A Group Of Inmates Helped A Baby Who Was Locked In A Car

Florida Inmates used their "skills" to help save a little baby girl who was accidentally locked in a car.


A father was strapping his daughter into her carseat in their Chevy Tahoe. He strapped his daughter in, threw his keys into the front seat and then closed his daughter's door. He then realized that the car was locked and the keys were locked into the car. His wife was also outside of the car as well. The father obviously started to panic and didn't know what to do. The father looked around and saw the police officer with the inmates and he screamed for help.

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The inmates were repairing medians nearby and they heard the man yelling for help. The police officer, Chris Nocco, supervising over the inmates immediately gave them permission to rush over and help. One of the inmates had acquired skills throughout his life as a criminal that helped him be able to quickly break into the car. The little girl's mother, Shadow Lantry, video taped the entire experience. Shadow said that the whole thing took about 5 minutes, because they did it so quickly.


The little girl was not left in the car for very long and she was not harmed in any way. The parents of the little girl were so grateful for the little inmates being there and having the skills to be able to rescue their little girl from a car that was beginning to get warmer. The father of the little girl thanked the inmates for their willingness to help him.

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Sheriff Nocco wanted to take this opportunity to tell people that most inmates and criminals are not bad people. The majority of inmates aren't people who are just trying to hurt and attack us. There is only a small percentage of criminals whom who should actually fear. Most inmates really do want to make a difference and to make this world a better place. Hopefully this story can help people better understand that inmates aren't bad people, but people who made mistakes. Thank you so much for the quick thinking of the inmates and for helping rescue the little girl.

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