Instagram Executive Gives Tips On Keeping Your Children Safe On Social Media

The head of public policy at Instagram, Karina Newton, has given us tips on how to keep our kids safe on social media. On the internet, kids are prone to unwanted contact, disturbing comments and content, and online scams. It can be a scary place to leave your children, but with the right tools, they can enjoy themselves safely.

The main key in protecting your kids online is to familiarize yourself with the spaces they use. Many parents get confused or don’t truly understand how online behaviour can greatly affect their kid, and this causes a lot of disconnect. If the kid doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their troubles or experiences with their parents, then it may be more difficult to protect them. Even if you don’t get a social media account for yourself, it’s good to know the basics of the platform, what it’s used for, and how you communicate on it.

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Privacy settings are an important tool in keeping your kids away from danger. While it can be more exciting to be able to interact with strangers online, kids are more prone to scams and impersonators. Newton points out that it’s important to familiarize yourself with the privacy settings of each social media platform. On Instagram, there is a privacy setting for the account, the option to block people, and a comment filter system.

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While blocking can give you some peace of mind, Newton emphasizes how important it is to report the user as well. Both accounts that are harassing others and those that post sensitive or inappropriate content need to be flagged in order for the platform to punish their behaviour. This can mean suspension or termination of the account.

For extra protection, Newton suggests using the restricted mode. This will restrict other users from commenting on posts and sending messages, but you will still be able to see what those comments or messages are. Until the developers of the social media site can perfectly filter out dangerous or inappropriate content, parents will have to take extra measures to ensure their kids’ safety.

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