10 Instagram Influencers Who Didn't Look Pregnant

If there's one place where we can all connect and collide into mayhem at the same time, it's the Internet. Thanks to social media apps, we're never too far away from our friends, our nanny, or our families. The downfall to these apps, of course, is the ability to literally see anything (and everything) at the drop of a hat. It's easy to see something we don't agree with, only to post out feelings in the comments sections — especially when we're pregnant.

After gaining the pregnancy weight, sleepless nights, and low energy, Instagram can be a hard place to scroll through since so many influencers alter their image. But these Instagram influencers? They're so real that it's hard to believe.

From models to fitness gurus, these 10 Instagram influencers have a cult following, and that following only grew when they became pregnant. However, their bumps didn't come in quite like other bumps we've seen before... Instead, we see six packs and barely-there-bumps that are so adorable, most of us are jealous!


Sarah Stage is an American Instagram model who has over two million followers and two kids. She's very honest on Instagram and shows off her style and daily habits, but she received a ton of backlash when she was pregnant with her first son.

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Stage continued to workout safely with both pregnancies (she still had abs while with baby bump) and her "fans" didn't seem to like that, thinking that she was endangering her baby. Her firstborn, however, was born at a healthy weight of eight pounds, and her second was born at just over seven pounds.


Mama to two kiddos (one girl and a boy), Hannah is an Australian Instagram influencer with over one million followers. If you follow Hannah, you'll see that both of her pregnancies didn't slow her down too much. She was also very open about her pregnancy, her changing body, and her water birth. She went viral after she posted a bare image of herself a day after pregnancy, still having a "baby" bump. Fans and fellow mamas applauded her honesty and admired her shape!


Belle Lucia is another Instagram influencer from Australia and as of this article, she's around 27 weeks pregnant — and you would never know it. The fit mama can be seen playing around in bathing suits and if you didn't know her, you'd never think she was pregnant.

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At the moment, people seem to be fascinated with her barely-there-bump and are questioning how it's even possible. Yet, we are all different and our bodies grow at different speeds.


Sia Cooper is a fitness blogger (dubbed Diary of a Fit Mommy) and has over one million followers on Instagram. She's a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, so it makes sense that she knows what she's doing when it comes to her body, her pregnancy, and her diet.

After having two kids, her body has only gotten stronger and she's gained more of a following to help others have a fit pregnancy, too!


Massy Arias is a personal trainer guru on Instagram from the Dominican Republic but lives in the States. She's a big deal in the fitness world and pushes supplements, different training techniques, and works with different athleisure companies.

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Massy shows her workouts off online but she also shows her being fit with her kids and her husband, which is inspiring for other moms out there.


Is Chantel Duncan the woman who started it all? Duncan is an Instagram model from Australia with over 700,000 followers. It all started when she was pregnant with her first child and posted a picture of her 27-week old bump next to another woman who was also 27 weeks. Duncan's "bump" was not showing — in fact, the only thing showing was her six-pack. But for her friend, she had a larger bump that was obviously proof of pregnancy. People everywhere were mystified at how someone so tiny could be that far along in their pregnancy, but Chantel pointed out that everyone's body is different and her babies were both born very healthy.


Fitness blogger Rebecca Williams (aka Becky from @GoodForTheSwole) has two kiddos and posts her training programs on her IG account, of which has over 50,000 followers.

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Knowing for having a six-pack while pregnant—and then when having a six pack post-partum—people were dumbfounded as to how she could be so toned while so pregnant. And although Becky was honest about the challenges her body faced while pregnant, she clearly fought through it until she was at her goal size again.


Revie Jane is an adorable mama of two and posts workout regimens on her Instagram account, of which has over 190,000 followers. The picture on the left went viral when she was pregnant because her bump is so small in her gorgeous dress, that you would never know she was pregnant until she turned around. Jane also goes on speaking tours along with creating training programs for other women and mamas.


If you've seen images of a pregnant mama doing CrossFit, it was probably Emily Breeze Ross. With two babies, she never let pregnancy get in the way of her fitness goals, She even ran a 10k while six months pregnant! A two-times CrossFit Games athlete, Ross has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and also does personal training. Pregnant or not pregnant, Ross has a very visible six pack that you can't help but look at.


Stacie Venagro is a health and fitness coach with over 12,000 followers on Instagram and she is ripped. Teaching women how to meal prep and train, she followed her own words of advice when she was pregnant with her son.

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Unlike some of the women on this page, she also competes in bodybuilding competitions, pushing her body to its limit.

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