Indiana Teen Sent Home From School For Wearing Pro-Tolerance T-Shirt

A student from Highland Hills Middle School in Georgetown, South Indiana was asked to leave because she wore an anti-discrimination T-shirt. Her parents, however, don't see anything wrong with her outfit and have demanded an apology from the authority.

According to Yahoo, 88 students rose in protest to support fellow school mate who was booted out for the day from for wearing a T-shirt with a quote that urged for tolerance. The eighth-grade Indiana teen was wearing a T-shirt that read, “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you can just be quiet?” The girl's stepmother, Renee Williams, commented that the teachers need to go through rigorous diversity training.

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I am beyond upset by the events that happened today. Our 13 year old daughter was pulled from class multiple times ...

Posted by Renee L Williams on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Renee mentioned in a Facebook post that her daughter was asked to change her attire else she should go back home. She refused to change. When taken to the principal, Mrs. Ivey, she was given three options. She could take off the tee, cover it up, or wear it inside out. The student agreed to put on a pullover.

As it is pretty hot in August, the student had to take off the pullover, but she did it with due permission from the teacher in class. However, she was threatened by the principal again during their lunch break.

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Renee explained, “The principal confronted her during the 8th-grade lunch in front of all of the 8th graders and told her that she cannot wear her sexuality on her shirt.” The stepmother added, “Our daughter chose to come home with us.” “If we’re going to go off a dress code that pretty much depends on one person’s opinion, then why have a dress code at all?”

In a statement, Bill Briscoe, assistant to the superintendent at New Albany Floyd County Schools, told the ABC affiliate, “As a school district, we do all we can to maintain the integrity of a focused age-appropriate learning environment. This includes minimizing potential distractions as they arise.” The distressed parents reached out to one of the board members of the school but were told that it’s the same if one wears an anti-racism T-shirt in school or a Swastika.

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The parents feel that their daughter was singled out and siloed in class. The parents further argued that they feel that the school principal created the disruption and should apologize to the daughter for meting out such a reaction.

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Instances of such cases are on the rise – just last week, many students from Kentucky’s Martin County High School were forced to change clothes after wearing t-shirts that supported the queer community of LGBT+ to school. In a separate instance, an Alabama student was excluded from her senior yearbook for wearing a tuxedo when the code was to wear a dress.

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