Influencer Creates Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions After Her Own Postpartum Alopecia

The ultimate influencer and “Queen of Instagrammable Hair”, Amber Fillerup is using her prowess to help new moms deal with postpartum hair loss. Amber has already won the hearts of over 1.3 million Instagram followers by posting picture perfect moments for the world to see - her honest and real images depict a family life, nothing short idyllic. What’s not to love?

Barefoot Blonde

The fairytale began in 2010 when Amber first became a hair stylist and blogger - eventually creating her monumental persona - sharing home, family, style and beauty advice. With 16 million-plus views on YouTube it’s undeniable she is a powerhouse; mom, wife, and internet sensation all perfectly bundled in one beautiful package.

Within the realm of her monumental platform, Amber took her privy struggle of extreme, postpartum hair loss and shared it with the world. Her story became what inherently moms need to trust in one another, and ultimately, feel united. Amber admitted that she never ventured out without wearing extensions and through her intimate confession, discovered that many of her followers were also experiencing this particularly distressing side effect of pregnancy and childbirth - formally referred to as postpartum alopecia. Up to 90 percent of women have a form of it - the number is staggering.

Barefoot Blonde

In 2016, Amber founded Barefoot Blonde Hair, a premium line of clip-in hair extensions that offered a range of lengths and over 20 colors accompanied with educational tutorials on how to properly use the extensions. The line sold out within 72 hours of pre-sale and within the first year, and is estimated sales eclipsed $1 million. With new moms typically shedding approximately 400 hairs per day, the demand is palpable!

For many new moms, the condition is shocking and flock to the internet for answers; Amber explains that they will certainly find the motive for hair shedding, bald patches, and extreme hair loss however they are not being informed on best practices on how to wear, buy or take care of extensions. She boldly and quite earnestly designed and offered a solution. Amber tells Forbes, her inspiration was definitely all of the hair loss she experienced after having her babies, and how great it made her feel when she put in her extensions and instantly had thicker hair.

Science explains, the body of a woman experiences soaring estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy, which causes hair to remain in an ongoing stage of growth, creating thicker, more lustrous strands. Hormones eventually level out in the months following childbirth. “Hair remains in this ‘resting’ stage for approximately three months before it falls out and new growth shows itself,” says Salinger, the Australia-based director of the International Association of Trichologists. “Typically the regrowth is in the form of ‘baby bangs’ appearing along the hairline."

Barefoot Blonde

“It made me feel pretty, which is so important for a new mother as your body is experiencing so many changes. I wanted other women to feel that confidence boost. Being a mother is a full-time job, and I also noticed that my beauty routine needed to be quicker than it previously had been. I was really inspired to offer women simpler, faster solutions for hair extensions while still providing great results. This is why we launched our BFB Fill-ins and our BFB Up! They are perfect for anyone who wants great hair but needs to get ready in a hurry”.

Amber genuinely recognizes the effectual impact of having such an amazing community of readers and has gained a great sense of confidence thanks to their support. She declares without their confidence she doesn't think she would have had the guts to start Barefoot Blonde Hair! We are certain, many moms are glad she did!


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