in every parent's lives that goes by way too fast. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Forker says she has parents driving as much as four hours to have their baby put in one of her whimsical scenes. Needless to say, the photos are well worth the drive!

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Forker tells BabyGaga that her photos are inspired by Adele Enersen who does similar layouts.

"I 'paint' my backdrop with fabric and other ordinary items and then I place a baby in the scene," she tells us. "The end product looks like baby is flying, jumping, running... or basically whatever I want it to look like baby is doing!" When we asked how her images come about, she told us, "I often ask the parents for their input, if I don't already have a scene in mind. I like to try to incorporate either the child's medical condition or something that is of interest to the family."

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It was in February of 2018 that Forker came up with another idea that would soon make her photos even more unique. As the founder of the Precious Baby Project, Angela decided that she would start doing sessions in addition to her regular ones specifically for babies with medical conditions. Free of charge to parents, Forker tells us, "it all worked together so perfectly, because my theme for these scenes is, 'ANYthing is possible!'." The Precious Baby Project is Forker's way of trying to bring awareness to infants with special needs. Not only that, but she says that she's also, "bringing hope and encouragement to their families- as well as giving them a piece of art that they will cherish for a lifetime!"

The photo sessions, which take Forker roughly four to ten hours to imagine and create, can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the individual baby. A typical session outside of the Precious Baby Project runs about $200, but many parents agree that the end result is well worth it.

"After we've photographed baby in the scene, it is important for me to get a close up of their baby since many of these parents have never had a professional portrait of their baby," Forker explains. "The parents are so thankful for this!"

As the popularity of her photos grows, Forker's main objective is to show the beauty that every baby has to offer. While working with the Precious Baby Project in addition to her regular photography, her ultimate goal is to show the world a new kind of beauty; one that encompasses every single baby. To contact Forker for her services, or to learn more about her amazing and inspiring photos, click here.

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