Infertile Woman Reveals Why She Chooses To Deliver Babies For A Living

Most people erroneously believe that it's easy for a woman to conceive once she and her partner decide they're in the right stage of life to care for a baby. This is especially true if the woman in question is a doctor from the OB/GYN department. Surely she can be ahead of the crowd by using tips and tricks from her job, right?

Unfortunately, infertility is a real issue that plagues women of all ages, genders, and occupations. Not even someone that works in the OB/GYN department is immune from it.

Refinery29 shared a fertility diary from an anonymous 31-year-old woman who works as a maternal-fetal medicine physician but is also struggling to get pregnant.

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Via: Instagram

The diary reveals how she too erroneously believed back in 2018 when she and her husband decided to try for a baby that it would be an easy process and she would get pregnant within a few months. But that was not the case; in fact, from November 2018 until now, this physician did everything she could to manage her own fertility. From purchasing a pricey skin-temperature tracker to asking a colleague that specializes in reproductive endocrinology and infertility to look her over to make sure that her system is in tip-top shape, the poor physician spent about $1500 trying to figure out why a healthy 31-year-old woman can’t get pregnant.

To further add to the stress, she admitted that not only is she and her husband emotionally spent from all the thwarted hopes, but it's becoming more difficult to put on a cheerful face for her clients. That's because they’re pregnant, and yet she's having so much trouble with desperately wanting to become a mother.

Via: Instagram

The anonymous physician also noted that she recently gathered her courage to express her turbulent emotions to a co-worker, who had no idea she was suffering in silence.

She ends by writing that she hopes that by talking about her own struggles, she'll inspire others to share their personal struggles with infertility and help them advocate for themselves in a medical system that can often be cold, unfeeling and intimidating. We wish her and her husband the best of luck!

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