10 Insta-Worthy Ways To Track Your Baby's Milestones

Instagram is filled with beautiful scenery, food, and people.  It is also filled with a boatload of adorable babies. Babies that are essentially all going through the same or similar milestones.  There are so many options out there for keeping track of your baby's every little accomplishment, and Instagram is the perfect way to do so.

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With online services like chatbooks, many people are opting out of actually creating a baby book, as their Instagram feed pretty much says it all.  Not sure where to start when it comes to taking your baby pictures? Here are 10 Insta-worthy ways to track your baby's milestones.

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10 "Not Really Milestone" Milestones

Instagram is jam-packed with millions of people, and a good majority of those people have children. If you want to stand out from the crowd, why not try and capture some "not really milestone" milestones?

Those could include any of the funny examples above, or you can come up with your own! Check out Etsy and other craft sites for a slew of different options of hilarious and quirky cards that say some of the imperfectly perfect things that our kids do.

9 Sleeping Baby Art

Full disclosure: to do this type of photography with your child, you will need a good and heavy sleeper. This artist has created an array of beautiful scenes with her sleeping baby that is absolutely awe-inspiring.

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There is so much you can do with this type of art. Consider the scenery like a backdrop at a photo studio. You can capture first holidays, new adventures, first words, etc.  Try and plan out your scene before your baby is actually sleeping—that way, you are less likely to end up with a #nailedit hashtag.

8 Funny Mommy Milestone Cards

There are so many firsts going on for new babies that we tend to forget about new moms. Why not capture some of your milestones as a new parent?  Break up your Instagram baby feed with some real mommy moments.

Your baby is adorable, but I bet your followers & friends would love to see your face as well. Add some humor to your feed with hilarious milestone cards like these ones.

7 Baby Blankets

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Baby blankets are the perfect way to showcase age milestones. Just lay your baby on the blanket with the appropriate age marked down and snap away. This, of course, gets more difficult as your baby becomes more mobile and just wants to roll around, crawl, or run off the blanket.

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Hopefully, by that time you will have trained your photo-snapping finger to be lightning fast. There are so many adorable options online with lots of different patterns and styles that you can even get personalized.

6 Letterboard

Letterboards are a great way to showcase your little one's milestones. You can make them say whatever you'd like. Keep it simple, or make it funny or sweet like the post above.

You can also keep the sign around your house as an extra decor piece with an inspirational or funny quote you might like or need to get through the day. It is versatile, simple, and currently very trendy on Instagram.

5 Beautiful Journals

Baby books have always been a popular way of keeping track of baby milestones and development. Now, there are so many options to make custom journals and books online that are beautifully designed. Not only will it look great in person, but your Instagram feed will have a beautiful new addition, too.

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These books are far more attractive than just scribbling random information in with a pen. Anything custom is more pricey, but it is such a stunning keepsake that you and your child will treasure forever.

4 Cinema Lightbox

Another super trendy option for displaying cute messages and milestones is the cinema lightbox, which is a bit like a letterboard. Depending on the size of your lightbox, you will probably only be able to fit small messages, but sometimes those little phrases are all you need.

It is a super cute way of captioning your baby's weekly, monthly, or yearly progress. This is also another great decor piece to have around the house or to bust out at parties.

3 Blocks

Blocks have been a popular option for tracking milestones on Instagram for a while now. More and more options for different types of blocks and designs are constantly coming out.  You can spell entire words out, or just use the blocks that say "month/day/year/grade."

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You can get custom personalized ones made that even match your nursery decor. These blocks can also double as a toy your baby can play with or chew on, because what child doesn't love playing with blocks?

2 Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs have become vastly popular over the last few years. Every child from pre-school to college has a custom-made chalkboard sign to celebrate each momentous year of school.

You can start your own baby milestone chalkboard sign with a blank slate or get one custom-made that you can fill in the blanks of as your child grows. There are so many options out there for design and features, meaning you definitely don't have to be a chalk artist to have a beautiful Insta-worthy sign.

1 Pizza Baby

I mean, who doesn't love pizza, right? This photographer used pizza slices to capture her son's monthly growth. Why not take your favourite food and try something similar?

Meatballs, cake, pie, and tacos are all great options for monthly photographs. Get creative! Some foods might end up being messier than others, but they're nothing a bath and possibly some carpet cleaner can't handle.

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