Indianapolis Baby ‘Graduates’ From NICU After 134 Days In Hospital

A very happy and healthy achievement was recorded at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health North in Carmel when a premature baby was announced completely fit to survive on her own and left the hospital after spending 134 days in NICU.

When Baby Hartley Madelyn Moon was born on April 15, weighing only 1 pound and 7 ounces, she was instantly transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Riley Hospital for Children in Carmel. The staff and care team at the hospital made sure she got the right nutrition to help her grow at a healthy pace and observed her keenly until she was ready to breathe on her own.

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Her parents, Taylor and Spencer Moon, were waiting for her “graduation moment” since she was born and were all smiles when they left the hospital with their little but strong bundle of joy.

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“This could have ended so differently. We are so blessed and so happy that we get to bring her home," Taylor told the nurses on Wednesday. Baby Hartley is now stable and weighed 8 pounds when she left the place. The hospital staff actively organized a graduating moment by making a queue and applauding while the delighted parents took their child home. It was quite an emotional and catchy moment for both the parents and the staff, and both of them realized that they would miss each other.

“Mom never left the hospital. Not one night out of the hospital since Hartley was born," said Taylor Needler, NICU nurse. Another nurse remarked, “It's great to see, but you also don't want her to leave. But it's a good thing she is leaving." On the other hand, Taylor said, "I stayed here during this time so even being able to stay with her has been great. We are so excited to be headed home, but we will miss everybody here”.

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The parents were unaware that the hospital was going to discharge their kiddo until last week, and they were overjoyed when the doctor permitted them to take the baby home in the coming week. It was a piece of great news delivered on an even special day- the day Hartley’s father was born. Yes, it was the father's birthday, and he got “the best gift of his life."

He recalls the moment saying, “We didn't know she would be coming home until last week. It was my birthday when Dr. Roberts said we could take her home next week. We were very excited."

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The little ceremony held was such a sensitive one, and Spencer hoped to convey it to Hartley, once she grows up. He said, "I hope Hartley gets to see the pictures and see the love she has for everybody on the walk." Everyone present witnessed a happy family evolving through all the hardships they faced, and their prayers were answered in a fantastic way.

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